Long-time conservative Republican and former Congressman Joe Scarborough has, I think, accurately pointed out the leader of the rudderless party as Roger Ales, program director at Fox News Network. How’s that for a fine how do ‘ya do? Ales is a former conservative political advisor to many Republican politicians, so he does know conservative politics. With the growing influence of Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh on Republican party politics and policy, the negatives will outweigh the positives. Because Ales and his boss, Rupert Murdoch, seem to be operating with blinkers affixed, the party is losing touch with its true core, the moderate to mainstream Republican loyalists.

By taking the cue from the extremists on the right, the leadership, Ales and Fox, have narrowed the potential population that would be considered to be on their side. As poll after poll have suggested for the past many decades, the percentage of populace that identifies itself with the right-wing extremists is less than 20%. Considering the polls also suggest the entire population identifies itself as Republican or Republican leaning hover around that 45% level. Not only are the extremists comprising less than 50% of the party but, by kowtowing to the right-wing, the party has made a policy decision to ignore the independent and conservative Democratic voters. Considering these past few national elections seem to hang on a party’s ability to get the independent and party crossover vote, this policy by Ales and the party leadership is definitely a dead-end. This is what happens when a party is left leaderless to simply float aimlessly along until the vacuum created by the absence of leadership sucks in such a radical leader as Fox News.

Who is stumping for the Republicans? Who are the leaders of the Republican political movement toward the 2010 mid-term and then the 2012 Presidential elections? Let’s take a look. First, Sarah Palin is on the Faux Noise payroll. So your front line spokesperson knows little of government, diplomacy, domestic policy, defense, and foreign policy. When her stump speech is essentially “drill baby drill” in light of the history of oil related catastrophes, “deport all illegal immigrants”, thus fomenting a growing hatred of innocent Latinos in America who are here looking for a better life, continuing to bar gays from serving in the military, opposition to same-sex marriage, and a staunch pro-life standing. When you analyze her presentation of these issues in her speeches, it’s obvious the content is “lightening-rod” material, very shallow, and a great tool to whip the less-enlightened Americans that actually follow her. Next is Sean Hannity. Watch Hannity closely when he is speaking, pay attention to his body language. Listen carefully to the intonation of his spoken words. Watch his facial expressions. Hannity is not a smart person by any measuring tool. He dun gradiated the twelfth grade! Anyway, I digress. When watching and listening to Hannity you can’t come away with any other conclusion than the one proving he is an insecure bigot. When speaking of our black President, there is a tone of hatred and pettiness. Hannity is very intimidated by anyone with a normal or above normal intellect. Bill-O the Clown tries to be a pundit of all sides but, because he works for Ales, guess where his allegiance generally falls. Greta Van Susteren is the weather vane of commentating “journalists”. At one time, she was a progressive Democrat from Wisconsin but, she saw the paychecks from Murdoch so she’s moved in lock-step with corporate. Britt Hume and Bill Kristol might as well be card-carrying members of the fascist-right. The awful hating vitriol that spews from their mouths is mind-blowing. That leaves us with Glenn “Lonesome Roads” Beck. Another of Faux’ brain trust that dun gradiated the twelfth grade! I will give credit to Beck though, he openly refers to himself as an entertainer, not a political pundit. He knows he’s a clown and openly admits it. The problem however, is there are people who really think what he says is right and proper. They missed the memo he issued referring to himself as an entertainer, not an expert, not a pundit, and certainly not a journalist.

Our other right-wing “entertainer” and long-time leader of the Republican right is Rush Limbaugh. Like Beck, he does refer to himself as an entertainer, not a journalist, pundit, or expert. I think Rush covers himself with this vail so that when he does make he hate-filled racist statements he can simply proclaim he’s just a dumb-ass entertainer! Again, the empty-headed morons that follow Rush didn’t get that memo either.

Based on this more than capable and credible leadership, how could the Republicans possibly fail at the polls, tongue in cheek? I believe based on today’s circumstances, the mid-terms should be teed up for the Democrats again. They only need to campaign on the buffoonery of the Republicans and their total lack of clarity on the issues. That doesn’t mean their clarity on the issues of education funding opposition, on immigrant expulsion and hatred, supporting BP and other big energy companies, the build-up of the DOD, opposition to anything pro equal rights for blacks, women, gays, and religious beliefs other than the old white men that control the right, etc. I firmly believe the Republicans could be in trouble this fall if the Democrats work it correctly. Let the idiots bury themselves, they will if given the time and place! Thanks for today’s read.
Cam Obert



  1. Terry Sorensen Says:

    Cam, I love how you say you look at both sides ,then 100 % fall in with the far loons on the left, they are just as bad as the far right, if not worse for our country. If you can not see the main stream media is kissing the Democrats asses constantly, here is an example: putting Petraus in charge of the war is Fucking BRILLIANT. Back when he was Bushes guy the Dems and the media hated him, just look what Obama said to him when he was on capital hill about the surge! But now it is a brilliant idea.Mcchristal accually voted for Obama from what I have heard so your far right post is inaccurate I think! but here in America we are lucky to have our own opinions. Have a good day! Terry

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