Let me start with the unrelenting rain. It has rained in the Twin Cities 13 of the first 16 days of the month! Sure the lawns are all green and growing and mushrooms are sprouting up everywhere! My brother Tom yesterday suggested any golf course that isn’t in pristine condition right now in Minnesota, that grounds keeper should be fired! I have been coming home most every evening after landscaping all day covered in mud and soaking wet. It does tend to make me crabby! On flip side, my clients with landscaping jobs I’ve completed are absolutely delighted with the results. Now they would like the opportunity to go out in their yards and enjoy the new beauty without getting rained on! I am commencing work on two new clients properties this week, then I’ll be looking for more business. If you need to beautify or personalize your property, please give me a call, 612-747-5575.

My candidate for Governor, Senator Mark Dayton is humming along just fine right now. Minnesotans obviously like what they see as he is kicking Republican candidate Tom Emmer’s ass in the polls. Emmer, the Palin and Tea-Bagger endorsed wacko really has no shot at victory in November. I’m not necessarily opposed to Matt Entenza’s candidacy for governor. Like Dayton, he wisely avoided the nonsense of the caucus/convention system and is working straight to the primary. In my opinion, where he lost me was his pick of Robyn Roberts as his running mate. She is very bright and grasps the issues but, she’s a career journalist. So, not only does she not have any legislative experience, she has no executive experience either. This office is one step from the governorship. I will say she would certainly be better than the present Lt. Governor, Carol Molnow! Margaret Anderson-Kelliher’s camp is complaining about their campaigns big money disadvantage. While Entenza has been buying TV time for well over a month and Dayton will be jumping in now, MAK apparently can only dream about it. When I questioned the need of the redundant and excessive caucus/convention system, proponents told me the candidate needs the endorsement to get more money. I countered with the “right” candidate will get the money no matter what. It’s called sales, experience, and history. MAK is falling back and won’t recover in time for the primary.

My Congressperson is Betty McCollum. Next to Congressman Keith Ellison hold on his seat, McCollum probably has the safest seat in Congress. We are Bruce Vento’s old seat and have a great progressive history thanks to the late Congressman. The sacrificial lamb the Republicans are throwing at McCollum this year is a woman whose name escapes me now, but it doesn’t matter. She did pop up in the news lately because of her history of driving while intoxicated. Yawn!

Over in CD-6, we have the darling of the mentally deficient Americans, Michele Bachmann, trying to hold that seat. I’m not sure how the people of this district have voted her in twice. She has a history of bizarre behavior and making stupid outrageous statements. I guess she doesn’t get it or the people in her district are the biggest idiots in the United States. It’s as if she is flaunting her stupidity and daring the voters in her district to vote her in again. Just yesterday she made a statement flat-out, 100% defending BP, and making the federal government the villain in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill! She is the only politician to come this far forward in defense of BP. In my mind, she must be trying commit political suicide! If my candidate, Tarryl Clark, does not prevail in November, I will start a campaign to get CD-6 removed from the state of Minnesota!

It looks like Depublican Collin Peterson will get voted back to Congress in CD-7. Another case of what in the hell are the people in this district thinking?

Congressman Tim Waltz, in CD-1 may have a struggle to get re-elected for a second term. If he doesn’t get back in, shame on the folks of the district. This a school teacher with deep concerns for his district and works very hard for the betterment of the whole country. He is a very decent gentleman that we as Minnesotans should demand he continue to represent us and his district in Congress.

I got my tit in the wringer last week regarding the labor action by the Minnesota Nurses Association. I was savaged by even close friends and political allies for my “anti-union” stance. In spite of the fact I complained about the union’s presentation of their side in a sneaky sly way. I have no bone to pick with nurses, they work hard, are held accountable, and generally really care about what they do. After the joining of the MNA with the national nurses union, things changed. The picture they painted to the media is one of staff shortages, nurse-patient ratios, and patient safety. I have had nurses go after me for getting that information from media sources. I’m a member of the public and that’s where the info comes from. Burried farther down the list of demands is the request for a 10% pay increase over the next three years, benefits enhancements, and pension enhancements. The union buried these other demands because the economy simply is not good. Hospitals are working on a 6% margin, that doesn’t leave much room to accommodate hiccups in business. The hospitals did show a profit of 700 million last year on the heals of being backward almost 600 million the year before. Hospital administrators don’t make that much money, in relative terms. The complaint was there are 300 some non-medical people in the affected 14 hospitals making over 300,000 per year. Guess what folks, hospitals don’t run themselves! They need management, human resources, admin support, janitorial, accounting, etc. I believe the union slyly presented it’s story to the media and public because the unemployment rate is close to 8% in the Twin Cities and many people have foregone raises and benefit enhancements even taken pay cuts simply to stay working. The reason the union wasn’t honest and forthright in their presentation was because I believe they were concerned about negative reaction due to the pay and benefit enhancements demands in light of so many people losing their jobs or taking cuts in pay just to keep working. Well, with a push from the national union, the MNA is voting on June 21 to go out on an open-ended strike. I feel bad for the nurses if they do that because public reaction will turn against them in fairly short order.

One last local issue is the sky-rocketing murder rate in Minneapolis. I have very strong opinions about this that Mayor Rybak doesn’t want to hear nor do liberals elsewhere in the community. I think the residents of the affected areas however, would agree with my positions 100%. After all, aren’t these the people who should be giving the input that is actually used? Look, concerned citizen marches that happen after every murder do nothing. Having the Mayor marching with these people accomplishes nothing. Nothing changes in these high-crime areas. It’s real simple, STOP MOLLY-CODDLING THE CRIMINALS! They are the thugs that have no respect for human life or personal property. Why does the city keep trying rehab programs and the like that all fail. They keep throwing money and programs at these areas and nothing ever changes. It’s time to clear the slate. Minimize the rights of the criminals. Throw them in jail for even spitting on the sidewalk. Find the drug users, the base reason for the existence of gangs and drug deals, and get them out of these areas. Lock them up in rehab programs away from local influences. Reduce the demand, and the suppliers will start to go away. The police and the judicial system need to put the criminals away. Many of them have records and are repeat offenders. Why do these people have any rights? Many of the criminals have histories of showing no respect for human beings and for others personal property. I believe once the criminal element has been eliminated, the area will be more open to programs to help parents and neighborhoods to keep their own areas clean and safe. Mayor Rybak needs to seriously look into the huge disparity between White/Asian descent high school graduation rates and Brown, Black, and Red skinned graduation rates. The largest spread of any city in the U.S. I’m sure this is a contributing factor to the escalating crime rate. I’m just sick and tired of the “same ol’ same ol’ mentality” in Minneapolis. I get emotional about it because I love the city and I want my fellow suburbanites to be able to go into the city without fear. I’m sure I’ll get ripped by people for being so hard-nosed about his, but too bad! Nothing else has worked, it’s time to kick the thug’s asses into jail and keep them there! Thanks for today’s read.
Cam Obert


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