The President delivered a very thoughtful and complete speech from the Oval Office last night where he outlined the action being taken on the Gulf oil spill, the accountability and culpability of BP in this mess, and the need for new a new and progressive energy policy that relies heavily on the development of alternative energy sources. The speech was presented in a very intelligent and easy way to understand. The President had to instruct the country, the right-wing hates it when the President is professorial, so that maybe America will have a better understanding of the situation. Well, the wolves started howling immediately after the speech.

The left-wing pundits were yelling because they didn’t think he went far enough with the details. They wanted the President to spill BP’s blood with rage. The right-wing was irate because they feel the President was talking over their heads again and they just don’t understand the issue. What does America want from this guy? I am so sick of the baseless attacks being launched at him daily from all sides. It’s like hardly anybody in this country has a fucking clue what is involved with being the POTUS. If he caves in and gives something to everyone, he is called spineless. If he sets forth a policy demands or issue that he feels has to be accomplished, he is called rigid and uncaring. Who in the hell would want such a thankless job?

The President’s address last night was really a follow-up on his two-day visit to the affected areas in the four states on the Gulf. I have been critical of the politicians and pundits that have been calling for him to get his ass down to the Gulf, talk and listen to the people, and assure them the government is on top of the situation. Apparently I have been wrong. I guess people need that “emotional” boost by a Presidential visit. In fact, even the most conservative Republicans in the area say the President IS DOING A GOOD JOB with his handling of the spill. Obama’s problem has been with empty-headed moronic demagogues like James Carville, Bobby Jindal, Rush, and the Faux Noise Network, that continue to say the President is not doing the job of a leader on this catastrophe gets the ear of the rest of the country and thus driving the President’s approval ratings down. By addressing the affected people of the Gulf region, he has their support and admiration, the rest of the country can go to hell for being so damned ignorant! I remind you folks once again, the laws of the country regarding oil spills DO NOT compel the President or the government to take care of the problem. Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA), ran on and promotes small government and little or no federal government taxation. Shortly after the Deepwater Horizon explosion, obviously not aware of the federal oil spill clean-up laws, Jindal was screaming for federal government action and money to get the thing plugged and cleaned up. Which way do you want it Bobby?, small government with no intervention that you ran on or do you want the federal government to take care of the problem and you and your Tea-Bagger supporters can pony up the tax dollars to pay for it? You can’t conveniently have it both ways, it doesn’t work that way. Besides, it would be a violation of law for the government to get involved in the repair and clean-up operations.

The President took the lead by setting up an independent agency to handle the funding with BP money in a managed escrow account. This is a pre-emptive strike to head off the total failure of the Exxon Valdez situation. After the Valdez spill in 1989, the original amounts estimated to handle lawsuits was approximately 5 billion dollars. To date, only about 500 million has been paid out. Twenty-one years later and Exxon is still stalling the process in appeals courts. Peoples’ lives were permanently ruined as a result of their carelessness and they are fighting paying for it! Unbelievable! Oh, another point regarding the Valdez, they are still finding and cleaning up oil at the spill site. The agency the President has proposed will take BP’s money upfront, and manage the distribution of funds to the affected parties in the Gulf region. This is a very smart and comforting move for the people of the Gulf region.

The critics of the address last night say the President didn’t go into enough detail for them. I think they were looking for his proposed points of a new federal energy policy. The address last night was not the proper forum for a detailed sales pitch for a new energy policy. Both sides were angry because he didn’t address cap-and-trade as a part of the new energy bill. Last night’s address was not intended to be a policy speech. Why can’t politicians and pundits see this? Certainly, I can’t believe I’m the only one smart enough to know this.

The President’s address last night accomplished what he set out to accomplish. It was an address aimed at the residents of the affected Gulf shore areas, a reassurance of what the government has done to date, what it will be doing and what it will do to hold BP accountable with hard measures to see to it the people in the area will be well cared for. Where is the outrage against BP, TransOcean, and Halliburton? They are the villains here, not the President. Why aren’t the politicians and pundits calling for the CEO’s of these companies to get down to the Gulf and assure the residents they are on top of things. The law DOES compel them to fix the problem. Talk about blind ignorance! They’ve been shooting at the wrong guy since day one of the disaster. Carville needs to understand President Obama is not the “daddy” of BP. Not only is BP not a government-run company, but it is a foreign company. Same as TransOcean, which is based in Switzerland. Now, Halliburton is an American based country. This where things get interesting to me. Prior to becoming Bush II’s VP, Dick Cheeney was the CEO of Halliburton. Halliburton awarded Cheeney with a 30 million dollar parting gift when he left the company to become a civil servant. While VP, Cheeney recommended to his dolt of a boss to get the country into two wars. While engaged in these wars, Halliburton was granted hundreds of millions of dollars of no-bid contracts with the DOD for service in the war zones. Hmmm? Later on the reign of Bush II, Cheeney was given the unofficial title of “energy tsar” with orders to write a new federal energy policy. With no fanfare or public knowledge, behind closed doors somewhere in the White House, Cheeney and the CEO’s and COO’s of the leading energy supply companies penned the federal energy policy. Because the energy companies essentially wrote the policy, there is a very noticable lack of regulation and oversight on the industry. Hmmm? So now the blood of the 29 killed coal miners in West Virginia last winter and the 11 roughnecks killed in the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon are on Cheeney’s hands. He knows he is responsible because he has become very silent and out of sight since the mine explosion. I’m sure he feels by staying under the radar he’s safe. Wrong! I’ve been on him for the corruption he ran out of the White House since the day the mine blew up. I will only get redemption and relief when I see that evil son-of-a-bitch behind bars!

So it’s time for Americans to start venting their anger and frustration at the energy companies and the Bush II administration, most particularly, Cheeney. President Obama is trapped once again with another disaster to clean up after the failed policies of the preceeding administration. As Americans, we owe it to the President to get educated on the facts and history before coming out with guns a firing! Thanks for today’s read, and please, send in your comments.
Cam Obert



  1. Paul Donley Says:

    One of your best editorials ever Cam. You did a great jon. Thanks for sharing…………Paul

  2. Paul Donley Says:

    Opps……………..I meant to say job not jon

  3. Gretchen Obert Says:

    You are spot on with this commentary.

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