Two of the greatest Americans

I’m going to start today’s opinion with the situation of “illegal immigration”. The right-wing has done their damn well best to turn this into another “social wedge issue”. Same category of what they have done for same-sex marriage, gays openly serving in the military, and abortion. What these nut jobs, particularly from Arizona where the state’s economy is supported by migrant labor, have done is tried to turn the public perception of Latino migrants as being criminals. Arizona has on its own passed a “papers please” law that basically legitimizes racial profiling. They claim Latinos must be questioned for other reasons first, before the papers please request. You think that’s ripe for abuse? For some reason the whites that are bigoted against Latinos have put all of the blame on the undocumented aliens. The vast majority of the undocumented aliens come to America seeking better pay to support their families. This is human nature, this is not a criminal act! Granted, a person must be documented to be and work in the U.S. if they are from another country. I recognize that but, I also recognize the twelve million undocumented aliens in the country now. Again these are hard-working folks only trying to make a better life for their families. Most of these workers actually pay into social security etc. and will never benefit from it. Why don’t the racists go after the businesses that hire the undocumented workers? I care deeply for these poor folks that come to our country looking for a better life. The Native Americans showed the European undocumented aliens a few hundred years ago respect and comfort. The whites came to their country and took everything from them, the only thing they got from the settlers was the ability to live on reservations, away from the whites. Since we did that once before, why not let the Latinos over-run as we did the Native Americans. Apparently there was a time when we didn’t recognize the sovereignty of North America as that of the Natives. Should Latino “invaders” feel the same about this country?

The disgusting thing about the whole deal here is how the mean racist righties have so vilified the Latino immigrants. You can’t cast a vale of hate over a group of people such as the right has done here. It’s unjust, it’s inhuman, and it’s unfair. There is a resolution to this situation that will only be found with sane rational thought and discussion by the powers that be. In the meantime, the inflammatory rhetoric from the right needs to stop.

I deeply care for people who take responsibility for themselves. People that recognize they are the one person that can push themself ahead. I care deeply for people who can recognize the situations surrounding their lives and deal with it. For example, I love and respect people who recognize the condition of the economy and their own employment status and accept what needs to be done about it. Workers that understand the financial condition of their place of employment and work to help out by not taking a raise or an enhancement to the benefit package or some that actually agree to short-term pay cuts in order to help the company through until things get better. I love individuals who are doing this in these difficult economic times. I believe in most areas of the economy collective bargaining is not wise right now. Hiding in a group of workers to get pay, benefit, and schedule enhancements is not wise right now depending on who the employer is and their present financial situation. I care about people who recognize the big picture and try to pitch in to help to improve things, not attack, tear down, and try to “get what’s mine”. I love and care for the self-reliant people who can take care of themselves while migrating through life.

I do however, care the most about the people who can’t get through life on their own. People that happened to be born of a certain color, a certain sexual preference, a certain society, country, or religion, or worse, people who simply can’t care for themselves because of mental or physical impairments. unfortunately there are places on this planet where people in this situation are treated so shabbily just because they may be one or more of the aforementioned groups. A real shame the human beings can be capable of such a deep ignorant hatred of people for the simple reason they are different from them. I guess I need to count my blessings that I am a hard-working self-reliant white man in America. Of course, I am getting older, I suppose age discrimination will show its ugly head in my direction soon.

The present political discourse in America is very damaging to the end of human decency. The simple fact there are members of Congress that refuse to do their jobs essentially because Barack Obama is our President is so disrespectful. They say it’s about partisan politics, but it goes much farther than that. There is a bitter hatred involved like never seen before in American politics and government. The government is being pushed away by right-wing haters who only care about advancing their agenda. The racist anti-government anti-tax people are creating a nasty long-lasting effect on America and the nation’s future.

Yes, I care deeply for people who are responsible and care and love their country. The country is supposed to be based on human decency, not racism and bigotry. I don’t care for people who don’t care about the country, that blame everything on the government instead of looking at themselves first.

If you are a conservative that is opposed to migrant labor, is against same-sex marriage, is opposed to gays serving openly in the military, dislikes a person because of the color of their skin, a person who doesn’t trust a person because of their religion or country of origin, who doesn’t recognize a woman’s right to choose how to live in her own body, and blindly discriminates against people for being “different from themselves, then take a moment and ask yourself why you have these feelings. Because, in reality, you have no rational reason to feel the way you do. If you believe you have a rational reason to harbor any of these feelings of hatred or bigotry, let me know. Let all the readers of this opinion piece know. I implore you to respond.
Thanks for today’s read.
Cam Obert


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