…and not one of them is based on facts, history, or continuity. The shots keep flying over the bow at the President regarding the oil spill, “illegal immigration”, the war in Afghanistan, and on and on. For some reason, having Barack Obama as President has caused a wave of negative emotion to wash over the conservative side of the country. I have wondered about this in the past, this visceral hatred of the President, with no real rational reasons for the conservatives to feel this way. What is it?

Granted, the President came into office with virtually no executive experience at all. When combining that with walking into the toughest position a newly sworn-in U.S. President has ever had to deal with you have the ingredients for a disastrous start. I believe President Obama had horse-shit advice and guidance from his White House staff. They let him flounder for way too long on the health care reform bill which resulted in the rise of the tea-baggers and other hate groups. I still say it was the White House’s fumble-fucking their way through the whole legislative process of the health care reform bill that has made everything else more difficult to accomplish. A watered down version finally passed and a great health care reform bill was passed. President Obama learned a lot about the management of the office with that experience. Since that bill has passed, President Obama’s success rate has been quite good. He has the highest percentage of agenda items passed in his first eighteen months than any President in the modern era. Keep in mind, he is succeeding in spite of a Congress that has broken every record for filibusters and delays. The Congress has held up more position and judicial appointments in the history of the country.

The Tea-Bagger party grew out of its hatred of the President, or it’s belief the President is taking the government to new highs in power and influence. They believe government is too big, too intrusive in our lives, they want the shackles of government removed and let private enterprise grow, thrive, and dominate. Here is a clear picture of just how stupid these poor misguided idiots are. President Obama came into office facing a global economic meltdown originating on Wall Street. With Wall Street were the banking industry and the insurance industry. President Bush began the process of recovery by getting TARP passed. A quick, 10 page instrument that gave financial help immediately to the Wall Street interests. The problem, the private sector being driven by greed took advantage of the program and utilized the money to go to their net profits instead. With the passage of Obama’s Stimulus Package, with great resistance from the right who are funded by corporate America, the recklessness of Wall Street, the banking industry, and the insurance industry are finally coming under control. There is now more corporate accountability to the government which will hopefully reign in the abuses of the past that have robbed so many millions of people of their life’s savings.

When the President faced the mine explosion in West Virginia last winter with 29 miners losing their lives and many others facing serious injuries, he started to look into the regulatory history of this energy business. What he and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar found was a very loose and weak set of rules and regulations regarding the operation of coal mines in America. Coal mining is generally considered the most dangerous occupation in America. One would logically think that based on the inherent dangers of the business there would be very strict regulations and oversight by and from the government. These weak regulations are a result of the mining industry being a writer of America’s energy policy. The rules that are broken that result in fines and mine shutdowns, are simply appealed endlessly with the mine continuing to operate while the process moves on! The industry has ignored the installation of air ventilation, safe rooms, etc. because of the expense. The meager fines levied by the government are less costly, when they are eventually paid. Now comes along the BP oil rig explosion in the Gulf. The result of this disaster has created the greatest environmental destruction in the history of the U.S. This is a real simple uncomplicated situation. When TransOcean, in cooperation with BP and Halliburton, drilled the well, they did it with so little federal guideline and oversight that one would only surmise that a disaster will happen, just a matter of when. A little factor was left out of the construction of the deep water well, an automatic blow out valve that would cap the well in the case of an emergency. Oh, I see, our government does not require the installation of this very important and specific hardware. When BP and TransOcean drill in the North Sea, the United KIngdom and Norway require the inclusion of this automatic blow out valve, but not here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. You see, here in the U.S.A., the energy companies write the national energy policy behind closed doors in secret with the former Vice President, the one-time CEO of Halliburton who received a little 34 million dollar parting gift from Halliburton when he left them to become the VP. How cozy! Remember all of the no-bid contacts awarded to Halliburton in the Iraqi and Afghanistan occupations by our military. Anyway, I digress. As another personal digression here, remember how vocal Cheeney had been in his criticism of the Obama Presidency? Notice that since the West Virginia mine explosion, Cheeney has disappeared. He knows he’s potentially in a lot of trouble. I lay all of the ultimate blame on these energy supply disasters on him and him alone. Sure, when the investigations begin, there will be plenty of these corporate heavies going down with Cheeney, but he’s the guy. I can’t wait to hear “W” on testifying trying to pull his and Cheeney’s ass out of the fire.

So the small government-no taxation wing-nuts are now savaging President Obama for his handling of the oil spill. Again, how stupid are these people? The President is compelled by federal law to do essentially nothing in the time of environmental disasters caused by the private sector. These were laws enacted after the Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska in 1989. BP and it’s partners are 100% liable for all repairs, clean-up, and any suits that arise as a result of the spill. I personally believe the government shouldn’t even front a penny for the repair and clean-up. BP made a net profit, after avoiding paying taxes as businesses like them are want to do, of 5.6 billion dollars the first quarter this year. This after several years in a row of record-breaking profits. So, who has the instant access to money? BP, of course, not the federal government.

I watched with interest last night on the Faux Noise Network a show which Fix News hand-picked participants from the Gulf region in order to continue the racist Obama bashing that comes non-stop from the mouth and show of lead racist and high school educated Sean Hannity. Now here is the question this tea bagger packed audience didn’t get from the host; If you are in favor of smaller government and no taxes, why are you screaming at President Obama for help? Which way is it? Small government with less interference and private sector control or do you want the government to help? You can’t have it both ways. So, in the meantime, would shit bags that do not understand the law like Bobby Jindal and James Carville don’t shut their pie holes and let the President do his job as outlined by the law of the land. The President showing up in the Gulf region serves no purpose. What can he do? Nothing!, that’s right, nothing!

I wish the right-wing extremists in the country would start reading and learning the issues before yapping. You know, yesterday on Fix Noise Sunday, even dunces like Britt Hume and Bill Kristol have changed their stance on the President’s role in the oil spill. They have stop blaming him because they finally took the time to read the laws that govern the handling of a situation like this. I was quite impressed by these two getting some enlightening, because, after all, they are not the brightest bulbs on the tree.

Anyway, as usual, if you’re going to rip the President, please study up before opining publically. I think upon doing some research you’ll find that given all of today’s circumstances in America, President Obama is doing a pretty damn good job. I support and respect my President and I will for the rest of my life. As the President, he commands the respect of all Americans. Thanks for today’s read and have a good day.
Cam Obert


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