I’m taking the next couple days off from the keyboard to investigate this new story coming out of California. Apparently after Sarah Palin endorsed the candidacy of Orly Taitz for California Secretary of State, the two had a meeting. Taitz has info that will put Barrack Obama at Sharon Tate’s house the night of the crime. Supposedly Charlie took the young Barry under his wing and taught him the ways of the world, Manson’s world.

Taitz is chasing this story now because her failed attempt to expose Obama as a Nigerian born illegal finally died in the face of, of all things, FACTS! Palin is now encouraging Taitz to run this new story and Palin, upon her reading the Manson-Obama connection evidence, has decided to help go national with the story! Michele Bachmann got wind of it, and is ecstatic about the idea of speaking at Tea-Bagger rallies to flame up the idiots even more!

Alas, the poor folks at Faux Noise and Rush are very hurt because Taitz and Palin didn’t let them in on the news! Once the “trio of doom” goes public with the story, Murdoch and Ales will be able to sink their teeth into it.

Anyway, have a good weekend, be safe, and drink responsibly! Thanks for your reads this week, and I do look forward to your comments!
Cam Obert



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