Okay, my candidate, Bill Halter, lost to incumbent Senator Blanche Lincoln in the Arkansas yesterday I believe for two reasons. First, unions from around the country pumped 10 million dollars into Halter’s campaign as well as sent out hundreds of thousands of mail pieces on Halter’s behalf, etc, etc. Second, Halter in the closing days of the campaign, aired a union funded barrage of negative attack ads against Lincoln that were not true, in fact, they were downright lies! As thick and dumb as Southerners appear sometimes, they saw through this one and figured it out! Arkansas is a right to work state! Like most southern states organized labor is not very kindly looked upon. So what does Halter do?, he enlists labor unions, mostly from outside of Arkansas, to help in his campaign. Bad move! Had I known earlier he was getting unions involved in his campaign, I would have e-mailed his campaign to remind them of what state they are running in. And, of course, Lincoln enlisted the number one campaign Democrat ever to work on her behalf, Razorback native himself, Bubba, President Bill Clinton. I now believe, in spite of what the pundits are saying, with Clinton’s support, Lincoln will prevail in November. By the way, her amendment attached to the Wall Street reform bill went a long way to get my support for her back!

Nikki Haley got 49% of the Republican vote in South Carolina to force a runoff election against some unknown nondescript knuckle-dragger. Haley is Tea-Bagger and Palin endorsed. Big deal, it’s South Carolina, one of, if not the most backward dysfunctional state in the country. How can national pundits attach any importance to this race to follow Mark Sanford into the Governor’s office in Columbia? South Carolina politics, Republican style anyway, might be the meanest most rotten and corrupt politics in the country. It bears a great resemblance to the politics of governing in Somalia. So pundits, there is no national implications here with Haley’s big lead. Remember, South Carolina is the state of the biggest idiot in Congress, Senator Jim DeMint, and the lowest piece of feces in Congress, Joe Wilson. Stop hanging significance on anything South Carolina politics! Care to take a hike on the Appalachian Trail?

Here’s great news for the spineless leader, using the term very loosely, of the U.S. Senate, Harry Reid. The Nevada Republican Senate primary race was won by a total off the wall lunatic, Sharron Angle. This Tea-Bagger and Palin endorsed wild-eyed maniac has come out for the U.S. leaving the United Nations, for the dissolution of Social Security, etc, etc. Is this a dream come true for Reid, or what? Again, this is Nevada, home state to many retirees and the Tea-Baggers endorse a candidate who wants to eliminate Social Security? That’s using the old noggin! At any rate, despite Harry Reid’s low approval ratings in Nevada right now, he will win in November and he’ll win big. Angle is a massive train wreck that will happen during the general campaign. I liken her a lot with RuPaul, oops, I mean Rand Paul in Kentucky, should be another easy Democratic win in November.

I can’t wait for the California general campaign for Governor. The Republicans tapped Meg Whitman as their candidate yesterday to face former Governor Jerry Brown. Whitman is the billionaire former CEO of eBay and is deeply entrenched in conservative Republican politics. Brown is the lefty maverick that was very successful in his time as Governor. More recently, as Mayor of Oakland, he made huge headway in cleaning up that poverty and crime riddled city. Brown is a person for all of the people, a grass-roots guy, Whitman is a person of the boardrooms. This should be an easy office pick-up in November for the Democrats. The Republicans of the Golden State chose Carly Fiorina to face Senator Barbara Boxer for that seat in November. Fiorina, a wealthy former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, again represents the far right in this race. Unlike Whitman though, Fiorina has a tendency to suffer from foot-in-mouth disease. She has a documented record of saying really stupid things that will haunt her in the general campaign. She tends to be a coarse personality with a mean streak. Boxer, ever the champion for the rights of the disadvantaged, a great protégé of the late Senator Paul Wellstone. Another interesting race of contrasting ideologies and personalities. I look for Boxer to continue on the high road and Fiorina to take the Atwater/Rove low road. I believe Boxer will prevail in this race.

I will disagree with the national pundits on these results and the ensuing races. What you have here is an empty cupboard for quality candidates, nationwide. With every election cycle, the quality of smart competent candidates is shrinking. The real issue here is the 24/7 blood thirsty savaging by the media. Intelligent persons no longer want to get involved in the process because of what the media does to them. The media savagery has opened the door for groups like the birthers, tea-baggers, and other attack groups. it is now open market on the politics of personal destruction. Faux Noise and Rush have taken the politics of personal destruction to new lows, and they aren’t even the candidates for office!

The political process used to be fun and exciting. It seems now with the focus on seek and destroy missions, politics has become a chore to be a fan. But, as a concerned American I will fight through the media and pundit crap, and keep an educated eye on the politics of what is still the greatest country in the world! Thanks for today’s read and I look forward to hearing or reading your comments.
Cam Obert



  1. Bob Says:

    You are as full of shit of shit as a Christmas goose. The progressives are eating each other.You will be slaughtered in Nov.

  2. Your brother Says:

    Spot on!

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