Dayton with Wellstone-Camelot?

I am so happy to announce my support for Senator Mark Dayton in the race for the governorship in the state of Minnesota. After watching the proceedings of the past few months it has become crystal clear Dayton is the guy. My first choice was Steve Kelley, then I started moving in Paul Thissen’s direction, but unfortunately he didn’t survive the silly caucus/convention nonsense. Actually, I think I was a Dayton guy from the beginning, but I was not getting the “vibe” strong enough from him due to his discomfort with politicking and discomfort with “pressing the flesh”. He is fighting through that now, and I believe he’s ready.

I’m supporting Mark Dayton for a number of reasons. He comes from good family stock. The Daytons, though wealthy as can be, have always placed charity and public servitude first. They obviously have the genes, the family engineered that great department store empire. Mark worked in the family business and has developed a great appreciation for bottom line thinking. He’s smart and independent. After graduating law school, he taught in New York City public schools. After that, he returned to Minnesota to the family business. He learned the importance of giving, especially giving to the poor and disadvantaged. Compassion and understanding are two of the traits of Mark Dayton. He knows budgets. He was State Treasurer and knows about money flow regarding the operations of state government. As our U.S. Senator, Dayton’s voting record was among the most liberal in the senate. He voted right there with Paul Wellstone and Ted Kennedy for six years. So, liberal/progressives should have zero problems supporting Dayton’s candidacy for the governorship. Of the remaining candidates in the field, Mark Dayton is by leaps and bounds the most qualified for the position. He has the family pedigree, he has the executive experience, he has the legislative experience, he has important ties to Washington, and he’s a winner! Today’s polling shows Dayton leading all candidates and blowing Republican nut job Tom Emmers out of the water.

Look folks, this is an important election for the state of Minnesota. After twelve years of empty leadership, leadership that apparently only means tax cuts that have damn near bankrupted the state. If the disastrous past eight years under empty suit Pawlenty isn’t reason enough to get you to support Dayton, I don’t what else to say. Obviously, except Emmers, any of the candidates in the field would be a better Governor than Pawlenty. We need a winner! We need a leader with a documented record of success in the executive style position the Governor’s office needs. Dayton can and will make the tough decisions. The present legislature has been a total cave-in to Pawlenty’s pressure for eight years, with one exception, that forced Pawlenty into an illegal unallotment move.

Here is what his opponents will say about him; he suffers from depression and is a recovering alcoholic. Both of these conditions are controlled and the Senator is doing quite well mentally and emotionally. His critics will call him out on his controversial closing of his Senate office when there was a potential threat of a terrorist attack on the U.S. Senate office buildings. Okay, he was overly cautious out of concern for his staff. Critics have relentlessly hammered him for being wealthy. The Democratic opponents say as a rich person, Dayton can’t relate to the people of great need. Stop right there head-in-the-clouds liberals. Dayton was side by side with Ted Kennedy on all legislation regarding aid for the impoverished, the uninsured, and the unemployed. Kennedy, in case you forgot, was a multi-millionaire as well. Dayton champions the return to the ideals of LBJ’s “Great Society”. LBJ, by the way, was a multi-millionaire as well, and he passed the most important social legislation in the history of the United States, Voter Rights Act, Medicare, and many more. The Republican opposition will attack his wealth based on his ability to pay for his own campaign. So what! By funding the majority of his campaign, Dayton does not have to take money from PAC’s and lobbyists and therefore owe them favors politically. The state Democrats are angry with him for by-passing their “club activities”, caucuses and the convention. Because he “snubbed” them, the old guard inner power circle of the DFL feels threatened. Dayton, being a man of the people, chose to let all of the Democrats in the state get involved in the selection process, not the fourteen hundred party “elite” in Duluth at the DFL convention. I say, good for him! Let the all of the democrats choose the candidate.

Add it up folks, any way you slice and dice it, Mark Dayton is the best choice to be the next Governor of our state. He’s the most progressive candidate in the crowd, he has passion and compassion not found in the other candidates. He is unencumbered by political contributions and a free-thinker and an independent leader. Mark Dayton, a true Minnesota liberal in the mold of Hubert Humphrey, Fritz Mondale, Wendy Anderson, Rudy Perpich, and Paul Wellstone. C’mon Democrats!, join me in my support for Senator Mark Dayton to be our next Governor. Thanks for today’s read.
Cam Obert



  1. youandmedoweagree Says:

    I agree, I am supporting Dayton as well.

    Beth McKay-Teeuwen

  2. Paul Donley Says:

    I will have to vote for Mark Dayton but will do so plugging my nose. He is a nondiscript leader. I doubt he could lead people out of a burning building. The alternative is worse. Minnesota can ill afford another GOP governor.

  3. Your brother Says:

    You betcha!

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