Ronald Wilson Reagan, Dutch, came into the office of President in January of 1981. The country was newly out of a recession that had confounded the previous 2 administrations, and the Iranians just released the American hostages after months of internment. President Carter did a good job in reducing the size and scope of the federal government as a leader in belt-tightening for the whole country. As we all know, however, Democratic Presidents generally always work to reduce the size of government, whereas the Republican Presidents have a nasty history of growing the government stretching the budget. Before you get all wired up about it, it’s all documented history, check it out Fox News, oops, sorry, I forgot, you guys hate facts and truth! While spending half of my life in Washington D.C., I will tell you all of my friends in the bureaucracy love Republican administrations, pay goes up, staffing increases, and accountability goes down. The ideal working conditions!

Anyway, “Dutch” had Lee Atwater on first his campaign staff and then his general staff. Why is this significant? He was the mentor for Karl Rove, Bush II’s brain! Rove learned how to manipulate people and campaigns via slams and slurs. Atwater might be considered the “godfather” of modern shitty politics. He believed there is nothing off-limits and decency and respect don’t fit in political campaigns. Rove learned it all from Atwater. Curiously, prior to passing away from cancer, Atwater recanted his whole modus operandi for the business of politics. He admitted it was wrong, indecent, and destroyed many peoples’ lives. I guess “The Brain” never got the memo! See the connection from the eighties to first decade of this century?

Remember Reagan finance guru David Stockman? You know, “supply side” economics and the “trickle-down” effect. Reagan followed Stockman’s guidance and started an economic program for the supply-siders to get their pals in industry wealthy from the pockets of “Joe American”. We were in a recovering economy and “voodoo economics”, as Bush I referred to them during the campaign of 1980, would only stall the recovery and bankrupt the future. Bush I was correct in his prediction, supply side only borrowed against the future to get Americans in the proper financial position, more wealth now. “Morning in America”, as long as you’re a wealthy white man! They came up with the “trickle-down” theory of economics. Basically, give the wealthiest American even more tax cuts, thus giving them the extra cash to expand and hire more people. In theory, probably correct, in practicality, the farthest thing from the truth. Even today, America suffers from the Bush II unfunded tax cuts because, as has happened since Dutch and the trickle-down, big business grabs the tax cuts, keeps the money and applies to the bottom line of the company. They don’t use the extra capital to expand or hire more Americans. This is documented fact. Unemployment does not reduce with these massive tax-cuts. Reagan got in trouble for it, and Bush II got in trouble for it. Why? It’s a lie and it’s performed using smoke and mirrors. David Stockman has recanted his positions on the economy during the Reagan years. He now says what he advised was not the correct path to financial vitality, in fact, proved to be the opposite. Another “Dutch Dude” now seeing the light.

Reagan blew the size of the federal government up to levels never seen before. He introduced these wacky programs, SDI( Star Wars ), expanded defense, and it all ran out of control. Keep in mind, he did these expansions while cutting taxes. You get the idea, bankruptcy around the corner! By the time Dutch left office, he was clearly showing the signs of the disease that eventually took him from us, Alzheimer’s. He was clearly not in command for at least the last few years in office. That problem created more problems for the future. Dick Cheeney, Donald Rumsfeld, et al, gained a lot of behind the scenes power and influence. The precursor for Bush III’s neo-cons and “chicken hawks”. The sad thing about the last years of the Reagan administration was a genuinely good guy, Senator Howard Baker, was the Chief-of-Staff, but really had no power or influence.

When Reagan left office in 1989, his legacy was the biggest deficit in the history of the country, more national debt than had ever been seen, high unemployment, the eight-year biggest increase in federal government size and scope in history, and his Vice-President George Herbert Walker Bush, though winning the election in 1988, was left a country that had been raped, robbed, and pillaged for eight years in the name of instant gratification. Bush I campaigned on “No new taxes”. After becoming President, he soon had to break that promise. His old boss, Dutch, had left the country with so much debt, he had to raise taxes to generate enough revenue to try to get the debt under control. I’m sure to this day you could hear Bush I muttering sarcastically, “Thanks Dutch!” Poor Bush I was doomed from day one. He had to march as close to lock-step with the conservatives as possible while trying to figure out the economy collapse created by his predecessor. the conservative leadership in Congress wouldn’t let him work to undo the damage inflicted on the country by the Reagan administration.

Enter Bubba, Bill Clinton in 1992. As is the norm, Clinton immediately went to work reducing, stream-lining, and making the federal bureaucracy more efficient. This is what Democratic Presidents do when following a Republican, reduce the government, and believe it or not, reduce taxes. Again, check it out, the party of small government and low taxes are in reality, the party of bloated government and higher taxes. It’s a fact folks, check it out. It took Bubba eight years, but he finally got the country healthy and healed from the Reagan inflicted injuries. When Clinton left office in January of 2001, he left Bush II with an almost 200 billion dollar surplus, a world in a more peaceful state, excellent foreign relations, and the list of positives goes on and on. God, how could Gore blow the easiest no-brainer election run in the history of American politics? Oh well, I digress. Very sad.

With Bush II we got Rove and the return of the “politics of personal destruction”. We got an influx of the new neo-cons and “chicken-hawks” in his administration as well as some of the evil old insiders from the Reagan administration. It took Bush III eight years to get the U.S. involved in two wars, neither declared, warranted, or legitimate, a huge unfunded tax cut for the wealthiest Americans, and a prescription medicine bill that was not funded in the very least, totally thrown at the future, hung on the deficit. Bush II destroyed our proud leadership in the world by instituting the “hired gun for the world” mentality, and the U.S shit don’t stink. He came into office with a budget surplus of 200 billion dollars and left with a deficit of 1.3 trillion dollars. The image of America has been tainted and our country is no longer respected as it once was. The size of the federal government was actually bigger when Bush II left office than when Reagan did!

So, I ask you, HOW IS THIS ALL PRESIDENT OBAMA’S FAULT? All he did was come into office with the country in the worst condition ever, all things considered, and now he has worked his ass off to fix it! Oh yes, but he isn’t emotional enough about! God, the Obama haters will stoop to anything to try to besmirch him.
Oh well, onward and upward President Obama, you are simply in the same position as every Democrat who has followed a Republican into the White House. He will prevail, the country will heal, if the haters on the right don’t take him down from the Gulf oil spill, which again, document what he did to cause this and fix it, compared to what Dick Cheeney did to cause this. I rest my case, thanks for the read.
Cam Obert



  1. Your brother Says:

    You go, bro. Unfortunately, you beat me to using that great photo!

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