C’mon right-wingers, get your shit together. Ever since President Obama was inaugurated, the mantra from the right has been too much government and too many taxes. Now, keep in mind, it was your boys who led Congress and had the White House for the eight years prior to Obama coming into office, that broke every record in American history for government expansion and blew a budget surplus into the largest debt and deficit in history. But, I am one of those who believes that we are 18 months into the new administration and it’s time to stop the blaming on Bush III. What happened, happened! There’s no going back so let’s move ahead. Even the righties acknowledge the total screw job the Bush administration did to America.

So now the right claims government is too big and intrusive in our lives. They claim the taxes are too high, even though the major mouth-piece of the right, the Tea-Baggers, have a record of just 47% of them as paying taxes. So hell, they’re tax cheats anyway, why do they care? Big business and corporate America don’t pay taxes, look it up. Some of these companies make billions of dollars in profits and don’t pay a penny in taxes, some even get tax incentives like GE after making billions in profits and not paying taxes they even worked the system to get tax incentives. By the way, this does not translate into jobs as the conservatives will tell you, because so many of these businesses make billions in profits, skip out on paying taxes and even get tax incentives, but the economy is still soft and unemployment numbers are still high. This tax cheating and tax incentive windfalls instead go right to the corporate bottom line.

The conservatives have to stop telling this big lie. Tax breaks DO NOT encourage job growth, they encourage more profits by getting free money from the government. Wake up righties, you’re getting used by the extreme right and corporate America.

You want less government? Okay, Dick Cheeney gave you less government by writing the country’s energy policy with the help of the CEO’s and COO’s of major oil and coal companies and the management end of it by Halliburton. Here’s an example of small government for you, de-regulation of energy producers so that they may be more profitable. The coal mining industry was given a new set of “soft” safety regulations to operate conceivably the most dangerous job in the world. Deadly mine explosions are the result of the mines not being properly vented. This used to be a regulation. The build up of fumes in these mines is very explosive. The government inspectors do their job but, the companies always appeal the charges and therefore keep operating with the same disregard for human life and the environment. The government is woefully short of inspectors not that it means anything because of their “loose” regulations the mining companies are operating under anyway.

The oil industry has benefited from these same “loose” or non-existent regulations. Again workers get killed on the job, the environment gets destroyed and the companies, when cited for violations, simply keep the appeals going so that they may continue to operate in the usual reckless fashion they do. What a shame. The current disaster in the Gulf could have ben prevented had the government required the installation of the audio blow out device on the drill site. Norway and the United Kingdom require these for drilling in the North Sea. It’s cost at the time of drilling, was 500 million dollars. They chose not to install because our government regulations or lack thereof didn’t require them to. Look at the result of this “private sector” decision. An environmental catastrophe like one the world has not seen. Thanks Cheeney!

Now it’s fun watching and listening to these same “small government-no taxation” wackos yelling for the government to step in and take care of the oil spill. THE ANSWER IS NO!!! The laws that were enacted after the Exxon Valdez disaster prohibit the federal government from getting involved in repairs and clean-up of man-made environmental disasters. So c’mon you guys, what about BP cleaning up their mess. What about TransOcean paying for the damage they have caused, oops, I forgot, because companies are allowed to operate in the U.S. but home office and bank in other countries, it might be a little tougher getting them involved. Isn’t de-regulation great? I challenge anyone to come up with reasons why unregulated private sector business is good. I’ve proven two points that are negative, tax breaks DO NOT translate into jobs and unregulated and under-regulated energy industry results in death and environmental ruins. I almost forgot, remember unregulated Wall Street, insurance and banking industries that almost put the world’s economy in the dumpster. So, I guess I’ve pointed out three huge reasons for government regulation and intervention here. So again, what are the positives of unregulated private industry? Let me know, I’m all eyes and ears.
Thanks for today’s read, enjoy!
Cam Obert


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