Senator Sam Ervin(D-NC)

I wish all the progressive/liberal pundits, bloggers, and media would shut the hell up. It seems they have joined with the Tea-Baggers in an effort to destroy the Obama Presidency. Yes, I said the progressive liberal wing! If I hear Mike Barnicle, Mark Halperin, John Stewart, James Carville, Maureen Dowd, David Broder, George Stephanopoulos, and yes even Ed Schultz and any of the others call on President Obama one more time to go down to the Gulf and hang out to “feel the pain” of the lowland Gulf residents! Do these people know anything about politics? Do they not understand as soon as the President shows up in the Gulf area the Obama haters will crank up to full volume the mantra of “meaningless photo ops”. Barack Obama didn’t get to be president by being an idiot. Just the fact he has to rise so far above “average” as a black man in America to win the office screams this fact.

The job of being the POTUS is one of many duties and chores. The critics, even the brighter ones on the progressive side seem to be forgetting this fact. Part of being President is performing ceremonial tasks, like hosting championship teams at the White House, making policy speeches, leading cabinet meetings, meeting with and/or hosting foreign leaders and dignitaries, being the top watchdog for homeland security, monitoring volatile spots around the world, it’s absolutely endless. Then, to hear these morons yelling about him going to a fundraiser in California for Barbara Boxer, hosting the Duke national champion basketball team at the White House, going to Chicago over the holiday weekend, hosting Paul McCartney at the White House, and even hosting a state dinner for the President of Mexico! I guess all the pundits, bloggers, writers, and various other talking empty-heads don’t understand the Presidency. They want this guy to move in down on the Gulf, in between deep-sea diving attempts to plug the pipe, they want him to be out with the people, to feel their pain so to speak. Are these people really that naive? As the President has correctly said on many occasions, if he showed up down there it would be too much of a distraction and thus would hamper the people who are working to clean this up. Having a solemn, brooding leader in the White House to show his concern for what’s happened, serves no purpose.

President Obama came into office claiming he doesn’t want “drama”, impairs the ability to get things done. He simply methodically goes about his tasks with a great sense of seriousness. He is not emotional, we knew that when we voted for him, he simply works to get things done. Within an hour of the oil well platform explosion and fire, he had assembled the top players in the administration to get the game plan together. They have worked tirelessly since. Remember, this is a President who works late into the night seven days a week. His predecessor was in bed by nine most nights. That also might explain the FACT that this administration has gotten better than 90% of their agenda items for legislation passed in the first 18 months in office. By far the highest percentage of any first term President in modern U.S. history. And this was accomplished in the face of a hostile Republican Congress that has shattered every record for stalling tactics, filibusters, and holding up appointments. The earned their nickname, “the Party of No”!

We have a blood thirsty nasty 24/7 media that has virtually no scruples. Even “straight hard news” reporters are injecting their opinions while reporting stories. It’s as if they think they are going to be the next Woodward or Bernstein. The difference, today’s media is woefully uneducated. Only in recent American history are people allowed to report or opine on stories with no background or education to support what they are doing. It’s embarrassing. What happened to journalistic education and ethics? Shouldn’t pundits or political blowhards at least have an education of political science and/or international studies? If for no other reason, they would know how to research topics and report or opine factually and truthfully. We get hardly any of this anymore.

Anyway, suffice it to say, President Obama is handling the oil spill properly and by the letter of the law. Anybody who disagrees with what he is doing regarding this situation, go shit in a hat. Because what you have to say about this is only worth the shit in that hat!

The next problem in the United States is the total lack of qualified candidates for political office as well as the total empty shelf we call our sitting politicians. Watergate ended the era of great politicians in the U.S. The fact of the matter is the best qualified people for office don’t run anymore. They don’t want to be buried by the media machine that is out to destroy all in its path. The difference is the great politicians of days gone by had closets full, even over-flowing with skeletons. When we had competent caring political office holders, we chose them on their ability to be great leaders, and push hard for what was good for Americans. I’ll bet most of them had sexual affairs on the side or maybe made some wink and handshake deals on the side. So what! They did the right thing for us and by us. As a group of human beings they were able to communicate and negotiate with the other side and move the nation’s agenda forward, regardless of their party affiliation! Quite frankly, does anybody care that JFK might have been boinking Marilyn Monroe on the side? Now that would destroy his Presidency and his life. Why? Because America really has become a cold hard society more and more based on hate and bigotry. LBJ went from a dirt poor kid from the plains of Texas to become a multi-millionaire. We know that wasn’t wealth earned completely on the up and up! But, he passed some of the greatest social legislation in the history of the country. It was important for him to do this because he felt for the poor and disadvantaged. Probably one of the greatest liberal politicians in history, but today, he would be destroyed by the press and the right-wing.

Watergate mentality has made a permanent mark on American politics. We can no longer get the best and brightest to run for office, or even be appointed to an office or judgeship. I hope Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, et al, are proud of their huge role in the decline of the country, the once known as “the Great Society of America”. Our politicians are now, for the most part, scrubs or third stringers. The starters know better to get involved in the mess the right-wing has created in this country. That’s both sides of the aisle! Notice there are no longer any great Republican leaders and legislators. The Republicans have a history of great leaders, Barry Goldwater, Jacob Javits, Thomas Keating, Everett Dirkson, Nelson Rockefeller, Abraham Lincoln, Ed Brooke, George Romney, Teddy Roosevelt, Bob Michael, etc. The republican shelf is empty now. Not a single nationally recognized Republican would qualify to even wipe the ass of these great Republican leaders aforementioned. To be honest , the shelf of strong Democrats is pretty sparse. There are no great leaders or deal makers for them anymore. Oh, how we miss Tip O’Neil, Jack, Bobby, and Ted Kennedy, LBJ, Fritz Hollings, Fritz Mondale, Lloyd Benson, Jimmy Carter,etc. Bill Clinton is an anomaly. A great leader that for some reason has survived the attacks from the blood-thirsty press.

In conclusion, the people that have the say in things in this country don’t know history, they don’t know politics, and they don’t understand the mechanics and politics of being the President. I wish all of the loudmouths would step back and learn the issues before savagely attacking. So, that’s a little history lesson and a little government lesson for you, I hope you’ve learned something from it, and I thank you for reading today.

Cam Obert



  1. Bob Says:

    It will be lonely for you when all the progressives leave this sinking ship.

  2. youandmedoweagree Says:

    What sinking ship are the progressives jumping from?

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