In spite of the constant barrage of bad news hitting the country, there really are some things to note and celebrate. Look at America, and the world, in January 2009. The American and world economy were on a fast track plummet to what could be the worst depression in the history of mankind. Personal and business bankruptcy filings were growing as fast as the unemployment rolls. Home foreclosures were skyrocketing, people being put out of their homes at a record pace. There was a growing sense of “me first”, because our economy, fears, and anger were pushing us that way.

To his credit, President Bush, with the help of future President Obama passed the TARP legislation as a first shot to put the brakes on the economic skid. Right, wrong, or indifferent, this act was able to support Wall Street, Fannie and Freddy, and large banking institutions. It did temporarily work. The legislative instrument was only 11 pages long. Well, guess what, corporate greed kicked in started abusing the bill to their own advantage.

Soon after taking office, President Obama introduced the Stimulus Package to help the failing economy. This was a response to the limited scope of TARP, and the rampant greed in America’s large Wall Street, insurance and banking industries. The bill passed, and today it is documented by economists from all backgrounds agree had it not passed the world would now be mired in deep depression. Finally America has good news and legislation that is really going to work for all Americans.

The President and Congress finally passed a National Health Care reform bill. As the only developed country in the world without one, the light bulb finally went off in someones head. Look at the benefits of national health care, almost 40 million uninsured Americans now have access to protection, medical costs will fall as result of better wellness care and the use of doctors’ offices for care visits, rather than hospital emergency rooms. Prior to the passage of this bill, there were tens of thousands of people in the U.S. falling into bankruptcy as a result of medical bills not covered by insurance. This a an immoral abomination happening in the most advanced society in the world. This bill will hopefully put an end to this disgraceful tragedy. The reason why the U.S. has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world is because so many uninsured women go entire pregnancies without wellness checks. After so many babies are born, they receive no health care because the parents don’t have insurance. Rejoice however, America has decided to do the right thing and we are now on the road to better health care. The long-term benefits of the legislation also include a reducing deficit and reduced health care costs as Americans will start to take advantage of wellness checks and care.

Since the “bailing out” of GM and Chrysler, the auto makers have trimmed all of the financial fat and are now very lean. GM has paid the fed back the loans five years ahead of schedule and Chrysler is becoming healthier daily since Fiat took them on and are streamlining the company. Fiat wouldn’t have stepped in had it not been for the “bail out” by the government. The automobile business is booming in America now, despite top seller Toyota getting caught breaking so many rules. A healthy auto industry is an indicator of a forward moving economy or a healthy economy. Congratulations to my friends in the business, times are good again for you guys.

Because of wise timed legislation offering huge tax incentives, home buying has rebounded with a vengeance! The inventories of homes for sale has fallen and foreclosed properties are getting purchased. New home starts, another economy health indicator, have been up seven of the past nine months! My friend in the sod business is getting orders to green new home sites at levels near the boom days.

The GDP has been up two quarters in a row, and probably will show gains again this quarter. That indicator in itself shows the recession is ending! Manufacturers are bulking up their inventories again as their confidence of future sales grows. The new claims for unemployment benefits has gone from over 700,000 per month to now a reversal of almost 200,000 new job claims a month. As all the economists have warned, employment growth is the last segment of recovery. America is on the road to recovery.

The depressed economy has taught America many things regarding greed, poor decision-making, living beyond one’s means, responsibility, and accountability. As we pull out all the way, things will need to be changed. Corporate America needs to be regulated with tight governmental over-sight, with the Wall Street meltdown, the coal mine explosion, and now the Gulf oil spill as prime examples of what happens when a government lets greedy savages go unchecked while raping America. It’s going to happen and the long-term benefit will be a better more responsive private sector, with enforced morals and integrity.

So, let’s celebrate the good things. There are plenty of them happening in America right now. Please get your information regarding the issues of the day from reliable unbiased sources. That in itself, will help you feel better about the good and exciting things happening in our great country. Rejoice the fact that the President and Congress are working to make things better for us all! Thanks for your read today.

Cam Obert


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