Why does the media continue giving air time and print space for these knuckleheads who continue to bash President Obama at every turn? How about giving some air time and print space to actually articulate the oil spill issue and the laws that govern the repair and clean-up? The longer the stupid idiots who are bashing Obama’s leadership position on the spill go without being educated, the higher the flames of rage will grow in their moronic ranks. it is now spinning off in other tangents like abortion, undocumented aliens over-running our borders, and even another attempt by the birthers to revive the President’s birth record. Please understand, I’m not the smartest guy in the world, but I do study the facts regarding issues and I know the laws that were written as a result of the Exxon Valdez catastrophe place the onus, 100%, on the entity responsible for the disaster. Not only does it preclude the government from taking the lead or spending a penny of public money, it in no way compels the President or the federal government to “take over the management of the aftermath”.

James, I’ve got a secret political agenda regarding my own candidacy for some office in Louisiana, Carville can stick his whining up his ass! I’ve got your “daddy” right here. The more this idiot and the even more moronic Governor Bobby Jindal complain about the “absence” of governmental involvement in the problem, the more it screams to me that people need to start reading the facts. If I had been standing near dimwit Senator Mary Landreau when she suggested the President show up in her state with a bag full of federal dollars to help, I would have put her right square on her ass. These people are proving to be as stupid or short-sighted as Holder and Napolitano opining on the Arizona “papers please” law without even reading it themselves. I can spread blame and point a finger all over Washington, and more so at the pundits and media that seem to encourage America to remain stupid or at very best, uneducated. Imagine Jindal, a “small or no government, no tax” Republican growing big enough balls to demand “aid” from the government. Ahhh, the hypocrisy the Republican party lives every minute of every day. They have proven themselves to be as stupid as they appear to be.

Here is a fact for you, BP reported a “net profit” of 5.6 billion dollars in the first quarter this year. Net means the money left after they have paid their operating overhead, the salaries, and taxes,ha, that’s a laugh! They are in a run of record-breaking profits for several years now. Why are these anti-government anti-tax politicians and pundits screaming for the government to open its purse? That’s pure bullshit, and they know it. The offending party, BP, is compelled by law to pay every cent of the repairs, the clean-up, and reparations to those who have lost property and/or livelihoods as a result of their liability. Take that pinheads! BP has way more available cash to handle this crisis than the federal government.

Now that the Israelis have attacked a flotilla of protesters in the open sea trying to deliver humanitarian aid to the needy in the Gaza, there are already people blaming Obama for this public relations disaster for Israel. The people on the far right in this country hate President Obama so much that now anything bad happening around the world they will place the blame on him. It’s very reminiscent of how the “liberal” media attacked and hounded the Clintons relentlessly. Remember the liberal media started savaging the Clintons beginning in 1990 and it continues today? The “liberal” media so savaged Mrs. Clinton they handed the election to Barack Obama. So, I guess it’s the “liberal” media and punditry that is responsible for the rise of the Birthers, the Tea-Baggers, the town hall meeting disruptors, Michele Bachmann, Rand Paul, etc. Thank you very much, Rush! You got the target you wanted to spew all of the hatred and bigotry you have to throw.

Lastly from the holiday weekend, the debacle created by the wing-nuts crying foul when President Obama named Vice President Joe Biden to perform the “laying of the wreath” at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington Cemetary. President Obama was to perform a similar task at Abraham Lincoln Cemetary near Chicago, one of the oldest, largest, and most active military cemetaries in the country. Apparently, in the right-wing world, this is considered blasphemy. Was there this out-cry when George H. W. Bush was President and he had his VP, Dan Quale perform the ceremony at Arlington. President Bush was in Kennebunkport for the holiday weekend, but did perform rights at the local military cemetary in Maine. Hang on tight conservatives!, but your “patron saint” President Ronald Reagan missed the ceremony once as well. BLASPHEMY! Shame on him, the patron saint of all God-fearing and America loving conservatives! It gets better though, he missed because he was attending some kind of seminars in Williamsburg Virginia! Wait, it still gets better! He had an unknown Under-Secretary of Defense stand in for him at Arlington. An unknown staffer?! Where’s the outrage?

I’ve been name-calling a lot these past few blogs. That’s because some of this stuff is so ridiculous and outrageous that my blood literally boils. I can’t believe people who are so dumb, so ignorant of the facts, opine about things they know nothing about. Enough, if you’re going to jump in with your opinions, please know what the fuck you’re talking about first. It turns out the mission is to inflame stupid people by spreading lies and fear-mongering. It makes me sick to my stomach that the most developed society in the world has to tolerate blathering by empty-headed idiots that get a platform to spew via a screwed up media. I do blame the media, how about going back to reporting the news with facts, not opinions. Opinions are a dangerous way to report the news, remember the Doctor in Wichita that was killed in church by an anti-abortion whack-job taking his marching orders from Bill-O the Clown on the Faux Noise Network? Thanks for reading today’s rant, oops, I mean my opinion column.

Cam Obert



  1. youandmedoweagree Says:

    Oh, and Maureen Dowd can blow it out her ass too. In her opinion piece in the Times this weekend, she is even questioning Obama’s leadership style. She claims it’s to laid back, cool, and disconnected. She is of the belief he needs to be on the Gulf coast full-time showing leadership. It basically boils down to photo ops washing oil off birds or showing a contrite face while meeting with the soon to be out of work fishermen. How shallow and transparent can you be? He can’t plug the hole, he can’t clean up the mess, he can’t pay these people for missed income, HE IS ABIDING BY THE LAW! Why not make the CEO’s of BP, TransOcean, and Halliburton show up and help. Better yet, where’s their friend Dick Cheeney. He sure has been conspiculously absent!

  2. Your brother Says:

    Remember, it was Patton Oswalt who said it’s time to start calling the party of the teabaggers by its real name: The Balls-in-Mouth Party.

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