I hate to come off daily as an angry old fart but all I have to do is watch the news and I become enraged. Now it’s about every reactionary idiot, both parties and all philosophical foundations. Why can’t these people grasp the idea the federal government and the President are not equipped to deal with the disaster. The blow out occurred over 5000 feet under the surface of the Gulf. The ONLY entities in the world that have the technology, know how, and equipment to deal with deep water situations are the oil companies. The federal government DOES NOT have any of what it takes to fix this problem. Do you right-wing Obama haters and left-wing empty heads hear me. The government will fail miserably if it tries to fix this problem. Governor Bobby Jindal and famous Louisiana Democrat James Carville need to shut up and go lay by their dishes! They do not know what they are talking about.

For the right-wing crowd that keeps demanding smaller government and no taxes, prove it and let the culprit BP, a private sector business, deal with this mess. I can’t believe the number of right-wing leaders Rush, Sean, etc. that are yelling for THE GOVERNMENT to fix this problem. What happened to the know how can do brilliance of the private sector? They fucked it up, let them fix it!

The left-wing heads-in-the-clouds crew wants the government to fix this problem because since a private sector business fucked up the drilling, they can’t be trusted to fix it. They are drawing parallels to the Wall Street criminals being allowed to fix their problems. There is a huge difference. The government does have the expertise to grasp and fix monetary problems. The government does not, again, have the know how, technology, and equipment to repair a blown out oil well a mile under the surface of the Gulf. For God’s sake, GET A CLUE!

Financial and investment guru Jim Kramer, “CNBC’s Mad Money”, says it’s ludicrous to think President Obama and the government can fix this problem. His sources are telling him the administration personnel on this project have been working around the clock since the explosion. They are working hand-in-hand with BP, TransOcean, and the Coast Guard and the Army Corps of Engineers. BP has enlisted, since day one, the assistance from every major oil company in the world to get a handle on this. Like Kramer, I bristle every time I hear Obama and the government are being too “hands off” on this catastrophe.

I’m sick of hearing about Obama not taking the lead to fix this. What is he supposed to do? He’s been very clear BP is responsible for all aspects of this disaster. Then he gets criticized for saying he has the heel of the government on the throat of BP. The political leadership opposed to the way Obama has handled this, can not answer the question of what is Obama supposed to do? Again, sit on the sidelines and take cheap potshots.

I guess they want to see the President on the boats with a Coast Guard jacket on with a concerned look on his face. Then they need to see him on land commiserating with the fishermen whose livelihoods have been forever destroyed by the oil spill. Then they want to see him washing oil off the feathers of a Brown Pelican. Can you believe this? This is pure unmitigated bullshit! Hello America!, there is a difference between a natural disaster, hurricanes, tornados, floods, and earthquakes, and a man-made disaster like oil spills and coal mine explosions. The government is equipped and compelled to respond to natural disasters. Man-made disasters are the responsibility of the offending parties. There are laws on the books to deal with these. These laws DO NOT mandate nor compel the federal government to engage in the repair and clean-up. Again, is any body home? Do any of the critics of the administration bother to read the laws? Shut your f**king pie holes and start studying!

There is a parallel to the Wall Street financial disaster and the recent coal mine disaster and the Gulf oil spill. The parallel is the Bush II administration’s relaxing government regulation and oversight and even de-regulating aspects of these businesses. The economic meltdown happened because the greed of the private sector went unchecked to the point of almost taking down the world economy. The fact that the Bush II energy policy was written and enforced by Dick Cheeney and his oil baron buddies is proof right there what happened in West Virginia and in the Gulf. The coal mining companies short cut safety measures to put more profit to the bottom line. Keep in mind, ore mining is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world. So, they skip installing technologically correct safety systems to make more money. BP and TransOcean, by choice, omitted the correct blow-out device that would have automatically capped this well when the explosion occurred. That device, mandated by other oil-producing countries, would have cost BP an extra 500 million dollars. Keep in mind, the oil companies are enjoying boom times, setting new profit records every quarter, BP made a profit in the first quarter this year of 5.6 billion dollars! That’s net profit, after they skipped out on paying their fair share of taxes.

Now Senator Mary Landrieu(D-LA), is asking for Obama to show up with money for her state for clean-up and for her residents who have been put out of work by the spill. SCREW YOU LADY! Again, begging the federal government for money. Why isn’t Landrieu going after BP for the money? BP has way more available money than the government. I wish everybody would turn their bile and venom on BP and lay off the President. What has happened to common sense in America. One knee-jerk rip on the President after another. None of them are well-founded nor factual.

It’s time to let President Obama push the heel of the federal government on the throat of BP, TransOcean, and Halliburton. They caused the disaster make them fix it, pay all the bills, and see to it they pay all the suits brought against them in a timely manner. God, I wish I was a spokesman for President Obama. I’ve got big balls and I would use them in a very forceful fashion. I’m sick to my stomach of the side-line sitting, uneducated, nattering nabobs of negativity. They need to be put in their place. They don’t offer alternatives to the Obama plans because they are gutless cowards that don’t want to be accountable or responsible for their statements and ideas.

Thanks for today’s read, and hopefully I’ve still got plenty of piss and vinegar in the tank.

Cam Obert



  1. Tom Nyvold Says:

    Well said, and I agree! Who the hell thinks the government has that kind of equipment.

  2. RAO Says:

    Amen!!! How many months/years did it take for our world-class military to build up for “shock and awe”? Iraq was not an instant war despite huge defense spending. Yet, some of these news commentators, legislators, etc. expect immediate deployment of government resources to fight an oil spill, although past administrations did not fund for oil spill response!!!! All these anti-tax people would have a stroke if the government funded and staffed for every “big business” screw up.

  3. tomobert62 Says:

    As a Democrat, it’s painful to admit – Mary Landrieu has issues.

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