…and what needs to be done about it? The situation in the United States is moving toward where we were prior to the Civil War. The level of extreme hate has been ratcheted up to a point where in the 1850’s the southern states left the Union. Why did they leave? They call it the “War of Northern Aggression”. Other than Sherman’s magnificent path of “scorched earth” through the south, this was all about the South seceding from the Union. They claimed “states rights”! Why, because the federal government leaned on the southern states to stop the practice od slavery and human bondage. The Southern states felt it was not the business of the federal government. Hmmm, images of Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul, right? Anyway, I digress. The hatred of the south versus north was so strong that it literally split the country and forced us into war with ourselves. Why, pure ignorance and blind followers behind hateful bigoted leaders. Are you seeing the parallels forming with today’s America?

Today, the vast majority of anti-America haters are led by Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, Laura Ingraham, Jonah Goldberg, Lars Larsen, Michele Malkin, Bill Kristol, Ann Coulter, Charles Krauthammer, Britt Hume, Roger Ales, and Rupert Murdock. If you listen to what these people saying or read, I know, that’s a stretch, what they write, it’s all negative all hateful. They only blast the powers that be in government, call out the personal and professional failings of these people but never ever offer they’re plans or ideas. You know why? Because they have none and they don’t want to be accountable. Look the group of hating leaders I have referenced. You’ll notice not one of them is in elective office. Not one of them is from the world of academia. In fact, several of them have no college education whatsoever! These are your leaders of the right-wing agenda in the United States today. Pretty shocking isn’t it? It’s also very sad. You notice every time a person is nominated for an office, position, or a seat on the bench, if they are college educated, especially Ivy League educated, these right-wing leaders assail them solely based on their educations. Petty jealousy!

When fact-checking the outrageous statements these spiteful leaders make, you’ll find the majority of what they spew is either false, exaggerated, or a flat-out lie. They say these outrageous hateful things to fire up their unenlightened followers. They know they can do that because the bigoted anti-government people who follow them will never bother to read and get the facts. Hmmm, very similar to the build-up prior to the “War Between the States”.

The obvious way to calm this rhetoric of hate is for the conservative leadership in office holding positions to start calling the wackos out on the their lies and fear-mongering. This is not pre-nazi ruled Germany. The responsible political leaders need to take the lead, not the wing-nuts led by Rush Limbaugh. For over fifty years there has been a portion of the population that is very conservative, to the level of the Tea-baggers. That proportion is roughly 20%. Today, about 20% of Americans identify with some or most of what the tea-baggers stand for. Why are we letting this loud-mouthed uneducated 20% minority make so much noise? A recent report shows nearly 50% of these people don’t pay taxes! I’m so sick of hypocritical thieves getting a voice.

The tea-bagger whack jobs of the right believe government is too big and we are over-taxed. In recent decades, the two largest expansions of government have come under President Bush II and the President Ronald Reagan, the patron saint of small government anti-tax wing-nuts. The facts speak for themselves, so don’t bore me with your right-wing excuses for those two failed Presidencies. Now they are all screaming at President Obama to get into the Gulf and dive down to plug the oil gusher! What happened to the private sector? I thought they can do things better and more efficiently than the government. Here’s some more facts for you anti-American righties; after the Exxon Valdez oil spill, the law was changed making the offending company completely responsible for all capture, clean-up, rehabilitation, and financial reparations to any person or business negatively affected by the result of the spill. Another fact for you, the big oil companies are much better equipped to handle these disasters, they have the equipment and knowledge, neither of which the federal government has. Now President Obama has dispatched 1200 National Guard troops to guard the border. This is not a free service! It costs hundreds of millions of dollars. Who’s going to pay for it? If we Americans pay, that’s called taxes. Oops, but the right-wingers are opposed to taxation. Oh well, what company wants to take up privately guarding the border and charging the property owners on the U.S. side for the service? Do you see the sense here? Do you see how mis-guided and stupid the these wackos are?

It’s questions like these that you cannot get answers for from the right side. It’s because they have no answers. They can only lay low and take constant pot shots at the government in power. Let me qualify that; they do have answers, actually the same answers for every issue, reduce government and eliminate taxes. These antitax people are factually full of shit. They say cutting taxes allows the private sector to grow and put more people to work. Personal and corporate tax levels have been much lower since 2000, and, in fact, much lower than the 1960’s when adjusted for inflation. I see plummeting employment numbers since 2000 and coincidentally, record after tax net profits for corporate America. Can’t these idiots see what is going on here? The corporations are applying the tax cuts, the tax incentives, and gained money from illegally using tax loop holes to their bottom lines. They are not growing or hiring people. They are still laying people off, shifting production over seas, and hiding profits in off shore banks. It almost seems corporate America is making a strong attempt to undermine America and it’s unemployment situation. They right-wing leaders know these statistics but reference them at all in their hate-speak.

This is not a statement on the right-wing hate spewing only. It is evident on the left as well. Right here in Minnesota, there are progressive Democrats that attack Senator Mark Dayton because he is wealthy. I have never heard such a lame excuse to dislike or savage a person in politics. If these progressive or liberals are so concerned about gaining an important political seat, Governorship, then why would they oppose the most liberal candidate on the slate? Oh, he’s rich, he doesn’t understand. Well here are some facts for you libs, he voted lock-step in the Senate with Paul Wellstone and Ted Kennedy, two of the most vocal leaders for civil and health care rights for Americans. Senator Dayton called out the gutless Democratic controlled legislature for the weak compromise with perhaps the most selfish uncaring Governor in the history of the state. He called the settled budget a sell-out to the Republicans and big business and a morally bankrupt bill. But the libs don’t like him because he is wealthy. The deeply entrenched Democrats are angry with him because he didn’t go along with their trite, silly, and huge money wasting party nominating convention. It really would be so much cheaper to eliminate the convention and let ALL the Democrats in the state participate by voting in a primary. For the firmly entrenched party people, I think this about job security and the loss of personal power and influence. Here’s a fact for them; twenty of the past twenty-eight years the Governor seat has been held by persons not endorsed by the Republican or Democratic party. What does that say for the elitist convention process. Obviously, the people of Minnesota don’t buy it.

Everybody needs to calm down and please, start to educate yourself on the issues. If you wish to be a viable and responsible citizen, it is your responsiblity to read, research, study, and understand to issues. Thanks for today’s read.
Cam Obert



  1. tomobert62 Says:

    We need an oil-spill czar!

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