The carnival surrounding the Tea-Bagger movement in America has taken yet another turn to comedy, tragedy, sadness, ignorance, hate, paranoia and anything else negative for the discourse of politics or the governance of America. The latest turn?, Senate Republican primary winner in Kentucky Rand Paul’s comments about civil rights issues. With one of his feet firmly standing on his penis and the other stuck in his mouth, he proclaimed he is not in favor of civil rights legislation to protect Americans from discrimination due to skin color, etc. in private establishments. This is under the guise of private property rights. He says he believes business owners should be free to make their own rules regarding their own business and property and not be subject to government regulations outlining what and what not is legal to operate a business. Remember the “lunch counter” in North Carolina in the early ’60’s that was an igniting moment in the civil rights movement, culminating in President Johnson’s signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

How can a public figure in 2010 suggest a return to that kind of open racism and segregation? This is a clear indication that Paul is not remotely ready to serve the American public and the residents of Kentucky in the Senate. I’m not sure if he’s incredibly stupid or just plain ignorant. He has some libertarian leanings. This is how he can be comfortable with a return to segregation in the private sector, because he claims the government has no business regulating private business. Along the lines of private property rights, Paul is also in favor of carrying weapons onto private property of the owner approves and the return of smoking in private businesses. What Rand Paul and the rest of these private property rights wing-nuts need to consider before anything else is the health, safety, and respect given to visitors on private property. They don’t understand because they are a part of it but, greed trumps safety and human decency every time in the private sector world. The track record is there, there is no disputing this. Regulatory laws have been written to protect the rights, safety, and human respect for people because the private sector is incapable of performing these basic functions. Rand Paul, and his father, Ron Paul(R-TX), both have said they would vote against the 1964 Civil Rights Act today because they feel it over-steps the boundaries of private property in favor of the government. God forbid, decency and respect have to be forced upon the private sector!

In conclusion, Rand Paul is politically a “dead man walking”. I don’t believe he can erase this black mark on his character. If the people of Kentucky are smart, they won’t allow this man to continue on his narrow path. He already insulted the residents of the Blue Grass State by referencing his love of the Tea-Bagger movement nine times in his victory speech and only mentioning the state of Kentucky once! So, Kentuckians, this candidate has already announced loud and clear who his constituency is, and it is not the people of Kentucky. It’s too bad. America could use another voice against the Pentagon, undeclared wars, and military occupation around the world. Oh well, he blew it be allowing the Tea-Baggers to get control of him. Thanks for today’s read.
Cam Obert


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