The reason there is such a huge “throw the bums out” mentality in the country is because the media, pundits, and opportunistic politicians are fueling the emotions. The media has played the biggest part in this current hysterical movement. That includes all media, not just the ones with their own agendas. The fact the Tea-Bagger movement is identified by around 20% of the voting public, but receives about 50% of media attention is an embarrassing statistic. For about the past 50 years, there has been a static percentage, about 20, of Americans that view themselves as very conservative. So even with all the attention lavished on them from today’s media, it’s still only 20%! Is it because the movement has become more than just an anti-America anti-taxation movement? They now are including the NRA wackos, the white supremacists, and the racist anti-immigration wing-nuts. Remember, this is still just the same 20%!

It’s been an interesting and maddening experience watching the pundits pontificate on the primaries yesterday. As usual, they have way over-analyzed them. Just as they did last November with the gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey, they have put way too much emphasis on the “angry voter” outlook. The results of the primaries really show what happens when you have some candidates that are just better than others. The race in Arkansas for the Senate seat held by Democrat Blanche Lincoln is a study in what happens to a politician who shows no back-bone or no conviction. The voters in the state caught on to her trying to play both sides and now she’s paying the price. I’m not sure her primary opponent, Bill Halter really had to point out her inconsistencies. They were already in full view and comprehension. Is this a case of “voter anger” or a case of voters wanting a person to represent them that stays true to their convictions. Lincoln is basically a weak politician and it took a term in the major leagues to reveal this fact. Basically the same situation last fall in New Jersey with then Governor John Corzine. Why do the pundits keep trying to make more out of it than is there? I guess they are trying to retain their own viability. Anyway, Lincoln is going into a run-off with Halter June 8th, we’ll see what happens then. The races in Kentucky to fill a vacant seat in the Senate were only marginally more interesting. As usual, the media has turned the spotlight on that pesky 20% again! Because Rand Paul got the Tea-Baggers endorsement and then pounded the shit out of McChinless endorsed Trey Grayson for the Republican slot in the Senate race this fall. If I’m not mistaken, this is the first major race where a Tea-Bagger endorsed candidate has prevailed. Now another aspect of Kentucky politics has been unearthed. Senator McChinless has a horrible approval rating in Kentucky. His last run for re-election, 2008, he barely won. I believe in Kentucky, a McChinless endorsement is the “kiss of death”! The race for the Democrats in Kentucky is where the next Senator will come from. Both Democrats gained way more votes than Paul did as the landslide winner on the Republican side. Remember, 20%! That moves us the two races in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. First, the election to fill the District 12 seat left empty by the death of Congressman John Murtha. This election was never in question in spite of the media and the pundits trying to make us believe it will be a close election. Murtha, an old school Democrat, held the seat for many years. The district is a very heavy union presence. The Republican, Tim Burns, was endorsed by Palin and the Tea-Baggers which in essence killed him from the get-go. The Democrat, Mark Critz, a longtime Murtha staffer, was an easy winner. Duh! The race for the Senate endorsement on the Democratic side was close at first, then became a runaway for Congressman Joe Sestak over incumbant Arlin Spector. Again, the media and pundits will have us believe this is another “angry voter, throw the bums out” result. In reality, it is a result of a tired 80-year-old politician trying to hang on, he’s had two bouts of cancer and he jumped parties to pave the way to victory this year. The voters saw through the ploy and decided it was time for a different guy. Spector jumped parties because he feared losing to Pat Toomey, the Tea-Bagger endorsed Republican candidate, in the Republican primary. I’m not sure why, remember, 20%, and the Tea-Baggers and Palin have a terrible record with their endorsed candidates.

I don’t know about the rest you, but I’m sick and tired of sitting members of Congress complaining about the way things operate in Washington. Congressman Joe Sestak made a major part of his campaign for the Senate seat his disdain for the way Washington is. He is a part of that! He is a sitting member of Congress and therefore, a federal worker. He claims nobody wants to be accountable in Congress. Well Congressman, I haven’t seen you point the finger at yourself yet! In this respect, he is exactly the same as Michelle Bachmann(R-MN), the self-proclaimed anti-Washington Congresswoman. She has been apart of it for almost six years! Congresswoman Lunatic, YOU are part of your perceived problem. The people who support this wild-eyed loon have to be the dumbest people in America!

Two more political tidbits to slam the world of politics. First, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. This pinhead had the race won for the vacated Senate seat held by Chris Dodd. But, he got caught telling stories of being a Vietnam vet, when in fact, he never served in that war. When called on it, he simply said he “mis-spoke”! No idiot, you lied! Get out of the race now, and get a candidate in there that can beat Mrs. WWF! The second political story is actually quite humorous! Married Congressman Mark Souder(R-IN), resigned his House seat yesterday after confessing to boinking a married member of his staff. Souder is a devout Christian and is very conservative. He was a standard-bearer for the “family values” hypocrites of America. Come on, when are you family values people going to come clean? Perverted actions, cheating on spouses, engaging in homosexual situations, etc. have become very common with the family values ilk. They are lower than pond scum and I don’t want to hear any of the conservatives chastising Souder over this. You know the saying, those who live in glass houses….

Thanks for today’s read, and have a great day.
Cam Obert



  1. tomobert62 Says:

    Besides, Blumenthal dyes his hair!

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