Tea Bagged Minnesota!

This year’s legislative session has come to a conclusion with the results being very disappointing at best. Once again, as with the cave-in by the Democrats on GAMC, the gutless cowards known as the DFL in the state legislature, has caved under the pressure of the tea-bagger driven dunce of a Governor. Let’s take a brief look at what is going to happen in Minnesota now as a result of these idiots in St. Paul not facing up to the truth!

Governor Pawlenty apparently got most everything he wanted. The Speaker of the House once again proved why she won’t be a good Governor. I’m not sure why under her leadership, Pawlenty and the wacko right keep getting their way in the negotiation process known as government. Obviously when the minority in the House is constantly getting their way in the budget and social legislation battles, you have to look at the DFL members and ask if they have gonads or spines. They have been pushed around and bullied by the right for years. I will give them some credit for last years denial of the Pawlenty cuts which led to the infamous “unallotment” tool used illegally by T-Paw. That was a short-lived victory because as the court over-ruled Pawlenty’s move, it piled that extra 2.5 billion dollars of debt on this years budget. That led to a total budget shortfall of over 6.5 billion dollars. Here’s how these gutless wonders handled this situation. Again, heads buried in the sand, they let Pawlenty and Emmers get away with more rounds of cuts! There simply isn’t that much left to cut. We’ve lived under twelve straight years of budget and tax cutting, what is left to cut? I guess public health care is now considered a non-essential service. I think the new belief in St. Paul is infra-structure repair and development is now considered a non-essential service. Keeping state parks and highway rest stops are no longer deemed to be important enough to fund and keep open. They added another round of cuts to Local Government Assistance, LGA, which most, if not all cities in the state count on to pay for such basic services as police, fire, snow plowing, and municipal road repairs, etc. Jim Miller, President of the League of Minnesota Cities, cited today that cities have already cut to the bone their budgets. They have covered for the lack of funding these past few years but that ability is no longer available as an option. The cities can no longer offer the services that Minnesotans have come enjoy as a security of living in Minnesota. Miller says cuts in municipal police, fire, and maintainance workers will start soon. Local taxes will have to be raised to cover what costs are left, but he says they can’t be raised to the point of retaining current levels of service. I think this paints a very dower picture of where the state is headed. We are no longer the “state that works”, we are now the “state that tries to hold on in spite of bad legislation”!

The present situation has gotten so bad that many of my Democratic friends are considering looking at the Independence Party candidate, Tom Horner, as the most viable candidate in the field. In my mind, Margaret Anderson-Kelliher and Tom Emmers are not even close to being the quality leader this state needs to pull us out of the ditch. Keep in mind, MAK, Emmers, and Pawlenty are responsible for getting us in the ditch. MAK obviously didn’t support the Republican agenda, but because she is so weak as a leader, the Republicans have run rough-shod over her. Tom Emmers has the support of the Tea-Baggers and the endorsement of “Top Quitter”, Sarah Palin. They are opposed to taxation and government spending. Minnesota has been in that program for the past twelve years. It simply does not work. The state has a revenue shortage and has for years. There are two solutions to this problem, shut down government altogether for good and rely on the private sector for services or raise taxes and start paying our way back to the quality of life we as Minnesotans used to enjoy. The first solution is all about the Tea-Baggers, Palin, Bachmann, Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, etc. They never think about the consequences of their moronic claims! The second option, raise taxes, seems to work for Mark Dayton and Matt Entenza. These are two smart guys with backgrounds in budgeting and accounting. Hmmm, which way makes sense for you?

More horrifying news, the Tea-Baggers have apparently gotten a firm foot hold into our state politics. I’m shocked the latest round of polls showing Emmers leading all the other candidates. Again, if people would only bother to read, study, learn, and understand the issues, these poll results wouldn’t be as they are.

This should be a slam dunk for the Democrats. They have the opportunity to get the facts out there. The Republicans have run this state right into the ditch. Why would an educated populace allow the current mess to continue? It simply doesn’t make sense! The Democrats need to get out there and tell the truth. They need to inform the voters of the state what it’s going to take to right the ship. Screw the naysayers and doomsayers! Tell the anti-American anti-government nabobs of negativity to go, in the words of Dick Cheeney, fuck themselves! They don’t know what they are talking about. The facts are clear, look at the results of eight years under Bush and look at the results in Minnesota of eight years under Pawlenty. Hello, is anybody home?

Have a great day, please refer to http://www.lettersfromlakedarling.wordpress.com for some actual facts about taxation that will be helpful for you and your research. Thanks for today’s read.
Cam Obert



  1. tomobert62 Says:

    Go, Dayton, go!!!

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