I believe there are a lot of Americans that are fed up with the non-stop stream of bullshit coming out of Washington and the whole political landscape. Lets’s look at the Gulf oil spill. How they can make this into a political issue is beyond me. The conservatives are trying to savage the administration for not having the President at the explosion sight the day it happened. The liberals are spending all their time screaming about the issue of off-shore drilling in general. The President doesn’t really have anything to do with this situation other than to make sure the laws are enforced and that the ultimate responsibility for this disaster falls on the culprits, BP, Halliburton, and TransOcean. Why is this different from Katrina? Katrina was an “act of God” or nature. The government does have the responsibility for taking care of that situation. Oil spills are a result of human error, with private sector culpability. Why should Obama himself respond immediately to a man-made disaster? Hell, Bush took an eternity to respond to the ruins caused by Katrina, a natural disaster. Obama responded in the proper way. It’s BP’s problem, let them handle it and pay for it.

The Congressional hearings last week with the CEO’s of Halliburton, BP, and TransOcean was a comedy of bullshit. All three spent their time at the hearing blaming each other for the responsibility of the disaster. We know what happened. These companies used the loose regulations, found loopholes to cheat, took advantage of the lack of over sight from the government, and saved their way monetarily to a great ecological disaster. Right now, the government’s priority is to see that BP gets a handle on the gusher, and they get the Gulf cleaned up. The government will also have to be responsible for the timely settling with affected businesses in the region. This must be done considering Exxon is still in court with some suits regarding settling with those affected by the Valdez spill, that was twenty years ago!

The federal government, Congress, and the White House need to focus on a new, tough national energy policy. Whether it includes additional exploration and drilling on land or off-shore, there needs to be specific regulations to control the behavior of the oil companies. I hope Congress lifts the liability cap to an unlimited amount, that will start to get these cheaters’ attention. You’re probably wondering why there is a need for new energy policy?

The energy czar in the Bush administration, VP Dick Cheeney, and his cronies from big oil and coal, wrote the current energy policy. This was done in private meetings at the White House with the blessing and ignorance from President Bush. The coal mine explosions and the Gulf oil spill are directly attributable to these meetings. That brings up the second part of Congressional responsibility as I see it. They must hold hearings to reveal what actually happened in these secret meetings with Cheeney and the energy CEO’s. Here are some points that may be of interest. When Cheeney joined Bush in 2000, he was the CEO of Halliburton, an energy and military management company. Halliburton gave Cheeney a 34 million dollar cash bonus as a parting gift. Remember all the non-compete contracts Halliburton got from the administration to manage the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? This needs to be investigated. Duh! Halliburton, as a major manager in the energy industries, was also involved in the energy policy meeting led by Cheeney. Halliburton manages the oil business in the Gulf of Mexico. Hello! Can anybody connect the dots? You’ll also notice the once vocal opponent of the Obama administration, Cheeney, has disappeared since the coal mining disaster in West Virginia. I think he’s desperately trying to stay under the radar. He should be in prison! This is one of the most heinous abuses of power ever pulled in American political history! Is anybody home? C’mon Congress, get going!

The only way energy policy can be formed in this country is by a true bi-partisan effort. The money interests of the industry have to be eliminated from the process. This is a policy that needs to be truly in the interests of America, not special interests.

The politicians have to come clean with America. They have to stop taking money from special interests, lobbies, and PAC’s. America is longing from honesty and transparency. When the system is sullied by money, we get neither. The recent ruling by the SCOTUS of course makes the elimination of money from the process even more difficult. Just what in the hell were they thinking?

As the attacks from both political extremes ratchet up with the campaign season on and the appointment of a new Justice on the SCOTUS, it’s evident the sides have too much money to spend on these blistering negative attacks. Independent groups with lots of money are taking advantage of the loose rules regarding content of 527 advertising. With this type of campaigning out of control, you’ll notice nobody in politics is on subject or issue. It’s all attack then defend. Americans want to hear policy positions and the why’s and wherefore’s of them. I believe this is how disasters like the oil spill happen. Energy policy is a real thing that needs more than 30 second attack ads!

With the economy coming back, jobs being added by the thousands every month, the GDP growing, the stock market gaining ground, housing starts up, the recovery of the car business, reasons for Americans to be optimistic about the future, the political process is pulling us back. The call for the “throw the bums out!” and government is bad and evil simply holds the country back. Why not recognize the fact that the economy is coming back and the powers that be and the government are responsible for the road to recovery. But, it’s too easy to attack and be negative. I want my politicians to start telling the truth and drown out the naysayers and doomsayers that are really only pushing their own agendas.

Can credibility work? I hope so. I’m sick of outside influences forming policy and opinion in America. Thanks for today’s read, I look forward to reading your comments.

Cam Obert



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