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The publication of the latest round of polling today shows just how shallow and uninformed America is. Both political parties are showing low approval and high negatives. Even the Tea-baggers approval rating was within a couple of points of the two major parties! Congress has very high negatives, both parties. The President has very high personal approval numbers but very low numbers regarding his policy-making. His high personal numbers are testimony to his strong character and trustworthiness and he will easily win re-election in 2012.

How do the polls get to these abysmal numbers? Simple, the political extremes of the country have gotten control of the media. That is how the Tea-Baggers, Birthers, the town hall meeting disruptionists, and even Rep. Joe, “you lied!”, Wilson got a firm foothold in the minds of Americans. Every issue has become a contentious political football. Presidents Bush and Obama have chosen candidates for the SCOTUS based on small paper trails knowing the opposition will take any item in the nominee’s background and run them into the dirt with it. That’s partisan politics at it’s worse. That was the thinking in the White House on both the Roberts and Sotomayor nominations and now the Kagan nomination. Even with limited paper trails, Roberts was shredded for papers he wrote in college, and Sotomayor was taken to task for the “wise Latina” remark. I can’t wait until the Republicans go after Kagan for her sexual orientation. What else can they attack her on?

This insidious negative politicking is now evident at all levels of government. In Minnesota, we have a very conservative Republican Governor, Tim Pawlenty, who has used his bully pulpit as Governor to advance his national aspirations by kissing up to the Tea-Baggers. Because the Tea-Bagger movement began as a grass-roots organization that is basically opposed to government and taxation. Those of us in Minnesota know Pawlenty is not too smart and his pursuit of the Tea-Baggers as a support mechanism for his desire to be the next POTUS is proof. They poll about 20% on a national basis for people who identify with them. This number, 20%, has really been static for decades. There is always that 20% of Americans that feel government is not responsive to their demands. We generally refer to them as “wing-nuts” or “wackos”! Pawlenty broke a Minnesota law last year by using “unallotment” to cut spending on state programs. He was taken to court and lost. The right-wing crowd loved his lawless move. He is gaining recognition with the Tea-Baggers and we say, good for him! “Stupid is as stupid does”!

Even a tragedy like the oil spill in the Gulf can’t get politicians on the same page. Since many members of Congress are on the payroll of the energy companies, there has not been a collective effort to get to the bottom of this mess. These are politicians from both parties, with Senator Mary Landrieu(D-LA) being the ring leader of the group on the tit of big oil. Why hasn’t anyone in Congress started an investigation of the previous energy czar, Dick Cheeney, and the infamous meeting of Cheeney and the power members of big energy in the country, that produced the country’s energy policies? I called for them to do that last week and Chris Matthews, after reading my commentary of course, called on Congress this week to start an investigation. This cozy little affair produced a reduction or elimination of much of the government’s oversight and regulation. Basically, allowing the industry to police themselves. Here we are now with a mine explosion and a catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf, 40 workers killed, the environment wrecked or damaged for an eternity, and the industry leaders pointing the finger at each other. Where is the outrage over these disasters that were both clearly a result of lack of regulation? I’ll tell you where, being suppressed by the right-leaning media.

America is very pessimistic right now about the future. It’s because the extremists with all of their negative attacks have controlled the information flow. The negativity drowns out the upside of the country’s present and future situation. Do you think Americans would have a better outlook of the country if they really knew the GDP has grown for two straight quarters? Would they think better of the situation in our country if they really knew the job loss numbers have gone from losing over 750,000 jobs per month to gaining over 200,000 jobs per month. Would Americans feel better about things if they really knew General Motors repaid it’s loan to the government 5 years ahead of schedule? Do you think America would have a better outlook if the really knew housing starts are up in 5 out of the past 6 months? Would Americans feel safer if they knew the U.S. and it’s allies have killed or captured more al Qaeda leaders in the past year and a half than were captured or killed in the previous eight years? Would Americans be more positive if they really knew the information gathering process the government now uses on detainees, “undie-boy bomber”, “times square bomber”, and the wacko shrink at Fort Hood, has produced far more usable information than the old torture process? Would Americans feel better about their and their childrens’ health care if they really knew the content of the health care reform bill? Would Americans feel more secure with their investments if they really knew that tougher regulation is coming to Wall Street and the banking industry?

In my opinion, America is on track to recovery and security. The poll numbers are clearly a result of Americans not being informed of the positive direction the country is moving in. The extremes are on the extreme ends because neither of them is ever happy. The lefties always believe the country is moving too far to the right and the righties always believe the left is taking us down the road to socialism. If these two sides could just clam up and let the moderates get the job done, we wouldn’t have been in the doldrums these past few years. The extremes slow the process of governance. This slow movement of government processes fuels the distrust in government.

As all of you readers know, I’m a very liberal progressive. I believe in the “it takes a village” concept to operate a moral and efficient government. I am on the extreme left but, I also have pragmatic views of how to get things done. Please keep the great positive things that this administration is accomplishing when thinking about the present status of the United States. You might be surprised to find things are getting much brighter! Thanks for today’s read and I can’t wait to read your comments.

Cam Obert


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