After reading and listening to Attorney General Eric Holder’s presentation of possible “avenues” the administration may investigate to placate the moronic right on the issue of handling detainees charged or not with terrorist acts against the U.S. This is so disturbing to me because it flies in the face of the Obama administrations present stance on the topic as well as the Constitution itself! In a nutshell, what the Cheeney neo-con extreme right-wing wants is to deny detainees being read the Miranda statement of their rights, and the ability to attain legal representation. Under the U.S. Constitution, legally detained persons are granted these rights regardless of their citizenship. By denying detainees Miranda rights, that puts the government “powers that be” in a position of lawlessness. The Cheeney wing of the wackos likes this avenue of lawlessness because it can easily lead to the use of waterboarding and other forms of torture. I’m still not sure why they want to go this direction because that is how renegade states around the world handle these situations. I can only surmise the righties have no interest in America remaining the shining beacon of justice for the whole world to look up to. The reading of Miranda rights, the access to legal representation, and the right to a fair trial compose the backbone of the American judicial system. This is a very successful system with a history as long as the country’s existence itself. Why try to do anything different? Let’s take a look at the last three celebrated legal detainees of alleged terrorist attacks or attempted attacks. The only successful attack was that of the “disturbed” Army shrink who shot up Fort Hood. Sadly, many people lost their lives in that attack. This was, however, small potatoes for such a huge organization as al Qaeda. The alleged attacker was read his Miranda rights and “lawyered up” but, still sang like the jailhouse canary. He revealed his ties to al Qaeda operatives in the Middle East. Then came the “flaming undies boy” on the plane at Christmas. Again the right railed about his being read his rights and getting “lawyered up”. Once again, in spite of the government taking the Constitutionally correct steps, “undie boy” gave the interrogators a ton of information in many hours of questioning. That brings us to the Times Square “amateur bomber”. He was read his rights, waved off legal representation and spilled his guts to the government interrogators. What these cases show is America is different from the lawless renegade states from around the world. We are better than the other nations of the world when it comes to judicial systems. One of the reasons America is a target for wacko extremists from around the world is their petty jealousy of our great judicial system that underlies our great and free society. They resent our freedoms. If we became lawless blood-thirsty animals as the Cheeney led right-wingers would want us to be, would the U.S. still inflame the passions of extremists around the world? Hard to say. The system works, and has the track record to back it up. There have been over 300 terrorists tried and convicted in U.S. civil courtrooms. The governmental agencies have gained intelligence from these people in the process. Our civil trial system is batting 1000 in these trials. They haven’t lost one yet. This, in spite of these prisoners being read their rights and given access to legal representation. To point out another fact regarding this issue, the prisoners tried in military tribunals, though given their Miranda rights and access to legal representation have done better, actually winning a few cases. What is the right-wing so afraid of? As citizens of the U.S. we enjoy the protection of the greatest judicial system in the world. The facts show clearly, the civil court system is superior to any in the world. The uproar over the placement of the trial of Khalick Sheik Mohammad at Manhatten’s Lower Fifth District court is purely and simply driven by politics. The politics of fear and loathing. It has become such a political folly, that I too, agree that the trial should not be held in New York. I do, however, firmly believe this animal,KSM, should be brought to justice in an American civil courtroom. What I’m really saddened by is an administration that may be wavering to the pressure from the vocal minority on the extreme right. The extremists on the right have been using the politics of fear and hate to promote their cause and their very existence. The right-wing thrives on appealing to the less enlightened of the population. They scare easily because the only things they know as facts come from Fox News. But, justice is not a political toy. It is how our society maintains a lawful and fair country for the citizens to enjoy. Trying to move deep set convictions of decency and terms of the Constitution to the right for the pusuit of lawless detaining and interrogating is not what our country is about. Using fear to scare people to pressure politicians to make this rightward move is morally wrong. Our system works, it always has worked, and will continue to work if America is to stay the beacon of hope for the world. President Obama and Attorney General Holder must not even entertain any ideas of even modifying the rights of legal detainees. They must not forget that these aspects of our system is what seperates America, it’s what makes America great. Do not dismantle the underpinnings of our entire society. Thanks for today’s read, and as always I look forward to reading your comments. Cam Obert


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