Remember when then Vice President Dick Cheeney led an investigative off-site meeting regarding the energy situation in the United States? The really bizarre headline of the story is the members of this group have never been identified by name. What we do know is there were CEO’s and CFO’s of big oil in attendance as well as prominent business people from the coal mining industry. With the help of this group, Cheeney was empowered to forge energy policy for the country! A huge player in the coordination of energy distribution in the U.S., Halliburton, was also involved. Oh yes, the same Halliburton that Cheeney was the CEO of prior to becoming Vice President!

I’m not a conspiracy theorist by any stretch but, does anyone smell a rat here? The reason for this meeting was to find ways to better and more efficiently deliver energy to the country. As it apparently turned out, the big oil and coal interests were more interested in increasing their profits with the blessing of the Vice President. One of the easiest ways for these industries to become more profitable is to relax government regulations that cost dollars that could be going to their bottom line. Let me reference a couple of events of late that show the results of lax regulation and enforcement.

Last month we endured the horror of the coal mine explosion in West Virginia. Twenty-nine people lost their lives in that catastrophe. Upon close inspection of the events leading up the explosion, this was an explosion that could have been prevented at best, and at worst, at least some of the dead men would have survived. Records show the tunnel ventilation was woefully insufficient allowing for the accumulation of highly explosive dust and gasses. The “safe rooms” were not properly accessable in the mines. These are rooms where miners can go for safety, protection, fresh air, water, etc. The Massey Energy Company, owner of the Upper Big Branch Mine, has a long history of infraction of rules and regulations. Apparently, decision-making at the corporate level had decided to go the route of corner cutting on safety concerns for their employees and pay the fines leveled against them by the feds. It’s cheaper to pay fines than pay to get the business up to specs as far as safety and environmental issues are concerned. What an attitude, screw the miners and screw the land, WE WANT MORE PROFITS! A very similar situation has occurred in the Gulf of Mexico. A BP oil drilling rig exploded and sunk. Eleven people lost their lives in this mishap. Since the rig sank, the drilling shaft has been compromised and the well is gushing 5,000 barrels of crude into the Gulf per day. If it keeps gushing like it is, and it will, within days will eclipse the grounding of the Exxon Valdez in Prince William Sound in 1989, as the most catastrophic spill in domestic history. The Deepwater Horizon well is about a mile under water. It was drilled by a company called Transocean. The President has already called out BP as being financially responsible for all costs involved with the capping of the well and all clean-up operations as well as settling all law suits against them for loss of business and loss of income. BP has already pointed at Transocean as the culprit. Transocean began in business in Virginia. They have since moved their bank accounts to the Cayman Islands and have even moved their corporate home to Switzerland! Good luck getting anything from them. It’s amazing how greed drives these businesses, ditching their money outside the U.S. and relocating the company to Switzerland to avoid paying taxes. Now, between Transocean and BP, a decision was made at the time of drilling the Deepwater Horizon well, to place a high-tech well blow out capping device on the well or not. The decision was made to not use the device. It costs a half a million dollars. All wells in the North Atlantic fields between Great Britain and Scandinavia are equipped with this device, that by those particular government regulations. Geez, it’s optional here, do you think private business when left to itself to make these decisions will go the way of safety and environmental protection or will they go for more profit?

Twenty-one years later, oil is still found everywhere around Prince William Sound. Spilled oil is poison forever. It is estimated there are still more than 26 thousand barrels of oil floating and stuck around that area. Sorry Rush, it is no longer a pristine wildlife area.

Has anybody noticed that since the coal mine explosion and the oil spill, we have not heard a peep from Dick Cheeney? He has been so vocal with his criticisms of the Obama administration and now, nothing. He’s hiding because he knows the spotlight will be aimed at him sooner or later regarding these disasters. This isn’t rocket science here. Cheeney is a Texas/Wyoming oilman. He’s a former CEO of Halliburton, which handles the management of much of the oil industry. The blame or responsibility will eventually fall on him and the Bush administration. These disasters are a 100% result of lax regulation and enforcement. The rules and regulations in place are those of the “Oil Boyz”, Bush and Cheeney. I am hoping there will be a Congressional investigation to find out who the players were and what transpired at these Cheeney led energy policy meetings.

For all the Palin led idiots of “drill baby drill”, this disaster is a cross you all will bear. There had better not be any more drilling until new tough regulations are put in place with enforcement teeth to make it hurt these companies when they violate the rules. It’s the only way it can work. I’m afraid of another nothing result, like Rachel Maddow said the other night. The problem is energy money has so overtaken Washington, both parties, that it will be hard to get that tough regulation that is needed. As long as there are lobbyists with satchels full of money running through the halls of Congress and the White House, things will not change. This must become the mission of the true American patriots, rid Washington of corporate influence. Thanks for the read today, I look forward, as always, to reading your comments.

Cam Obert


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