I am putting this question out there as a result of listening to the Senate’s two doddering old fools yesterday addressing national security issues. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and Senator Joe Lieberman(I-CT) made total asses of themselves on national news coverage addressing the latest attempt at bombing a target in the United States.

McCain began his rant even after law enforcement captured the suspect in less than 54 hours after the bombing attempt. Again with the “Obama is soft on terror” chant. Has it dawned on this dimwit that the reason terrorist bombing attempts have been failing of late, “BVD Bomber” and Times Square bomber, is because the Obama administration has cranked up the offensive against the international leadership of al Qaeda. The original intent of Bin Laden and al Qaeda was the massive and spectacular displays of terrorism globally, 9/11/2001 WTC and Pentagon attacks, the London subway bombings, the huge transit bombing attack in Spain, the crowded night club attack in the Philippians, and the U.S.S. Cole bombing among others. The international terrorist organizations no longer have that ability to plan and implement these types of attacks. These guys are so busy covering their own asses running for safety in Pakistan as the predator drones and Pakistani troops keep killing them and keep them on the run. Too bad we haven’t gotten Bin Laden yet, but most of his leaders have been killed or captured in the last 18 months. I’m sick of these anti-American idiots screaming about the administration being soft on terrorism and the weakness of our system of criminal justice. Once again, it goes to the root of the situation, the right-wing will not accept Barack Obama as our President, and therefore will not acknowledge the huge gains the country has made against our enemy terrorists of the world. The facts speak for themselves. The problem is these doddering old fools, McCain and Lieberman and others, want to use their own set of facts. Sorry pinheads, that simply doesn’t work.

I ask you; would a strong terrorist organization like al Qaeda used to be, allow an under-trained boy to get on a plane with flash powder in his underwear that was doomed to fail from the get go, carry on such a mission? Would a strong terrorist organization like al Qaeda used to be allow a disenchanted naturalized U.S. citizen to put together a total failure attempt of bombing Times Square? You all know the answer to these questions. Let’s face it, al Qaeda is no longer the threat they once were. The only mildly successful attack on American soil was the attack on Fort Hood perpetrated by the loony tunes Army shrink. The jury is still out as to whether he was associated with any terrorist organization, we’ll find out when it goes to trial. The Obama administration is succeeding in stamping out terrorism around the world by doing things the Bush administration didn’t do. Like identifying who the enemy is, where are the enemy leaders located, and relentlessly bombing the hell out of them and destroying the infrastructure of what was once a very imposing enemy. Because of their total disdain of President Obama, the right-wing blindly fails to see the truth.

Now, let’s, once again for the umpteen hundredth time, review Miranda Rights accorded legal detainees in the United States. The granting of Miranda rights is one of the things that separates America from most of the rest of the world. Our country and Constitution is based on human and personal rights. Anyone arrested for an alleged crime is considered innocent until proven guilty. I don’t get why these anti-America right-wingers refuse to acknowledge the existence of the Constitution and the protection of human rights. No where in the Constitution does it say Miranda Rights are for American citizens only. You see, Tea-Baggers, this is what separates us from the rest of the world. We are a society based on decency and we prosecute criminals in a fair and honest way. The system works too! We have sentenced over 370 criminals convicted of terrorist activity in civilian courts. Our federal prosecutors have not lost a case yet. There have been no escapes from prison yet by these criminals. The alleged terrorists tried so far in military courts have prevailed in some cases. They were released back to their particular home countries, where some have been known to be involved in terrorist activities again. Nice job, military tribunals! Oh, by the way, all who faced the military courts were read their Miranda rights and provided with legal assistance!

Now the doddering old fool from Connecticut, Lieberman, has wasted his and his staff’s time digging up an old law, apparently written prior to the Civil War, and has not been used since then. The law states that a person suspected of anti-American malfeasance may be subject to the stripping of their citizenship and therefore their rights as an American citizen. Again, this boob Lieberman, does not know the law. Any person, regardless of their citizenship, that is detained for the purpose if criminal investigation is accorded Miranda Rights!

My take on what’s happening here is pretty clear and easy to understand. Joe Lieberman has a long history of being an Arab hater. His hatred of the Arab world has so blinded him to reality that he can’t fairly govern or opine when it comes to issues involving the Arab world, at any level! John McCain has lost control of all of the principles he carried with him through his earlier years. He is now bowing over so far to appeal to the extreme right,to out right-wing his political opponent in the race for his Senate seat, that he’s starting to sound almost wacky or incoherent. For a guy that’s on the record for being against the use of torture on prisoners, how can he be so vehemently opposed to the part of the Constitution that covers the innocent until proven guilty provisions? It simply doesn’t add up, and his recent behavior has only lowered Americans’ opinion of him. For his sake, he better straighten or that crazy idiot opponent, JD Hayworth,is going to beat him in the primary!

What Lieberman and McCain are doing is causing more doubt in the wackos on the right. They must know that the right-wingersgenerally can’t take the time to learn the facts about these important issues. They instead listen to these old doddering fools, and liars of the most powerful extreme right-wing media, Rush, Fox News, etc. Rush went so far last week as to proclaim he hopes President Obama is a failure as President, even if it means America failing as well. How’s that for a leader of the republican-conservative-tea-bagger movement. These people just simply don’t get it.

Thanks for today’s read and, as always, I look forward to your comments. Don’t forget to contact me if you have gardening or landscaping help. I was very gratified by the huge readership of yesterday’s column.

Cam Obert



  1. Terry Sorensen Says:

    Cam, you talk about the right never accepting Obama as president. using the same analogy the left, even after Bush has been out of office for over a year are still railing against him and somehow he was not their President. Ironic aye! I do agree with a couple of your points though. Have a nice rainy day. Terry

  2. Terry sorensen | Khashmanian Says:


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