…….it’s time to really call out the idiots that promote this reckless destruction of our planet. Looking back at the campaign of 2008, I thought it was interesting that off-shore oil drilling and drilling for oil in the ANWAR area of Alaska, a very fragile pristine wildlife area, were show-stoppers for the right-wing candidates. They played the bigotry card trying to talk Americans into our own oil production to deny the business to the “hostile” countries of the Middle East and Venezuela. They were playing to the predecessors of todays Tea-Baggers. I believe their thinking was to fire up enough hatred toward oil-producing countries that they could bully the American government into relaxing regulations to start drilling in areas considered off base for oil exploration. At the time, the more enlightened populace was able to hold off these morons. But, in a stunning reversal and cave-in, President Obama a couple of months ago agreed to allow oil exploration off the coasts in areas previously untouched. Oh my, I’ll bet today he regrets that decision!

The whole idea of drilling for oil in pristine areas of land and in the water near the coasts is such a short-sighted knee-jerk reaction to the world’s energy demands. The other amazing thing that is evident is the fact that once again when private industry is left to govern themselves with little or no regulation, disaster strikes. Witness Three Mile Island, Exxon Valdez, the coal mining industry, the insurance industry, the banking industry, automobile safety standards, Wall Street, and on and on and on. Because most conservative candidates are paid for the titans of these industries, obviously they are not going to legislate regulations that will get a handle on all of these disasters that are created by greedy business people who are on the constant hunt for more wealth.

Isn’t it interesting Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has already been complaining about the response from the Obama administration regarding the oil spill? Why doesn’t he go after BP? It’s their oil drilling rig that blew up and sank. British Petroleum is directly responsible for the current pumping of 200,000 gallons of crude oil going into the Gulf of Mexico per day, not the federal government. BP is responsible for the closing off of the gushing leak. They are responsible for the fast growing oil slick in the Gulf, not the federal government. This situation is becoming the worst ecological disaster in the history of the country. I didn’t say natural disaster because this was caused by a greedy under-regulated private business. What the ultimate price tag will be is unknown. Oil spills reek such damage on the environment that it takes decades for the affected area to recover. Stop looking to the federal government to figure this one out.

This repair will be the financial responsibility of BP. I’m sure the costs are going to be well into the billions. That means we the consumers will end up paying for it at the pump and for home heating oil, etc. I hope the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida as well as the federal government bill BP for every penny these governments spend to get this mess taken care of. Unlike natural disasters, the government has the culprit and they must hold the culprit’s feet to the fire.

Why is it taking so long for anyone to stop the gushing oil leak? Why aren’t Obama, Napolitano, and Salazar screaming their lungs out about this. Their lack of deep water repair experience is no excuse! The choppy water surface is no excuse! Why was BP allowed to build this rig in the first place with no ability to handle a leak if it happens? Wow, this is really eye-opening! Does anybody think the oil industry will take care of these many errors they have made? Unless they are required to by the government, they will not. Not only are regulations needed, but consequences with teeth are needed for violators. The mining industry corruption is an example of loose regulations with no enforcement teeth. How many people have to die in coal mines before someone figures this out?

I believe this oil spill will be the worst ecological nightmare the country has faced. It will take decades for the ocean living plants, fish, and animals to recover, if they do. The pristine shorelines of beautiful grasses, inlets, and wildlife will be ruined. Hurricanes roar through the area fairly regularly, but nature overcomes that damage because it’s just the way it is. Putting an oily coat on the water, vegetation, and wildlife cannot take care of itself. Man will have to attempt to fix it. It never goes away on its own. They still find oil coated areas in the Exxon Valdez disaster area in Alaska, decades later!

Its time Washington throw the lobbyists out of the halls of Congress and start acting like responsible citizens which is what we should demand of them and nothing less. BP is the direct criminal of this disaster but, too many years of Washington being bought by lobbyists has caused the big picture problem. When is Washington, both parties, going to come to its senses? That is the real issue here, the man-made disasters are the by-product. Thanks for your read today.
Cam Obert



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