Of course I’m only kidding but, quick, call the doctor, my arm needs to be reset after patting myself on the back! Once again, my political prognosticating is baring fruit. On a somewhat more serious note, why does a guy like me, who’s not always the brightest bulb on the tree, have a knack for managing political campaigns and political issues so much earlier than the so-called experts? Maybe I’ve missed my calling. Probably wishful thinking by me, but I do have a passion for politics that has been with me since birth. The whole Obert family has a history of staying on top of issues, studying the facts, and getting behind causes. Politics gets in your blood, at least it has with my family.

Former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, Chairman of the DNC, announced the Democrats campaign theme for the upcoming mid-terms. He says the Democrats will promote themselves as the party that gets things done. Witness the rise in the GDP, witness the reversal of losing hundreds of thousands of jobs per month to the addition of hundreds of thousands jobs per month, witness the economy now at a growth rate of 8% after suffering through months of economic slide of 6%, witness Dow going back over the 11,000 level for the first time in almost two years, and many more progressive gains thanks to the forward thinking of the party and the President. All the while, the Republicans have hitched their cart to the tea-bagger party horse that ultimately will ride them into the ditch. The Republican party has nothing to show for itself in two years other than being the party of no. They have an abysmal record of record filibusters and record obstruction of judicial and political appointments. At every turn they have held up the process of governance. In the private sector, they would have all been fired months ago for lack of production.

The difference this year will be the Democrats campaigning on the platform of getting things done. Accomplishments that are good for America and good for Americans. The Republicans will be running on the platform of doing nothing except obstruction. When Americans are actually shown the FACTUAL difference, they will see how badly the Republicans and their leadership have misled them.

Now comes the my time to shine. If you would review my many blogs over the past few months on this topic, you will see Kaine is taking the whole DNC action plan right from me. You see, I take the view more from the management side of things when it comes to politicking. I sometimes get the real idealistic liberals a little angry with my thoughts, but I want results, not “head in the clouds” idealism. That idealism is invaluable, however, because that drives pragmatists like me to try to get the nuts and bolts to fit so the progressives get in the political position to make things happen for us. Gosh, I love moving progressive politics! The long-haired, sandal wearing, peasant dress wearing, wire rimmed glasses types are the fuel that drives me. I love these stereotyped libs, because of their convictions and their strong desire to make things better for their fellow human beings.

I feel bad for two members of my family with strong political interests, my brother Chris and my Uncle Tom. Chris lives in a more rural area in the Commonwealth of Virginia. This is the place where the Attorney General nutcase was the first in the country to file suit against the federal government upon the passage of the health care reform bill. Virginia also passed a law this year allowing the carrying of loaded hand guns into churches, bars, and restaurants. As you can see, he faces an everyday uphill climb with his moronic fellow Virginians, and has the stories to support his travails. My Uncle Tom lives in the now very infamous state of Arizona. This is the last state in the Union to ratify Martin Luther King Day as a national holiday. Arizona also allows nut cases to attend church and go out drinking with the boys while packing heat. And now, they pass a new law basically legalizing profiling. The “show me your papers law” has not only sensible thinking Arizonans up in arms, but also the whole country and Mexico inflamed. This is going to end up costing Arizona billions of tourist, trade, and convention dollars. God, are these people dumb or what? My poor Uncle Tom faces the battles with these wing-nuts almost daily. He too, has some great stories regarding his life in Arizona.

Anyway, kudos to Tim Kaine for researching my blogs to formulate the position for the Democrats in 2010! As always, thank you very much for today’s read and please comment if you like. Also, I strongly recommend reading my brother’s current commentary his site;

Cam Obert


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