The national political scene is starting to come to life. With many closely contested primaries coming to a vote within the next several weeks, the intraparty battles have been brutal and bloody in many circumstances. Neither party has been immune to this action. The Florida Republican Senatorial race has been interesting. The tea-baggers and white supremacists from around the country have been pouring in money and influence on behalf of their chosen candidate, Marco Rubio. His opponent is Governor Charlie Crist, a moderate Republican. These days the term “moderate Republican” is rare and almost a death sentence politically for any these candidates. Crist has been doing a good job as Governor, but became a criminal for embracing President Obama physically after an equally damning act of accepting stimulus money from the federal government to help slow down the state’s economic free-fall. Go figure! There is talk of Crist jumping to an independent candidacy in the near future. I hope he holds off long enough to see what comes of the investigation of Rubio’s felonious misuse of public money for personal services.

Arkansas has a good one going for the seat currently held by Democrat Blanche Lincoln. She is being opposed in the primary run by Lt. Governor Bill Halter. Lincoln is no longer wanted or liked by the national party. She’s too wishy-washy on key issues, trying to hold on to a good approval rating at home. Halter is the darling of the DNC because he is lined up with them on all the hot issues. This could be a good election, Halter’s been whuppin’ up on Lincoln in their face to face debates so far.

What concerns me is the potential reality the Republicans may get bigger gains in the fall than I think they will. The so-called political experts of talking head television and the op-ed pages seem to think it’s a lost cause for the Democrats. None, however, expect a turn-over of leadership in either the House or the Senate. I am so disturbed by this because the right-wing media dominance has been wonderful at spreading the lies and mistruths their party continues to spew in the face of a weak Democratic front. I have opined for the past six weeks or so how the Republicans are in the process of “teeing it up” for the Democrats in November. The Senate Republicans have made a political filibuster stand on most every piece of legislation that has come before them and they have held up a record number of judicial and government appointments for the simple reason they will not accept the fact that Obama is the POTUS! Don’t any of these Senators constituents see this? They are blocking the progress of government based on personal political grounds because they won’t even allow the business of the Senate get to the floor for debate. In the private sector, they would be fired for non-production. The House Republicans, with the backing of their chief, Rush Limbaugh and Faux News Network, and the ground support of the tea-baggers, white supremacists, skinheads, nazi sympathizers, birthers and the rest of the very small and insignificant minority these groups make up, continue to lie and fear-monger. John Boner and Eric Can’tor are gutless pussies that cower to the party leadership. Limbaugh and gang are using Boner et al as their own marionette puppets.

Am I mistaking that America is not wise to this? The Democrats have such a strong case, they only need to stop playing defense get on the offensive. It is a proven fact that Republican leadership in Washington leads to federal government growth and rises in taxes, except Bush II. The Republican leadership admits they were out of control until 2008. They spent our money like drunken sailors. Bush II never saw a spending bill he didn’t fall in love with. The “new” Republican claim they learned their lesson after two straight ass-whippings they took in 2006 and 2008. Did they learn a lesson? Why is it they got killed again in 2008 after the massacre of 2006. I guess they didn’t have enough time to learn. They have a history of growing government going back to the 1950’s. They love a big government. Government employees love Republican leadership because they get more pay increases and they get more staff to take they burden off of their backs.

The big outcry this year is the overgrown size of the federal government, of course it’s all Obama’s fault because he has been President for the past 15 months! The Democrats need to start working a campaign about transparency and calling out the Republicans on every lie they grow in the minds of the less enlightened among us. The rage blows out on me every time Boner or Can’tor address an issue. As they talk, I can identify every lie they tell. I’m not that smart, but if I can do it, why can’t others do it?

The Democrats need to start calling out all who spread the bullshit in order to feast on the fears of the less enlightened who fall for this phony nonsense. Obama is right and he should call out the Republican leadership, Rush and Faux News every time they work to perpetuate another Republican lie about the issues. I hope I’m not too naive about this. I believe an aggressive in your face campaign against the lying fear-mongering right-wing is the way to go. It’s time to stop being the punching bag and start doing the punching. I can’t handle the dominance of the media by this fascination with this insignificant, small, and not too bright minority trying to gain control by any means. It’s time for the media to stop giving the attention to the minority of trouble makers and start calling out the politicians that are being supported by these nut-cases. Thanks for today’s read and I look forward to reading your comments.
Cam Obert


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    i’m so happy that i found this page. that article was so insightful. thanks again i signed up to this website.
    are you going to post similar posts?

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