I thought I’d take some time today to reflect on the maturation of the President since taking the oath. Generally, the men that have come into the Oval Office in recent history without prior executive experience have had trouble catching on. The most effective Presidents that can hit the ground running have usually come from being a Governor or an executive in the private sector. The rare exception to this might be President Lyndon Johnson, who came to the office by way have the U.S. Senate and the Texas State Legislature. LBJ did serve in the Senate for a long time before being tabbed as JFK’s running mate in 1960, and he became President with the death of President Kennedy. LBJ operated a huge communications company and large cattle operations in Texas as well. President Kennedy, with no prior executive experience, really struggled his first year as President. Of course, he was tested immediately by the USSR, Khrushchev checking him out to what he is made of! Once past these crises, JFK was starting to come into his own and potentially become a great President. He was a great leader already, he just needed to add the accomplishments of operating the country from the White House. He was “getting it” but, unfortunately, he was cut down while coming into his prime. Kennedy did have some major accomplishments as President, probably more than I can remember. To name a few he was closing the civil rights problems, he faced down Khrushchev and the Soviets, he began the concept of nuclear arms control, the first SALT treaty, and he led the U.S. to the lead in manned space exploration. He also made what was, in retrospect, a critical mistake by the insertion and escalation of fighting troops to Vietnam.

President Obama’s adventures as the President have been very similar to those of JFK. Both came out of the Senate and their state legislatures with no prior executive experience. They both had governmental experience as part of deliberative bodies only. President Obama walked into a financial disaster like no other since the Great Depression. President Bush had pretty bankrupted America with two unfunded wars, three unfunded tax cuts, and an unfunded prescription medical bill. He left in his wake a deficit of 1.5 trillion dollars and an economy on the verge of collapse. Bush sponsored TARP to bail out the banks just prior to leaving office. He put money into the financial sector with no controls or regulation. The greedy banking industry simply used it to put to their bottom lines and pay out huge bonuses to their executives.

President Obama pushed the reform focus to health care. A system badly in need of reform. His vision was exactly right, but his management of the process was an absolute failure. Between him running away from it for most of 2009, and the horrible leadership by Harry Reid in the Senate it came close to being Obama’s “Waterloo”, as Jim Demint said. The bill passed, but with a very heavy price. Due the fumble-fucking of the process by Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, the final bill is so watered down that now people only acknowledge it “as a start”! The political fall out will last a while. The delays made for the development of the wacko fringe groups, the “birthers”, the town hall disruptionists, and the tea-baggers. But, out of these ashes a new stronger President Obama has grown.

Obama made a great choice for his first SCOTUS Justice appointment in Sotomayor. He boldly went after the SCOTUS in his State of the Union speech for their “activist” and baseless corporations are individual people ruling, and he has finally figured out the “party of no” wants no part of him so he has stopped wasting so much time trying to be “bi-partisan”. His pushing through the Stimulus I package is hailed by most every credible economist in the world as an “economy savior”. The country is seeing results of the actions. The economy is gaining strength. The stock market has gained much of what it lost in the collapse, inventories are up, the GNP has grown significantly two quarters in a row, and for the first time in many months, job losses have been converted to job gains. The “bailouts” of GM and Chrysler are working well. GM repaid the whole loan five years ahead of schedule with interest and Chrysler expects to repay before the due date as well. President Obama can now take the great gains the economy has made to go after the financial markets and Wall Street, arguably the main causes for the collapse of the world’s economy in 2008. The President will win on this one because his excellent record of handling the economy will support him and deny the opposition, the Republicans and Wall Street itself. Now, the shallow morons that are the leaders of the Republican party, Rush, Fox News, etc. will claim the unemployment rate is still at 9.7%. I love listening to these idiots shooting themselves in the foot. Again, every credible economist says employment is always the last thing to recover from recessions.

It’s really fun and gratifying watching President Obama becoming a strong executive. I look for him to continue his growth curve and keep the pressure on the opposition to keep up or get off. I hope the person he chooses to take Justice Stevens seat on the SCOTUS is an inner-city legal aid for the poor, is wheel chair bound with a permanent disability, an activist for such causes as health care for the poor and disabled and AIDS, and is a lesbian of Somali heritage. BAM! Take that Fox News!

Have a great day and thanks for today’s read.
Cam Obert


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