Picture of Insanity?

It was with a great feeling of satisfaction for me yesterday watching Senator Mitch McChinless(R-KY), Senate Minority Leader, twisting in the wind while sweating and lying his way out of the latest mess he’s placed his party in the middle of. His problem began when he let right-wing wacko advisor Frank Luntz load his lips for the response to the Wall Street reform bill proposal. McChinless memorized the response word for word then released it after the proposed legislation was announced. The problem, Luntz didn’t know what all was in the bill and the response he gave McChinless didn’t match up with the points of the bill! This coming from the Minority Leader of the Senate! McChinless did such a fine job of memorizing Luntz’ words, he forgot to even read the proposed bill. McChinless has really become a problem for the subservient Republicans in Congress.

Senator Bob Corker(R-TN) worked closely with Senator Mark Warner(D-VA) to put together the bill for consideration. A nice bi-partisan effort that seemed to make sense to many of the leaders from both sides. So after Corker went about extolling the virtues of this bill, McChinless announces the 41-0 vote of solidarity of the Senate Republicans. I could sense while watching Corker back-pedaling on his own proposed bill, the heat was on him. I did, feel, however, if given the right set of circumstances, Corker will part ways with McChinless on this one. Senator Richard Shelby(R-AL), also seems to be open to a bi-partisan effort to rein in the criminals of Wall Street.

As I have opined in the past, if the Republicans continue to oppose any Wall Street regulation it would be like they were committing political suicide. This really is a winner for the Democrats because if and when the Republican senate caucus gives in and supports this legislation, the Democrats will paint them as weak reluctant party hacks whose original intent was to stop or obstruct the passage of a bill. I have to believe this sophomoric nonsense of obstructing the work of the Senate is backfiring on the Republicans. There is a negative voter reaction coming once the Democrats turn up the volume on the subject of obstructionism. This Senate Minority has shattered all records for calling filibusters and they’ve held up hundreds of Presidential nominations, all in the name of partisan politics and their refusal to accept Barack Obama as our President.

I had to chuckle to myself while listening to Congressman Eric Cantor(R-VA) yesterday. He is crowing about how the Republicans are going to take the House in the fall. He says they are going to do it because Americans think our federal government is too big and our taxes are too high. What he is drawing from are the wacko fringe of the Tea-Bagger party. Here’s some interesting stats. Polling shows that 18% of Americans “identify with the tea-baggers”. So 18% percent of our less enlightened voters are opposed to the size of the government and taxes that are too high. These numbers will win you the House Eric! Another documented fact is the federal government always grows during Republican administrations. Go back through Eisenhower and check it out. On the tax question, Americans are paying out far less now than in the 1960’s, when adjusted for inflation.

The Democrats this summer and fall and going to have to start holding the Republican leadership, Rush, Fox News, et al, and the subservient office holders and seekers, accountable for their wild fear-mongering statements. When the Democrats lay out the facts, it will be crystal clear who knows how to efficiently operate the federal government.

As I understand it, the extreme right wants to throw out all the politicians, of which their Queen-in-waiting Michele Bachmann is one of them, they want to reduce the size of the government, and they don’t want to pay taxes anymore. So far, the only solution the Republican leadership has offered was from Sean, the fraudulent,soon to be imprisoned, Hannity when he says the answer is simple. Cut the size of government and do an across the board tax cut. This coming from one of the leaders, a high educated genius. I am willing to go their way for a while. Turn governmental operations to private sector leaders and run it like a business. Charge no taxes pay for no services. What ever citizens want or need, they must provide for themselves regardless of their socio-economic situation. I’m looking forward to keeping 100% of what I earn!

This United Corporations of America will be a great lesson in civics, history, global economy, and international relations, for the less-enlightened leaders of the newly formed UCA. I think it would be an experiment well-worth trying. How about you? Let me know. Thanks for your read today.

Cam Obert


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