The screeching coming from the right is becoming more antagonistic, more bombastic, more acrid, more threatening, and more immoral, to name a few. Their basic gripe began with what they call the growing of the Government and the rising taxes. But after some of the leadership finally acknowledged the fact that the federal government grew more under Bush II than at any other time in the history of the country, they turned to the tax issue. President Obama promised a tax cut for all Americans making under $250k per year and for all small businesses. He has come through on that promise. Mara Liasson had to instruct dunces Bill Kristol and Brit Hume to simply look at their last paycheck stub to see the government is withholding less! A very good friend of mine and business associate is looking forward to the $1,000 tax credit for each person he hires that is presently unemployed.

The “Grand Pubah” of the Republican party, the conservative movement, the “birthers”, the tea-baggers, and the rest of the “fringe wackos” on the right is Rush Limbaugh, the Oxycontin abused brain-addled moron of the radio waves. This movement “leader”, says things like, the Icelandic volcano is God’s way of getting back at Europe and their socialistic welfare states, he openly mocks people with Parkinson’s Disease, ala Michael J. Fox, he mocked black school children in Mississippi for the chant they did for President Obama, using an exaggerated black dialect, and the documented list of his anti-American pro-racist view goes on and on. You simply cannot make this stuff up. His penchant for lying and telling half-truths is well documented. When caught on these lies, he doesn’t even bother to recant or apologize for them, he knows he accomplished what he set out to do, scare the less enlightened to come to his side.

Probably number two on the right fringe “leadership” roster would be Sarah, I quit as Governor to out and make $12 million so far this year by lying and fear-mongering, Palin. She’s a peach. More than anyone else on the right, she’s uses inflammatory language and threats to whip the gun-toting morons that are her fans. She has not given a constructive position speech yet, probably because she would be in way over her head. Steve Schmidt, McCain lead advisor in ’08 could not believe how dumb and uninformed she is. So she’s hit the campaign trail spreading lies and exaggerations at every stop. The “lame stream” media is not allowed to interview her because she really is that dumb. It’s fun to watch her being “interviewed” on the Faux News Network by Sean, the fraudulent criminal, Hannity and Bill-O the Clown. I’m sure after these two intellectual giants put together their softball questions for her, she then needs to study at length to get the easy answers correct. I wonder how many takes they do at Faux to get an interview on the air with her?

Sean Hannity is one of the righty’s deputies. You know, he’s the one that continues to question President Obama’s religion and he’s the one with the intense hatred of Ivy League educated progressives. Sean never did go to college, you see. It shows loud and clear when every point he tries to make is the one, a thirty-second sound bite from someone else, or a bumper sticker he read on the car in front of him. I read his first book, and it was tough to get through. The sheer magnitude of his pretentiousness is over-whelming. He has wrapped himself up so tight in the American flag and the Christian Bible, that he probably believes his felonious defrauding and larceny from a charitable cause is justified because of his personal faith in God and America. It makes most anyone want to puke! I can’t wait for the court case, it will be fun watching him being sent off to Sing-Sing.

Bill Kristol is another water carrier for the right. He is so threatened by the progressive movement that he has to respond with a non-stop stream of lies and exaggerations to feel better about himself. So far, every prediction Kristol has made regarding the failures and fall of the Obama administration have been wrong. His newest issue for fear-mongering is that Iran will be sending nuclear bombs our way in the near future. He can’t qualify it with facts, but he knows. He says Obama is weak on national defense and the fight on terrorism. Well, the U.S. forces have captured or killed more than twice as many al Qaeda leaders in Obama’s year-plus in office than the big bad neocon war hawks of the Bush-Cheeney did in eight years. Under Obama, our airports, borders, and ports have been beefed up with more security than ever. Obama is a signer of the START II treaties to reduce the nuclear weaponry on the planet, therefore reducing the possibility of nuclear war or nuclear arms ending up in the wrong hands. You’re absolutely right Kristol, Obama is weak on national defense.

The rest of the Republican leadership, tea-bag leadership, conservative leadership, birther leadership, etc, is comprised almost exclusively of nonpolitical office holders. That list includes Brit, “Christianity is better than Buddhism” Hume, Roger Ales, Bill-O the Clown, O’Reilly, the always racist and entertaining Ann Coulter, Charles Krauthammer, Michele Malkin, Lars Larson, Laura, I’m a Catholic that despises Muslims, Ingraham, Jonah Goldberg and in Minnesota, Joe Soucheray and Kathrine Kerstin. None of the aforementioned has ever held political office to my knowledge, and yet they are the ones that control the direction of the Republican party. They do, however, have Michele Bachmann(R-MN) on their dysfunctional team. She is the only real leader of the wackos that is a Washington insider, though she always uses the terms Washington and Congress in the third person. She has not figured out that she is part, if not all, of the problems in Congress. She is an elected member of the U.S. House of Representatives and refers to our government as the “gangster government”! Has nobody informed her that she is a part of the operational federal government? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I think next to Senator Jim DeMint(R-SC), Bachmann may be the dumbest human ever elected to office! She is the most out of touch with reality elected official we have. I noted last week that she has become a circus-like parody of herself and I feel bad for her because I believe she has issues that require medical and psychological attention.

It’s pretty bad for the Republicans when that’s the roster of their leadership. Now let’s take a quick peak at the subservient political wing of the Republican party. Senator Mitch McChinless(R-KY), is the Senate Minority leader. As the Minority leader he has a definite style, laziness. He concluded it’s best for him and his caucus allies to do nothing. So that’s what they do is nothing. In the private sector they wouldn’t last very long on the job, that’s for sure. It is so bad that I believe residents of the states that elected these obstructionists that hold recall elections to replace them. They’re doing NOTHING and getting paid for it by their bosses, the voters at home. When McChinless is called on to speak, he has become nothing more a voice piece for inside the party brain, Frank Luntz. Luntz has a history of advising conservative politicians to their demise, but McChinless does seem to enjoy being Luntz’ personal bitch. Congressman Eric Cantor, Boner’s personal bitch, is nothing but a liar. No other words can say it better. Fact-check every public statement he has made and verify what a liar he is. That leaves us with Congressman John, the perpetually tanned from Ohio, Boner as the House Minority Leader. This is a man who dreams of becoming the Speaker of the House some day. I think irrational yelling from the well of the House to whip up the loonies pretty much dooms his future as a leader. Compare him to Bob Michael(R-IL) when Michael was the Speaker! What has happened.

So far pretty much what we have gotten from the right is an array of things from throw the bums out to vote with bullets. They have sat on the side and bitched, threatened, assaulted politicians, interfered with governmental business, disrupted town hall meetings, shouted racial and homophobic epithets as well as carrying signs with the same, and disrupted military funerals as a way to protest homosexuality. Their connection being that the U.S. allows homosexuality to exist therefore God sends us to war?! This is the level sanity and lucidity these groups are bringing to the table. The subservient Republicans in office are either powerless to do anything about it or they welcome it. It’s egg all over their faces either way.

In summation, I think I’ve got this right, what the angry right-wing really wants is to disband the government, throw out all elected politicians, even their own because they know to this point they’ve used them like bars of soap anyway, and create the sovereign state of; THE UNITED CORPORATION OF AMERICA! This corporation will be run by the same Wall Street and Corporate heads help sink the world economy two years ago. The right-wings wishes for not paying taxes will be granted, we citizens will get to keep every penny we earn. If your poor, aged, or disabled, figure out how to make it on your own, since we will no longer be required to pay taxes, there will be no services rendered. Oh, there are churches and other places of worship that will help you, at least that’s what John Boner said.

This narrative is both factual and tongue in cheek. The bitching and complaining from the right that has grown into threat and action is really fracturing America. Political discourse as the Constitution set up to work, no longer is functional. I believe we are at a point where the right-wing is yelling “FIRE” in a crowded movie theatre. I believe if things continue as they are, the Republicans are in for a let down in November. As the Democrats start taking the reins of public opinion back and reveal to the country just how devious the right has become, they will prosper.

There is so much to cover, and I only have scratched the surface, but you must know that I’m opposed to fanaticism from either side. By mantra for as long as i have been a political junkie is;”read, research, study, and understand” the issues prior to following or opining on the issue. Thanks for you read today, and I look forward to reading your comments.
Cam Obert



  1. Robert Annen Says:

    What do you really think of conservatives?

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