Reversing the damage T-Paw did to MN

Unless I’ve missed something, I don’t think former great Minnesota governors Arne Carlson and Wendell Anderson have endorsed a candidate yet for this years gubernatorial race. I would value their opinions on this important state election. Yesterday, Walter Mondale endorsed Margaret Anderson Kelliher and a couple of weeks ago Howard Dean hopped on RT Rybak’s bus. Walter Mondale is arguably the patriarch of American progressivism. His vision has always been based on common sense values, mostly what he feels is best for the American people. Jimmy Carter, though I love him and respect the hell out of him, has maybe gone too far left on some issues which lead me to wonder if he’s losing touch. I will always say, however, in my mind Carter is the greatest ex-President the country has ever had. Howard Dean is my contemporary hero of the progressive movement. I wish the DNC would make him the leader, we need him at the controls again.

I’m waiting to hear what Arne Carlson and Wendy Anderson have to say. I hate to say it, but I am studying the great progressive politicians to see what they are saying. The reason? Because I am not blown away by the power of any of the present candidates in the race. I don’t feel a real passion from any of them regarding the rape of the state over the past eight years by Governor Pawlenty. As a Minnesotan, I am furious over what this Governor has done to us. Nobody stands him up! Nobody will explain to the voters just how bad a job Helmut Head did. I don’t mean in a professorial, dry explanation of how T-Paw cut so many needed programs for the disadvantaged, cut income tax for the wealthy folks, emptied the state coffers, and placed the burden on local governments to pay their own way. It’s been plainly obvious, especially over the past few years, he has been positioning himself with the national wing-nuts for a Presidential run in 2012. Fortunately for the country, Tim of Eagan has hitched his cart to the wrong horse, the wackos of the Tea-Bagger party. The group is already going down the tubes! The people of our state and of the country are getting blasted with the high volume screaming from the right. That screaming, they call it passion, gets peoples attention. That’s why teaching the evils of Pawlenty won’t work. I want fire. I want passion. This doesn’t have to be by screeching and screaming, but by the hard direct presentation of the facts.

We need to nominate a candidate that can deliver the message of positive movement. The worst thing Pawlenty has done to this state is cutting the revenues that are needed to operate a government. The state is broke because of his posturing for the attention of the national right-leaning Republican party. He can claim he cut taxes, but he won’t claim at what expense. Our new state leader must bring a sane operational program for the state. Our taxes must be raised, the state is short of revenue. The plan to cut taxes to expand the economy has proven to be the biggest lie ever laid on the American public. Tax cuts for the wealthy only mean more to their bottom lines from tax savings. They don’t plow it back into their businesses and hire more people. Corporate and company owners view employees as a “necessary evil” to operate. They all hope for modernization and technology so they can replace people with machines. Who are the Republicans kidding. The more America kowtows to corporate giants the more broke we become as a nation, financially and morally.

I want my candidate to make these points because they are the truth. They need to made with some hard language and fist-pounding. The ideal candidate will get Minnesotans to understand these facts and get on board with them.

Lastly, a shameful situation has developed in Minnesota. The vast disparity in public education regarding the “haves” and the “have-nots”, is embarrassing at best and morally wrong at worst. I am connected with most of the candidates via e-mail and Facebook. I really am pleading to the candidates to reveal to me and the whole state, exactly what are their proposals to end this shameful situation. I may be a very progressive liberal, but when it comes to educating the most important resource a state and country have, our kids, I am very hard-line conservative. This is our top resource being ignored and I’m very angry about that. The Governor has the position and power to do something about this. I do believe strong dress and conduct codes need to be incorporated into all public schools. I believe all public schools should require the wearing of uniforms for the children. It takes the financial pressure off the lower-income parents to buy expensive shoes and clothes for their kids and it contributes to discipline and school spirit. I doubt I’d get many progressives to side with me on these points, but I believe strongly in them. Thanks for your read today and I look forward to reading your comments, especially from the candidates themselves or those representing them.

Go Twins,
Cam Obert


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