The President is about to embark on an extremely critical period in his administration. He has before him three very important events that can be great for America and the world and potentially break the political back of the Republicans.

As part of his declaration of a year ago to significantly reduce the stockpile of nuclear weapons within four years, he has started by working with Russia on the signing of the new START, Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, that will reduce the number of nuclear tipped ICBM’s etc. by around 50%! Some of the former members of the old USSR, have voluntarily purged what nuclear weapons they have and weapons grade plutonium. These are incredible gains for the safety and peace in the world. The more of these things the U.S. can control, the more secure they will be. There is a black market around the globe that can front these weapons or weapon fuel to the “wrong” people,i.e. terrorists! There really is no downside for America with the signing of the START II treaty but, there are Republican lawmakers making noise about opposing it. Again, there really is no downside for the U.S. to be tied to this treaty. Strike one, Republicans!

The next important piece of legislation to come to Congress will be to pass a financial industry reform bill. That industry has proven time and again it cannot be trusted to govern itself by its own rules and regulations. Since deregulation of the industry and Wall Street, the doors of greed were flung wide open. The big bankers were gambling with our money, and losing! But along the way, they were rewarding themselves with huge profits, salaries, and bonuses. All with our money! We were getting screwed and they were taking the difference. The time for tough regulation is upon us. This industry was instrumental in the global economic collapse of 2008 and 2009. They need to be reined in by intelligently worded regulations that will close off all loop holes. These people are so greedy, they will pay millions to find loop holes to exploit. They also continue to pay millions to lobby Congress for legislation in their favor. An integral part of this new regulation has to be a clamp down on lobbying. Like their corrupt brethren in the financial industry, a lot of the members of Congress are driven by greed and therefore they don’t repel the lobbyist’s advances. We know there is a major part of the Republican party in very beholden to the financial industry. These are be the guys that will fight passing tough regulations. The Americans will see this as a move by their representatives to stay on the trough of Wall Street. A very dangerous move by these politicians. If the Tea-Baggers are smart, they will call out these friends of Wall Street. If the Republican members question or fight the proposed legislation to regulate the industry, they will be savaged by the Democrats and independents. Strike Two.

With the retirement of Justice John Paul Stevens, a moderate and an accurate interpreter of the Constitution, the President will again be called on to appoint a new Justice. This time, I think he needs to forget about getting cooperation from the Republicans in the Senate. As we’ve all discovered, they don’t like the President, they will not acknowledge he is the President, and they will not work with the President. They will do they’re usual uninformed screaming about not wanting an “activist” judge. They say they want an unbiased interpreter of the Constitution. Well, let’s look at the most “activist court” in the history of the country. Roberts, Alito, Thomas, Scalia, and Kennedy, all Republican President nominees have reversed previous rulings, they have re-written laws passed by Congress, and all on their own gave corporations 1st Amendment status as individuals, allowing them to buy candidates, political seats, and elections. The ruling does not even make a differentiation between domestic owned and foreign-owned corporations! And the Republicans say they don’t want “activist” judges! The present SCOTUS could ultimately destroy American democracy, but they don’t want “activist” judges. President Obama and the democrats need to ram this down the throats of McChinless and the rest of them. If the President makes the proper case for his appointment and draws the comparisons to what the Republicans have given us already with the most radical activist court in history, he will prevail. That will be strike three, and they’re out!

The Republicans are digging their own grave for the mid-terms and 2012. This obstructionist posturing is already backfiring on them at home. They are doing nothing, and their constituents are getting fed up with it. With the truth being exposed about the SCOTUS, there will be a negative response from the voters as well. I really hope the President could find a well-qualified candidate for Justice nomination who is a black latina, gay, confined to a wheelchair, and has a great resume of defending civil rights causes! What a perfect Justice for the Supreme Court. Oh, I almost forgot, this disabled, black latina, lesbian must also be an atheist. The present court is comprised only of Catholics and Jews.

Bring on the fight Tea-Baggers, you are a whiney minority led by a screeching quitter that is already coming apart. For the subservient Republican office holders, keep hanging onto Rush, Sean, Glenn, etc. and see how far you get. I’m looking forward to November 2, 2010. Not just because it’s my birthday! By the way, I was born mid-term election night 1954. Two great Americans and Minnesotans were elected to office that night. Orville Freeman as our Governor and Hubert Humphrey to the U.S. Senate. Hooray for me, I’ll claim responsibility. Anyway, thanks for your read today and, as always, I look forward to your comments.



  1. youandmedoweagree Says:

    all they have to do is continue to promote Sarah Palin as their future leader of the Republican Party.

    Submitted by Steve Paul, Pittsburgh, PA.

  2. youandmedoweagree Says:

    The Senate republicans actually took strike one today, they voted to oppose Wall Street reform by a solid vote of 41-0!!! Two more to go, and they’re out of here!

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