On the day fellow tea-bag leader Sarah the Quitter Palin comes to Minneapolis to perform another one of her screaming shrill speeches about how everything is wrong in America, I thought a review of Minnesota’s biggest embarrassment would be appropriate. First, I’ll note a couple ironies regarding her race to keep her seat. She has spent so little time in her own district these past few months because she’s been on a nationwide self-promotion campaign. Her constituents are starting to feel left out. When her campaign scheduled Target Center for her Tea-Baggers Ball with the shrieking Palin, the Congressman, Keith Ellison, who serves Minneapolis requested, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, that the lying naysayers and spreaders of doom not bring that stuff to his district. You see, Bachmann is not hosting her rally within her district, but outside of her district. I’ve also noticed the tea-bagger congregation is a very sad and humorless group. When I suggested yesterday that Congressman Ellison get the cops to block the entry to Target Center for this crap, again, very tongue-in-cheek, I was told I would be violating their 1st amendment rights. Hello, sarcasm!

The tea bag movement really has become America’s new “nattering nabobs of negativity”, they can only complain, tear down, cheer-lead violence upon their opponents, fear-monger, and lie. They have never even attempted to offer constructive ideas for change. They bitch non-stop like babies but can’t ever offer solutions to what they perceive as problems. They complain about the size and expansion of the federal government, but in modern times it’s the Democratic presidents that reduce the bureaucracy and the Republicans that grow it. Under Bush II, the federal government had unprecedented growth in size as well as debt and deficit growth. Do these extreme right-wingers ever study the facts? In a factual bar graph chart, the month-to-month growth of unemployment starting in 2007 to the present shows under Bush a free fall of job loss, while under Obama, a stunning reversal of that trend. Thank you stimulus package. Again, do the righties ever refer to facts? Anyway, I digress.

Michele Bachmann, as covered by a great op-ed in the Minneapolis Star Tribune today written by Paul Scott, is shown as a small outrageous flame-thrower from her hole out of the far right fringe. She has a documented history of lying and exaggerating the truth to egg on her nit-wit following. Oops, there I go again, name-calling. Come on, what else can they be called but nit-wits? Everything sensational lie Bachmann tells gets eaten up by these tea-baggers as gospel. When she gets called out on a lie, she retreats for a while, but then the attention on her fades, so she revives and adds more sensational lies to recapture the spotlight. A very interesting case study could be done on Michele Bachmann about her obvious personal insecurities that drive her to make these outrageous statements. One could almost feel sorry for her except for that fact she is a mean cold-hearted bitch that never sides with the poor and disadvantaged, never sides with working-class America, but only sides with Wall Street, the corrupt banking and finance industry, the legalized rapists of the insurance industry, the NRA, and the American Chamber of Commerce. Does this look like the resume of a Congressperson that gives a rip about the American people or her own constituency? Hell no! It’s the resume of a sick deranged self-absorbed ego-maniac that’s out of control. Her actions, behavior, and words have brought unrepairable shame to the state of Minnesota. From the start of her political career to the unforeseeable future, we will be known as the state that produced Michele Bachmann. It’s like Wisconsin still trying to shed their heritage of spawning the likes of Joseph McCarthy, Ed Gein, and Jeffrey Dahmer!

My advice to America is to give President Obama a chance. He has finally grasped the power he has and he will keep moving the country in the right direction. Those that believe the country is headed toward a socialist-democracy obviously have no faith in our country and our core values. Our footing as a free capitalist democracy is too firm, will never be shaken loose. All indicators, economic and otherwise, show the country moving in the right direction. Please do not get sucked in by the doomsayers, Palin, Bachmann, and the like. They lie to get people angry about our country with no facts to support their positions, they offer no ideas of how to fix their perceived problems, and they campaign on anger and hatred. This, if unchecked, will be bad for our country. We need to get back to fact based planning and a general feeling of optimism combined with the American “can-do” attitude. Stop listening to the haters and start paying closer attention to the facts and what you believe could be helpful in the comeback of a healthy America. Please start by reading David Brooks’ op-ed in yesterdays NY Times. It’s all about looking forward to a bright future for America, with many salient points to support his theory. By the way, Brooks is by no means a bleeding heart lefty. He’s more a “centrist” politically. He is not considered a tight ally of the current White House.

So, as we get bombarded by all the negative screeching emanating from Target Center later today, remember there are very few facts and certainly less truth about reality coming from this crowd. I’ve given you things to listen for, then you can check for yourself. As I say all the time, read, study, research, and understand the issues on your own. Do not be swayed by the media and certainly not a group of doomsaying liars. Even Senator Tom Coburn(R-OK), commented the other day in a town hall gathering in Oklahoma City, that citizens should not listen to the news from Fox News Network because they manipulate the facts to work for them and their ideology! Yippee, a potential breakthrough on the right! A Republican Senator that would actually like to explore the worlds of facts and truths! We’ll see how long this lasts for him before he gets “Frummed” from the party by the tea-baggers. Thanks for todays read, and again I welcome your comments.

Cam Obert



  1. youandmedoweagree Says:

    When it comes to the Tea Party movement, the stereotypes don’t tell the whole story.

    Here’s what you often see in the coverage of Tea Party rallies: offensive posters blasting President Obama and Democratic leaders; racist rhetoric spewed from what seems to be a largely white, male audience; and angry protesters rallying around the Constitution.

    Case in point: During the health care debate last month, opponents shouted racial slurs at civil rights icon Georgia Rep. John Lewis and one person spit on Missouri Rep. Emanuel Cleaver. The incidents made national headlines, and they provided Tea Party opponents with fodder to question the movement.

    But here’s what you don’t often see in the coverage of Tea Party rallies: Patriotic signs professing a love for country; mothers and fathers with their children; African-Americans proudly participating; and senior citizens bopping to a hip-hop rapper.

    Last week, I saw all of this during a five-city Western swing as the Tea Party Express national tour made its way across the country. CNN was along for the ride, and I was charged with planning CNN’s coverage for five stops in two states: St. George, Provo and Salt Lake City, Utah; and Grand Junction and Denver, Colorado.

    This latest Tea Party caravan kicked off on March 27 in Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s hometown of Searchlight, Nevada. It is scheduled to make 45 stops before rolling into Washington on April 15, not so coincidentally on “Tax Day.”

    CNN was the only national news outlet on this Western leg of the tour. We had a full team on the ground: myself, correspondent Ed Lavandera, producers Tracy Sabo and Jim Spellman and the crew of the CNN Express bus. For Spellman, it was his third Tea Party Express tour.

    Together, we beamed out images of the anger and the optimism, profiled African-Americans who are proud to be in the Tea Party’s minority and showed activists stirred by “God Bless America” or amused by a young rapper who strung together rhymes against the president and Democrats.

    The CNN Express traveled with the Tea Party Express buses for hundreds of miles, from rally to rally to rally.

    Being at a Tea Party rally is not quite like seeing it on TV, in newspapers or online. That’s the reason CNN is covering this political movement — and doing so in ways few others can or choose to do.

    It is important to show the colorful anger Americans might have against elected leaders and Washington. But people should also see the orange-vested Tea Party hospitality handlers who welcome you with colorful smiles.

    There were a few signs that could be seen as offensive to African-Americans. But by and large, no one I spoke with or I heard from on stage said anything that was approaching racist.

    Almost everyone I met was welcoming to this African-American television news producer.

    And though speakers railed against the “lame-stream media,” activists and their leaders praised CNN, especially for being the only national media outlet riding along for the post-weekend stops. Some of them e-mailed me after my trip, thanking our crew for fairly giving them a voice.

    Speaking of stereotypes, I did get a few curious stares as I pulled up to the rallies. But not because of my skin color. It was because of my car rental: a Volvo.

    I hadn’t intended to rent a Volvo, a car stereotyped as the favorite of liberal elites. But upon arriving at the Las Vegas airport, the rental company was out of American-made cars with a GPS system and satellite radio. I had nearly a thousand miles of driving ahead, through desert, mountains and cities. Since it had GPS and satellite radio, the Volvo fit the bill.

    Outside of the occasional stare, none of the real cowboys at the rallies came up to the Volvo and asked me, “Hey buddy — where’s your cashmere sweater and arugula?” If they had, I might have pointed out that until just recently, Volvo was owned by Ford Motor Co., an American icon.

    Jokes aside, stereotypes can loom large when they’re magnified through a television lens, on the radio, the pages of a newspaper or in the vastness of the Internet.

    So, it’s important that with a newsworthy, growing phenomenon like the Tea Party movement, viewers and readers fully understand what they see and what they don’t.

    Sent by Mike Jung

  2. youandmedoweagree Says:

    It’s common knowledge that there is more than likely more decent people than the idiots but, if they are so decent and America loving and God fearing people, they are guilty of association with and complacency about what the real demented haters of their group represent!

  3. elitist Says:

    Funny, but I watched Palin and Rich Perry speaking in front of the tea partiers in Texas. The camera panned the crowd once again (as they did in Mpls.) and honestly, I did not see one black face in the crowd — let alone any other minorities.

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