Mounds View Oberts-Christmas 2009

I took a break from blogging yesterday to spend a fun-filled day with my kids. Because it usually takes at least a couple of hours to research and write my commentaries each day, most of the time spent on writing, since I’m not real good at it yet!, I had to skip to be with oldest child Katy on an advisor meeting at Saint Catherine’s College in Saint Paul at 9:00am.

We arrived at St. Kate’s a little late but immediately sat down with an advisor and spent the next 30 minutes getting the low-down on enrolling. Katy has finished her generals at Century College, a JUCO in White Bear Lake, and is now moving to St. Kate’s to finish her education, hopefully in nursing or maybe in public health. She would be excellent in either of these fields! Following the meeting, we were led on a tour of campus and the different buildings, etc. St. Kate’s is a small Catholic based school. It didn’t take but an hour or so do the tour. It’s a beautiful setting, completely enclosed, no city streets go through campus, and I it has a very good record for student security. It’s also an all female student body, fewer distractions! Katy and I followed our morning at St. Kate’s by sitting outside at Punch Pizza next to campus and having lunch. It was a gorgeous day, first time we hit 80 degrees this year! It was enjoyable just sitting in the sun talking with my beautiful daughter about school, and things.

On our way home, I had to stop at several clients homes to take some measurements for sod and grading, and Katy helped me, that was cool. We also stopped at some existing clients homes to follow-up and inspect my work from last summer and fall. She actually seemed to take a little interest in the horticultural aspects of my work!

After a late afternoon breather, it was son Michael time. He’s a 16-year-old junior at Irondale High School and a very gifted concert cellist. A Yo-Yo Ma in the making! He’s a highly intelligent kid with a keen sense of humor as well. His drama coach believes his natural sense of timing and his great stage presence could make him be a great leading actor or stand up comedian! A couple of weeks ago, he was a smash hit in the one-act plays, he wrote and directed one and starred in two others. The critic from the school newspaper wrote,”Obert is a God!” Anyway, last night his school’s chamber and symphony orchestras performed at the beautiful auditorium on the Bethel University campus. Michael is first chair in both orchestras. Because Irondale is a little smaller than most 1-A schools, the orchestra program is also smaller. But, what it lacks in size it makes up for in quality. The Minnesota State High School League orchestra “championships” were held last month and our orchestra won an almost obscene number of awards ranging from full orchestra to many duos, quartets, and soloists. Our director, Deb Sitko, is acknowledged as one of the best directors in the state, and she does a phenomenal job with these kids. Last night’s concert featured many great solos, including my little buddy Mary Park’s violin performance that earned her a 100% score at the state championships as well as best performance at sight! Our close family friend, Amith Abraham, another state award winner, was lights out on his violin solo. He is a very gifted violinist and we really hope he keeps with it through college. He and his older brother Asish, have been Michael’s buddies since they were little kids. They’ve played music and tennis together since elementary school days. Ms. Sitko introduced Michael’s solo using the term “monster cello piece”. He was stellar! As Ms. Sitko said, it’s a very long and complex piece that even she wasn’t sure he and the orchestra behind could pull it off! Good for him, he did it and it was great!

So at the end of the day, I kicked back and really savored my day with two pretty damn good kids. They have a great mom that holds their busy lives together and she provides that extra motivation or kick in the behind they sometimes need. I realize more every day how much I missed by being in management in the car business for all those years my kids were growing up. I missed so much, all in the name of chasing dollars. I have to believe at my age with my life’s experience, I wouldn’t do that again. Not only were the hours long, but the pressure to produce generally made it so I had trouble relaxing even on my time off. I loved the business, but I hate what it did to me. I missed some very important years of my kids’ lives. I have two great kids, and finally I get to appreciate them. Thanks for today’s read, I hope you might learn something from what I’ve missed in life and I look forward to reading your comments. I’m back on the political watch on Monday, and God knows the Republicans have provided me with a lot of ammunition this week. Geez, are they dumb! Have a great holiday weekend, and please, enjoy your families.

Cam Obert



  1. elitist Says:

    Sounds like a great day with the kids. Try to do it more often. They are growig up too fast!!

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