As I try to compose this commentary, I only wish I had begun keeping score in January. My perception of what has been going on with the Republican party is that of a meandering rudderless movement with nobody in charge. I guess if they had a strong leader that can corral all this energy and anger that has grown on the right side, they could make a more serious run at picking more seats in Congress.

Right now, the party is being led by a right-wing radio pundit, Rush Limbaugh, and the idealogues of the Fox News Network. As I’ve said before, the political wing of the Republican party has been subservient to Limbaugh and Fox since the departure of Dick Cheeney and Karl Rove. During the Bush administration, the right-wing punditry of the country took its orders and direction from the Washington. Now, they are giving the Republican denizens of Washington their marching orders. This is backfiring on the Republicans because it shows they don’t have the strength to lead their own party and they are getting implicated as allies with these “leaders” who continually make outrageous and radical, sometimes racist or homophobic statements in public. The troubling thing is the subservient political side makes no attempt to distance themselves from these radical right-wing extremists! In fact, they cheer-lead from the well of the House of Representatives and from the balconies of the U.S. Capital! Can they really be that stupid? This is such a small sliver of the American population and to pander to them is going to turn off more mainstream conservatives in the long-term.

Representative John Shadegg(R-AZ), a seven termer in Congress, when asked who the leader of his party is, and he can’t answer. He did, however, claim Limbaugh is not the party leader. House Minority Leader John Boner(R-OH), is not effective because of his unwillingness to work with the “Democrat” party and his unrelenting doom and gloom rants about the future of the country. He has a note of disgust and hatred anytime he is engaged on the political discourse of the American government. He seems to have hitched his wagon to the tea-baggers, which is a dead-end. Senator Mitch McChinless(R-KY), the Senate Minority leader, is a leader of a group of weak Republicans in the Senate. He has been able to keep them from not cooperating with the Democrats and the White House on the governance of the country. I think McChinless has made a serious mistake by leading these empty suits in that direction. All members of the Senate were elected by their constituents to do the job of governing the country. By choosing to do nothing, McChinless has put many members in serious trouble this fall. Americans are not going to sit still for their paid representatives very much longer for doing nothing. As I’ve said before, in the private sector they would have been fired long ago for lack of performance. I did a double take this morning when watching Andy Card, Bush II’s Administrative Aide, say the President needs to get to work governing the country! Which is it, Andy? The President is forced to make recess appointments because the Republicans are holding them up in the Senate, and the Republicans castigate him for it, without an explanation or apology for why the President had to do it. The President is doing the job his constituency voted him in to do, he is actively involved in the governance of the country, unlike the Republicans, who only sit around with their thumbs up their asses!

America sees the President and the Democrats working their fannies off to govern our country. America also sees the Republicans stalling and obstructing the process of governing the country. The only time America sees movement in the Republican party is when they bow down to the tea-baggers and the radical right-wing pundits or publically slam the President for doing his job. I firmly believe Americans expect better from their leaders regardless of party or ideology. Americans expect the people they vote into office to work. I think they expect Congress to work together for the common good of our great country. In my opinion, both parties had better get on the same page with regard to the recent SCOTUS ruling that gives corporations, domestic or foreign-owned, 1st amendment rights including the right to “buy” candidates and elections. This is a serious affront to the very core of our democracy, and Congress needs to get to work to overcome it.

I’m not trying to give the Republican party any tips to win in the fall, but I’m merely pointing out the stupid track they are taking. By being complacent with the tea-baggers and birthers, the level of violence will rise, the level of hate speech will get more vitriolic, and the result will be a revulsion of the right-wing extremists that in turn will take down the most conservative of the subservient Republicans politicians. Not to break my arm patting myself on the back, but I have been pretty accurate with my political assessments and predictions. I wish I could transfer that to the NCAA college basketball tournament! Anyway, it’s going to be a beautiful day out here on the northern plains, so enjoy and thanks a lot for reading today. I look forward to reading your comments.

Cam Obert


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