Over the weekend, President Obama took another positive step in the governance of the United States of America. He made 15 recess appointments to key positions that have been unmanned heretofore. Hopefully, this is just the start of these necessary appointments. There are still more than 50 appointments being held up by the Republicans in the Senate. Many of the nominees have been waiting for over 7 months for an up or down vote in the Senate! Now here is some news that will outrage most any American. The stalled votes on most of the Obama appointment nominees, that have finally made it to a vote, have been passed with huge majorities some even unanimously! This is such an outrageous obstruction of governmental process that these obstructing Senators should be fired for failure to do the job they elected to do and are paid to do!

Recess appointments are not new. Bush II made 171 recess appointments in his two terms as POTUS. Bill Clinton made 140 recess appointments in his two terms as POTUS. I have to laugh at Senator Lamar Alexander’s(R-TN) faux outrage by these appointments. He sat idly by as Bush II and Clinton made them while he was in the Senate. Senator Jim DeMint(R-SC) is crying foul, and not because he is from the Gamecock state! He claims this was a sneaky end around to circumvent the process. What Alexander needs to understand and DeMint will never understand due to his standing as the dumbest person to ever serve in that body, is the President has to govern the country by himself now. After wasting way more time in the past year to get the Republicans involved in the governance of the country, he has finally recognized he has to go it alone. Senator Grampy McSane(R-AZ) has proudly proclaimed he is done legislating while Obama is in office. If I were a resident of Arizona, as his boss, I would fire him for lack of performance. Arizona did not send him to the Senate to do nothing and collect a pay check. If I were a resident of any of the states where the elected officials are involved in the process of obstruction to destruction, I’d work to get them fired! If they worked in the private sector, they would have been fired a long time ago.

As America is starting to wake up to the Republicans plan of inaction, it is starting to play right into the hands of the Democrats. Most rational persons believe the country needs to be governed, it needs strong leadership to guide the country to its goals. With the Republicans in the Senate doing nothing and the Republicans in the House cheerleading the racist homophobic minority forces on the extreme right, where does it lead the GOP? It leads them right to the gutter. When a party has to count on Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and the shrill screaming out of control maniac Sarah Palin to set their course, where else can it go?

The Republicans are making a huge mistake. They are counting on Americans to be empty-headed morons that will fall for their hate filled bile. Well, I think they are going to find out they aren’t! Palin’s approval numbers are lower now than they ever have been. Americans want action plans. If the wing-nuts on the right keep doing nothing but tearing everything down in sight, even the dumbest of their followers are going start asking what is their plan. What can we, as a wing-nut group, bring to the table of governance of the country? “Slash and burn” tactics have just about run their course. As America wakes up to their hate filled racist homophobic platform, they will turn away in droves. What will the mainstream conservatives do then? Senator Lindsey Graham(R-SC), seems to be open to start coming to his senses. He claims he is willing to work with Senator Chuck Schumer(D-NY) on some immigration legislation, but so far not one other Republican Senator has come to his side. At the same time, Graham was setting his own ass on fire for claiming the HCR bill is chock full of lies and that it’s nothing but a big Ponzi scheme. By saying that, he has loaded the Democrats quiver with yet more arrows to use against the Republicans. For some reason, the Republicans just can’t see how they are killing themselves, including Graham, who might be as smart a Republican as there is in the Senate! I’m might be biased because he is a classmate of mine from our days at the University of South Carolina.

That is the difference between the recess appointments of the Clinton and Bush administrations and now. Congress was doing their jobs, working, both parties, when those Presidents used the recess appointment tool. There was the time when Speaker Newt Gingrich shut down the government in 1995, and, of course, they got killed in the mid-terms in 1996. I guess the idiots in charge of the present GOP have short memories!

America wants our government to work and for the elected officials to do their jobs. It doesn’t matter what party they are in or what their ideology slant is. They must do what they were elected to do. I’m tired of paying for people to not do anything. If things keep going on the present track, this will be a surprisingly good election for the Democrats this fall. President Obama needs to keep governing and putting America and it’s citizens first. He is best when he does this. He can’t kowtow to the minority party any longer. This country is the leader of the free world and needs to be led. It can no longer be held hostage by a do-nothing minority in Congress. Keep it up President Obama, you have my full support! Thank you for reading this today and I look forward to your comments!
Cam Obert


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