Tidal Basin Cherry Blossoms!

Now that the marathon of Health Care Reform has finally ended, what’s next? It seems the outcry from Americans is jobs, jobs, jobs. Mostly as a result of the passage of last year’s Stimulus Package, the economy is starting to make a comeback. The GDP has risen dramatically in the last quarter, inventories are starting to build back up again, and new applications for unemployment benefits has been dropping fairly regularly. The overall jobless rate is down to 9.7% for two months in a row, with the real rate including those under-employed dropping to the low teens percentage. This collapse of the economy took eight years to create, and due to the greed and corruption and mismanagement by the previous administration, it went far deeper than anyone expected or predicted it would. The Stimulus Package certainly staved off a major depression.

Now the Obama administration has to address the economy head on again. His opponents now claim he is responsible for this economic mess. This, to me, is very perplexing. The Bush II administration jammed through two controversial tax cuts that were not funded or reconfigured to cover the operating costs of the federal government. The Bush II administration sent us into two wars without funding either one of them. The more expensive of the two, Iraq, was based on a lie. How’s that for honesty and competency in your White House? Next came the mega-billion dollar prescription medicine bill. No where was this package funded. So Bush II came into office with a budget surplus of 200 billion dollars and left with a deficit of 1.3 trillion dollars. Nice job! Oh, it took the Clinton administration working in a bi-partisan fashion with Congress, the full eight years to unwind all the debt and deficits that the big Reagan spending spree left for them. Remember Bush I lost in his re-election bid because of his claim of “no new taxes”. Well he had to raise taxes because Reagan had so thoroughly raped the federal government of revenues that Bush really had no choice. I can’t believe how many republicans idolize Reagan! He damn near sunk the country. It was only the brave moves of Bush I and Clinton’s determination to shrink the government and the budget that bailed Reagan out.

When you see how many years it took to right the fiscal ship, you have to wonder why the American public and the politicians have grown so impatient. It takes time to fix an economy and the last thing to recover is job creation. The Republicans continue to blame Obama for the economy and lack of new jobs with total ignorance of the facts about economic recovery. Being obstructionists in Congress only slows the process down even more. They keep yelling about it, yet they do nothing to fix it! I still say, if the Republicans don’t get on board with the governance of the country, in other words do the job they were elected to do and are being paid to do, they may have a rude awakening in November.

Senator Bob Corker(R-TN) and Senator Chris Dodd(D-CT) co-sponsored a bill last week to start fixing the corruption and greed in the financial industry. Now, apparently Corker has backed away because of some heat from the party leadership. The leadership is promoting doing nothing and penalizing any of their members that attempt to do their jobs. Don’t forget, McChinless barely won his seat back in the last election cycle. I think the people of Kentucky will want to replace him with someone that will work at the job.

Next on the agenda will probably be immigration reform. This will be a controversial issue because the right in America has such hard and misplaced feelings about the undocumented aliens working in our country. Another reminder that racism still runs deep in our society.

Foreign policy looks like it will be dealing with the growing, again, situation in the Middle East. The Israelis and Palestinians aren’t playing nice with each other again. Secretary Clinton fortunately will be doing the heavy lifting here. It’s really nice to have a strong vital Secretary of State again. After years of running foreign affairs from the White House, it’s nice to have strong team mates, Obama and Clinton, working together.

March Madness continues, my brackets have been destroyed, as I imagine most peoples’ have, but I will still root for the University of Northern Iowa. We have the finals of the Minnesota State High School Basketball Tournament this weekend, and that will end the winter sports season tourney time here. With Arnold’s tournament this weekend at Bay Hill, the heavy wieghts of the PGA will get there last competitive warm-up for the Masters in two weeks. Tiger has already been made the favorite in Augusta. If he doesn’t win it, I’m sure he’ll make a run at it. The man has more competitive fire and better focus than any athlete on the planet! I can’t wait.

Looks like we will finish the month of March by setting a weather record in the Twin Cities. This will be the first March on record with no snowfall! Hip-hip-hooray! Enjoy your weekend where ever you are and thank you very much for taking the time to read my commentaries.

Cam Obert



  1. What’s Next on the Washington Agenda? Youandmedoweagree’s Blog Says:

    […] has such hard and misplaced feelings about the undocumented aliens working in our country. …Continue Cancel […]

  2. elitist Says:

    I’m waiting for the Republicans to give President Obama some credit. First he helped pass Health Care. Then he signed a treaty with Russia this week to cut down on nuclear weapons. The latest polls show the majority of the American people think he is handling the war in Afghanistan just right. BTW, he has had more successes in Afghanistan with capturing or killing leaders than the eight years of the Bush administration. Somehow some people chose to ignore the facts.

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