Glenn Beck warns!

My political prognostication from yesterday is already steaming full speed ahead to fruition! The stupidity and arrogance the Republicans have been displaying of late is now gaining momentum. Why? Because they obviously think obstruction, hate speech, threatened or carried out violence against the enemy, the President and the Democratic party, and in general nuisance making and process gumming are what America wants. They don’t get they have put themselves on the road to political destruction.

The Republican party base has been taken over or hijacked by the extremists on the right, the birthers, the tea-baggers, doom and gloomers, and the out of touch right-wing wacked out leadership. Fortunately for the Democrats, the Republican’s subservient political leadership, John Boner, Mitch McChinless, Eric Can’tor et al, have embraced and are now bowing down to the party leadership, Rush Limbaugh, etc. They may or may not realize the tea-baggers etc. out on the far right are only a small percentage of Republicans and an even smaller segment of Americans. But, at this point the subservient political wing of the party is intimidated by the Limbaugh led leadership. They won’t go against them, even though they realize they are in the wrong on most every issue because they are afraid the leadership will organize a primary challenge to them and their seat. The extreme right consists of mean cut-throat individuals that will seemingly stop at nothing to make a point.

Let’s take a look at the beginning of the downfall of the Republican party. Because they have become led by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, political discourse in the country has fallen to an all-time low. Polling in the last two days already show the swing happening. Obama and the Democrats favorable ratings have jumped up while the Republicans’ have fallen. This is just the beginning. It’s going to get worse for the GOP. It’s becoming their self-inflicted destiny. When the party leadership screams to “run the bastards out” in November, they daily are comparing progressive policies as the precursor to nazism and socialism, a particularly loud and very unenlightened leader posts rifle sites on the enemy’s districts, and several of them belittled and made fun of people with tragic situations. The dimwit suggest the right-wing “reload” for the upcoming fight. Dangerous words to use in a time when they have whipped up their fringe followers into threatening and lawless acts. The attitude of the leadership of “hands off” the wackos will kill this party. When you see persons in political office egging on the wackos at rallies that are carrying hate filled signs and yelling racist and homophobic slurs, America sees this and thinks these people are nuts! This bullshit they are engaged in is attractive to only the tea-bagger lunatic fringe on the right. Their tactics of bullying and using threats doesn’t work in mainstream America. The base of the Republican party has shrunk to extremists on the right. So after the rallies of black members of Congress being called “nigger” and gay members of Congress being called “faggot”, members of Congress being spat upon, where is the outrage from the Republicans? There is none. The usual response of “these are isolated instances by crazy people” doesn’t work anymore because it has become “regular instances” by many people around the country. Rather than trying to rein in the insanity their party is engaged in, they either say nothing or use veiled words of encouragement for them.

There are now members of Congress receiving death threats, homes and offices being vandalized, and members and staffs need beefed up security. Where are the Tea-baggers now? The extra security comes from our tax paid dollars! These idiots are now going so far to justify their actions by saying things were much worse on the Republicans when Bush II had the White House and Congressional majority. Funny, I don’t seem to remember anything nearly as extreme as the Republican party sanctioned racism and violence being exhibited by todays right-wingers. You would have to go back to LBJ’s final years in office dealing with the anti-Vietnam War protesters to find hate at the level it’s at today. There is a difference, however. The Vietnam War problems were ten plus years in the making. It had become a societal issue. The U.S. had lost over 50,000 lives in that conflict. Americans, after ten years, were pushed to the boiling point. The lawlessness was performed mostly by weird groups like the Weather Underground and the SSS. The vast majority of dissent came from regular Americans, from both parties and all walks of life. Today’s situation is different. It was a fast rising group based on an economic situation. Because most members of this movement are very conservative and fairly unenlightened, social issues are now very prominent on their agenda,i.e, racism and homophobia.

The party leadership will not back down nor apologize for what’s happening now. In fact, they incite this behavior! Don’t look for remorse from Rush and his ilk. It’s up to the subservient political wing to take responsibility for taking their party back. I don’t think it will come anytime soon as evidenced by John Boner’s pre-vote rant with yelling and screaming and cursing on the microphone in the well of the House of Representatives. Steve King and Michele Bachmann, Republican Congresspersons were on the balcony of the Capital whipping the racist homophobic idiot rally into a hate filled lather. With behavior like this, how will the Republican party think it can win back its old base and independents in the fall? They act as wild-eyed and nuts as their narrow following!

Until the Republicans realize the campaign this fall needs to be run on the issues before the country, jobs, foreign affairs, immigration reform, education, etc, they won’t be competitive. Health Care Reform is here to stay. Instead of fighting against it, work on helping to improve it in the next Congress. I can’t wait to see what happens this fall when some Republicans will run on repealing the bill. I’m sure any American receiving its immediate benefits will jump right on board to support those candidates! I hate to say it, but I’m right again! I think I have maybe missed my calling. Although my understanding of the political situation does help me considerably in my landscape work! Thank you again for reading my comments and, as always, I look forward to your comments!

Cam Obert



  1. Bob Annen Says:

    I thought today you would be writing about all the screwups in the health/student loan bill. It pays to read the bill before you sign it.

  2. Dan Bennington Says:

    Anyone that would think that Rush is the leader of the Republican party, must also think that Jay Leno runs NBC. Get a clue Cam, he is an overpaid, TV personality that makes his living by getting Democrats excited over his bullshit. For someone that claims to stick to the facts, you sure seem to base alot of your knowledge on media bullshit.

    Love you anyway.

  3. youandmedoweagree Says:

    The student loan component of the HCR is considered by many as a minor matter, to be cleaned up in the run through the House. You have to expect in a document this large there will need to be corrections. Now that it is law, Congress and the present President and future presidents can improve it as it goes. No need to panic!
    Daniel, when I refer to Rush as the party leader, that is of course tongue in cheek. Right now though, The punditry on the right does have the “virtual” leadership based on the fact the GOP has no outstanding leader(s) in the party. Even the party organizers admit there is a leadership vacuum in the party!

  4. elitist Says:

    The language in the bill has been fixed regarding the student loans. This is just the beginning of health care reform. They will build on it just like what they did with Medicare and Social Security. Also ideas/programs by the Democrats which everyone seems to enjoy now.

  5. elitist Says:

    The Republican party is bankrupt regarding any leaders. That’s why Rush Limbaugh soared to the top as the spokesperson for the party for a long time. Look at Sarah Palin. Another disaster.

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