Party leader Limbaugh and friend!

That’s right, the Republicans, to steal a quote from someone, are driving a Toyota with a stuck wide-open accelerator and mal-functioning brakes toward a cliff to sail out of sight for normal common sense Americans! I am in shock and disbelief what I am watching and hearing from the right-wing these past couple of days. I think the party has a death wish! What is going on, in a nutshell, the party leadership, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Faux News Network, Bill Kristol, Ann Coulter(when not in jail for hate-speech),Britt Hume, Charles Krauthammer, Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity(when not defending his involvement in corrupt operations of a non-profit), Michele Malkin, Jonah Goldberg, Laura Ingraham, Bill-O the Clown, and Lars Larson have been directing the subservient political wing of wackos John Boner, Eric Cantor, Mitch McChinless, Michele Bachmann, Jim DeMint,et al, to keep whipping up the base. There’s the death rattle for the Republicans. They keep whipping up their base, but their base is viewed by the rest of America, the vast majority of Americans, as a small out of touch wacko extremist group. The right-wing leadership keeps working the lunatic fringe with no gains.

As the right-wing leadership, along with their subservient political leadership division keeps going in this direction, they will wither and fall off the vine. The leader, Limbaugh before moving to Costa Rica, has screamed incoherently to “defeat the bastards” in November. Beck has proclaimed “nazism, fascism, and socialism have their roots in progressive movements”. The subservient political wing members have had their contributions to the party demise as well. Boner yelling like an out of control child in his pre-vote speech on the House floor. Bachmann and DeMint waving to and inciting the tea-bagger rally outside the Capital. This was yet another, tea-bagger rally with a plethora of racist and anti-gay signs, shouts of “nigger” directed at black members of Congress, “faggot” yelled at Congressman Barney Frank, and even spitting on a black Congressman. The Republican subservient political leadership keeps casting this off as a few extremists in the crowd. They make no attempts to rein this behavior in. Another nail in the collective coffin! It’s like they don’t even care that America is watching as they virtually endorse this behavior. Again, it only counts with the lunatic fringe.

The subservient political wing of the wacko right thinks they can run on a repeal the bill agenda. I can’t wait to hear the people screaming in these Congressional districts they are going to target, and Palin, in a typical no-class move by her using gun-sight targets on her website, when they say they are going to take away the new benefits of the bill that middle and lower class Americans will enjoying by November. I’m sure the parents of a child that just got thrown off the family’s policy because of a bout with cancer will support the repeal of the bill! C’mon, are these Republicans really this stupid?

Yesterday, Senator John McCain made a statement that in the private sector would have gotten him fired immediately. Like a spoiled and spurned child, he sobbed he was not going to cooperate with Congress anymore until this bill goes away. He was elected to and is paid to participate in the governance of the country. By declaring he is not going to do his job, the state of Arizona should fire him for not doing his job! I can’t believe he has stooped this low out of political fear coming from the Tea-bagger candidate, JD Hayworth, in his Senate Republican primary run in Arizona. Hayworth is a total empty suit that was drummed out of Congress in 2006 for poor job performance and being a huge receiver of money and favors from Jack Abramoff.

Round and round it goes. The Republican brand, under the very flawed leadership of Limbaugh and the rest, is sinking themselves. The subservient political wing of the party is afraid of the leadership and won’t break away from them in spite of the fact they are being led off the cliff. As the Democrats build their case against the party of racism, homophobia, war-mongering, obstructionism, and general negativity they always bring to the table, the little wacko band on the far right should start to go away. This will be good in the long run for the Republicans and for political discourse in America.

As the beat goes on with the self-destruction of the Republicans, I look forward to a pretty decent result in November. After all, isn’t that what this has all become about? Anyway, thanks for reading today,and thanks for my record readership these past two days and if you like what you read, whether for or against, please spread the word of .

Cam Obert



  1. tom obert Says:

    The friend is Lindsey Lohan. I noticed she is exposing her “right” flank!

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