Lillian-Part of our future to protect!

….now we wait for the Senate to work on part two. Once that’s done, should it pass, it goes to the President for signing to complete to process. I want to share some of my “random” thoughts about HCR from the past few days.

I’m wondering where the Republicans came up with this phrase, “the Democrats are ramming this bill through”, meaning they’re rushing it. Rushing it?! Congress started working on this bill twelve months ago. How much time do the Republicans need to stall and obstruct a bill? I’m guessing Boner and McChinless thought if they could stall, obstruct, and generally gum up the work of Congress for another three years, they could hope for a Republican getting elected to the Presidency, then throw the whole concept of HCR on the scrap heap.

A bill this monumental in the overall scope of life in America is bound to be controversial and it will test the personal conviction of many of the politicians that had to vote on the bill. Rep. Dennis Kucinich(D-OH), a very progressive member of the left-wing of the party, switched how he was going to vote on the bill. He was against this bill because it was not what he or the progressive wing wanted. They want universal health care, as do I. When faced with the fact he’s not going to get even a public option at this time, he thought at least starting the process, putting new laws on the books is a start. Rep. Bart Stupak(D-MI), switched his no into a yes when he was satisfied that abortions will not be tax payer paid. Politicians’ convictions used to mean something in Washington. I believe it was around the end of 1999 when the late Bob Novak, a noted conservative writer and pundit, called Paul Wellstone the best legislator in Washington. Why did Novak pick a Senator that stood for everything he was against? Because, as Novak noted, Wellstone was a man of closely held convictions. He voted his heart and conscience, regardless of the personal political fall-out that may follow!

It’s been interesting watching over the past weekend and this morning the republicans trying to explain the existence of the wacko right-wing with the bad behavior of the tea-baggers and then even on the floor of the House itself. The end of last week saw the tea-bagger rallies in Washington led by the likes of Michele Bachmann and Jim DeMint. in these rallies were the proliferation of hate filled signs aimed at the President, blacks, gays and any group of Americans other than conservative white men. The sad thing was the absence of apology or shame from the Republican leadership. I think I know why. The mainstream republicans have given in to the extreme right. Boner’s prevote speech last night was filled with so much hate and so much negative bile that it actually whipped the Republican crowd into a frenzy. Stupak was called a “baby killer” by someone from the Republican side of the House floor. I repeat, the House floor! That means it came from a Congressman or a staffer, not a member of the gallery. So here’s how well the conservative movement in America did for themselves this weekend; they carried signs threatening gun violence if the bill passes, they carried signs mocking political leaders for their color, gender, and sexual preference. They called out “niggers’ to a couple of the black Congressmen and called out to Congressman Barney Frank as a “faggot”. There were republican office holders involved in these rallies. Do they have no shame? They can no longer say it’s a few crazies, which has been their explanation to this point, because they keep showing up, more and more of them, and the Republican office holders keep rallying side by side with them. A totally classless bunch. let’s not forget about the behavior of the republican party leadership either, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn beck, and Michele Malkin. These people openly mocked and made fun of an 11-year-old boy whose mother died, prematurely from lack of health insurance, therefore no medical care. They made fun of the Parkinson’s patient that was yelled at and made fun of at a Tea-bagger rally in Ohio. Quite frankly, I don’t think the right-wing in this country has a moral low point. Almost every week they shock me with another new low. I don’t think they have a conscience and I believe the loudest of them are actually Godless. You can’t act the way they do and say the things they say and not be with a God. The ironic thing is, the republicans have tried to hijack Christianity as their own, with this behavior and contempt for their fellow-man? Ask yourself this question; If Jesus Christ came back today, as an American citizen, would he align with the Democrats or with the Republicans? This is really a no-brainer question, but it makes my point.

Once this bill passes the Senate and is signed into law, Americans will start enjoying some of the new benefits and protections the bill offers. All children will be covered for medical care, current insurance policy holders can no longer be dropped by their carrier, you will no longer be denied insurance coverage because of pre-existing conditions, and insurance companies can no longer capriciously raise insurance premiums, especially like the 39% increase just proposed for insurance policy holders in California. The Republicans are going to run this fall on a platform which includes repealing the bill! I’m sure the citizens getting their new and fair medical insurance coverage and the rest of the benefits and protections of the bill will have something to say about this. I think the Republican party will be making a big mistake if they try to repeal this bill. Oh well, let them run it!

Now I must boast a little bit. I have taken heat from some of my friends on the far left for being too hard on the President. I wasn’t too hard on the President, but his failure as a leader. The national pundits joined me in December with this observation. These last two weeks, President Obama has led the way he should have since day one. The LBJ way. Had he done this last May, as I suggested then, this bill would have passed last summer with far less of the political rancour that has dogged this effort. The biggest factor in the growth and rise of right-wing activism was the delay in getting this HCR through on a timely basis. I only hope that the President has learned a lesson, he has no executive experience in his life, so he’s feeling his way through. Next, immigration reform and the end of “do not ask, do not tell” in the military.

President Obama is very bright and I’m sure he will carry out the rest of the nation’s agenda in a much more expedient fashion than this HCR disaster. I love his ideology and want him to forge ahead. But, I am a pragmatist, and expect things to be done in the most effective way. The President, as always has my support and all of my best wishes. Thank you very much for todays read.

Cam Obert



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