Michele Malkin-Playmate of the Right

What America has been witnessing these past few weeks is only the tip of the political iceberg. Within one month, the nastiest mid-term election campaign is going to kick in. The republicants have already vowed to campaign on the repeal of health care reform. They think they have a new twist to add fuel to their fire, “congressional process”. The republicant, led by Mike Pence, believe this parliamentary procedure of “deem and pass” is unconstitutional therefore is invalid. I guess Pence forgot he was involved with three “deem and pass” votes during the Bush years. Oh, he voted “aye” all three times! The Democrats have only suggested this procedure, they haven’t said they are going to use it. Pelosi and Hoyer have said they want an up or down vote, obviously because they think they have the votes.

If the republicants are so “intuned” to process, where were they on the issue when they held more filibusters in the past year than the Senate had in the decades of the ’50’s and ’60’s? Not only have they done that, but they have held up over 100 judicial and office appointments. And now they want to talk process!

The one point that bringing the HCR to a resolution is that all the hypocrites in Congress and media are being called out on it. The notion that passage of this bill will destroy the democracy of America and turn it into a socialist state ruled by the progressives has made so many people into hypocrites because of the often changing tide of the polls. Persons seeking re-election this year are really going to have a tough time. Mostly the Democrats, but there will be incumbent republicants that will be tried on for their hypocritical manners, especially these past few months. It’s a true shame it has come to this, if you read my preceeding blog commentary, “Health Care Reform Fatigue”, I think I outlined the causes of the present-day problems quite accurately. My biggest hope is the White House learned a lesson from this bad experience and will move in a more positive fashion in the future.

The right-wing has a lot of cleaning up to do. Just in the last few days, a Parkinson’s patient was jeered, hastled, made fun of, belittled, and derided at a tea-bagger deal in Ohio! When I told the story to my sister, she was shocked, and asked why nobody got the bullies away from him. I responded with, they were all involved in it!
How about the 11-year-old boy whose mother died, primarily from a lack of insurance. He was attacked and mocked by Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Michele Malkin. These are three of the leaders of the republicant party, wing-nuts on parade, tea-baggers, and any of these other beyond conservative groups and causes. The lady in Ohio, in Kucinich’s district that the President made a political story of. She was suffering for some time with cancer, beat it, but as a result her premiums were so high she had to her insurance in order to make the house payment. After all that, she is diagnosed with Leukemia. Now she has no insurance and had to start back through the emergency room. When I said the President made a political story about her, that’s not the point! The point is this happens all the time all over the country. Well ol’ Sean Hannity and his gang of dirt, found out this lady is being treated at the Cleveland Clinic and the clinic is treating it as a charity case. Hannity said the President didn’t tell the whole story, like he was covering up something to promote his cause. This is how stupid Hannity is, he believes it’s okay for the clinic to treat this as a charity case, probably how he thinks the other 30 million people without health insurance should be covered.

These stories that have cropped up this past week have pushed the right-wing opposition to start having their leaders do and say the most reckless and thoughtless things to get their base re-ignited. Here’s what it’s succeeded in doing, Malkin, Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck are in reality the coldest of cold. They are, in essence, like blood-thirsty Godless animals. They do not even act like members of the human race anymore! Oh well, desperate times call for desperate measures!

Hang on to your hats, the gloves are and have been off on the right side, the conservaturds, for a while, and I hope the left sacks up to start initiating and bringing the fight to the right. They’ve been playing defense too long, and now it’s time to get after them. I hope all the gutless members of Congress get “primaried”. Serves them right for not fighting for their convictions, instead fighting for their jobs. I’m thinking of going to Arkansas myself, to help out Bill Halter in his Democratic primary run against the gutless Blanche Lincoln! But this is what it’s going to be like until next November, so have fun with it, get involved, let your own convictions guide you, and please know and understand the issues. Thank you.

Cam Obert



  1. Dan Bennington Says:

    Canada is a very short drive.

  2. elitist Says:

    Love the picture of Malkin. She just lets hate roll off from her tongue. A truly evil woman.

  3. elitist Says:

    ‘Iowa Congressman And Glenn Beck Agree: Sunday Health Care Vote Is ‘An Affront To God’ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/03/18/iowa-congressman-and-glenn_n_504633.html

    ‘Tea Party Protesters Berate Apparent Parkinson’s Victim (VIDEO)’ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/03/18/tea-party-protesters-bera_n_504183.html

  4. Terry S. Sorensen Says:

    Cam, you don’t see anything wrong with exploiting an 11 year old sick boy to further your political agenda? What was he doing being brought to an anti health care rally for ? If not for your sides publicity. I find this just as shameful as the jeers of which I saw nothing on the news about.So I really do not know if this is true. I am sure you can tell me where to look it up, maybe on move ons commy web site.

  5. tom obert Says:

    I tried to download that Malkin picture the other day. Kept getting a blank screen in My Pictures file. Led me to believe she really is a vampire!!

  6. tom obert Says:

    Regarding Dan Bennington’s remark – and, yes, Palin did it often!

  7. tom obert Says:

    Regarding the 11-year old boy comment. He wasn’t brought to an anti-healthcare rally. He called Rush on his show. Rush told the kid his mom would have died anyway because the Obama healthcare provisions that would have covered his mom didn’t kick in for 4 years. I saw the clip. I was also listening to radio the day this humanitarian said – on the air – he hoped Sadam and sons wouldn’t comply with Bush’s order to leave Iraq because he wanted to see “shock and awe.” He thought it was a fireworks show. The guy is a psychopath.

  8. elitist Says:

    Conservative Republicans are SHAMEFUL!!! ‘Conservatives Pile On 11-Year-Old Whose Mother Died Without Health Insurance’ — Here’s the story about the 11-year-old. It is the truth. I bet Faux News didn’t even have the story. Sadly, too many Americans rely on Faux News Unfair and Unbalanced Reporting. http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2010/03/18/90669/state-of-the-health-care-debate.html

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