I want to thank my friend Brad for pointing out to me that liberals always brand people with opinions other than theirs as stupid or ignorant. To be honest I’m the worst offender, and maybe one of the few offenders. You see, this is my blog to comment on conditions in our world as I see them, including sports, family, business, and hobbies. There are a couple of nationally known liberal pundits that may be “firebrands”, you know call a spade a spade types. They are two of my heroes, Bill Press, the angry progressive, and Lawrence O’Donnell the short-tempered Irish pundit. Nobody on the left really gets into name calling like I do. I do it to incite thought and even anger in my readers. I really want to get to my readers to think about the issue I’m speaking on.

The reason I believe intolerance and ignorance is our nation’s real enemy is because of the easiness to follow 30 second sound bites that certain groups pass off as policy statements. These are usually a lie or a half truth designed to get the less enlightened on board with them. It’s so easy to say health care reform is President Obama and the progressives trying to “socialize” health care in our country. But if Americans took the time to study, like fact check what these inflammatory statements, they would find out how ridiculous these false claims are. Besides, why can’t the mouthpieces for the spread of this nonsense give Americans more credit? Do they really believe the people of this country would sit still for a change from the world’s strongest democracy to a socialist system? Come on, wake up!

Remember the camps for the Japanese-Americans in World War Two? The U.S. government was so afraid that any Nippon person in our country was a potential enemy, so they rounded them up like cattle, put them behind barbed wire and walls so they could be more closely watched for subversive activities. The really exciting aspect of this period was the highly decorated and brave platoons of Japanese-American soldiers that fought the enemies of the U.S. so valiantly. So if didn’t fight for us, lock them up. This may have been one of the lowest point in the history of our country. The point I’m making here is look what’s happened to Muslims world-wide. Muslims in non-Muslim countries are vilified as terrorists. It may be worse in our country because of all the bashing of the Islam world in the build-up, er, or lies, that led the U.S. into an unnecessary war. The powers that be in that time, the “chicken-hawks” led by Dick Cheeney and Paul Wolfowitz, were hell-bent on engaging Iraq in war they lied to do it. There was an orchestrated effort by them to actually paint all Muslims or any other person of darker skin from the Mid-East as blood-thirsty savages. The U.S. needs to fear these people because they are coming to America to ignite bombs and convert our white Christian population into Muslims. I feel bad because it is now so tough for any Arabic person to get an even chance in our country because of the paranoia the previous administration instilled in our less enlightened populace. For crying out loud, cheerleader of the racist paranoid right, Ann Coulter, is even on record as saying we should bomb the hell out of the Middle Eastern countries that embrace Islam, and then go in and convert the survivors to Christianity! Recently, the ever enlightened Britt Hume suggested Tiger Woods convert to Christianity because it is better than Buddhism, which he is! I can’t believe there are people in this country that get away with such outrageous statements. This is the kind of crap that only feeds the growth in numbers of ignorant and intolerant people. You see, it’s real easy to follow a racist remark by an Ann Coulter type than it is to read, study, learn, and understand what the real facts are to create an educated opinion. I hate to say this, but the right feeds on ignorance. Maybe this is why they are always trying to put down the Ivy League educated leaders of the progressive side. They want you to believe Billy Bob, of Scooter’s Car repair in Tupelo Mississippi, would be better at negotiating a peace accord between Israel and the Palestinians.

You will notice the pundits on the right reference the education level of the progressives quite often. Is this fear or are they simply intimidated. The three leaders of the Republican party, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity did not go to college. Therefore, they never had the chance to compete with their peer group in an academic environment. You’ll also notice I didn’t say anything about the lack of education about them, because I readily admit that college is not for everybody, and not having a college degree does not mean you are less of a person either. But, if you are going to put yourself in a position of engagement and influence, you should have the competitive academic background to do the correct job of presenting the facts and only the facts.

Why do people fall for a ridiculous commentary from Alan Keyes about homosexuality? He claims as the country becomes more enlightened and tolerant of homosexuality, that Christianity will be adversely affected. How does an educated person make that connection? One has absolutely nothing to do with the other. The reason the country is becoming more tolerant of homosexuality is education. As people study the issue, they do come to the realization that a person is born a homosexual. This is not a “learned behavior”. Just like a person is born with the color of their skin. They had no choice in that. What we have in our country, the greatest democracy on the globe, is organized civil rights discrimination against homosexuals. It is no different from what the people of color had to break through in the decades past. Now, even the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Pentagon says it’s time to dispatch “do not ask-do not tell” in the military. Again, the country’s long discriminatory stance on homosexuality is based on fear and paranoia, because there are no facts to support their position. The anti-gay rights people have gone so far as to say same-sex marriage will destroy the institution of marriage. Well, with an over 50% divorce rate among breeding married couples, it doesn’t look like the institution needs any more help in failing, it is doing fine at it on its own!

The bottom line is, the left in general are not name callers. I am. That’s me because I have to vent my rage in some form. I get so riled up when I hear an issue being opined about based on lies and half-truths. Shame on those that prey on the less enlightened to build their following. I call them names because if they are fear-mongering and spreading their own paranoia, they are in essence a jerk. So I will call them a jerk. I have learned a few things over the years from Sid Hartman! If I refer to followers of these 30 second sound bite policy statements as stupid or ignorant that’s because they are. I firmly believe if Americans took the time to understand what makes their country work, there would be no Rush Limbaughs, Glenn Becks, et al. around any more. That also goes for people on the other side, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, et al.

My friends, please take the time to dig into issues. Research them to understanding and don’t influenced by the ignorant types that just want you nod your heads in approval of whatever it is they are selling.



  1. The Big Lie Says:


  2. Brad Obert Says:

    One example of a right winger telling a lie to gain support for war.

    Another great example of Radical Republicans blabbing about nonexistant WMD’s.

    Yet another wacky collage of conservative ignorance.

    It’s amazing how much influence W had 2 years before he was even in office. He actually has these people believing his lies already.

    What do you think is the profile of the average Obama voter in 2008 was? Just curious. Are they Harvard grads? Small business owners perhaps? I’m sure there’s a database somewhere reflecting.


  3. Brad Obert Says:

    (forgot to add)

    Who is spreading lies? These pesky videos are clearly pre-Bush administration.

    So, if I have this right, we can still blame Bush for everything because it’s only been a year. And we can blame Bush for everything before his admin too. hehe

  4. youandmedoweagree Says:

    Hey Brad, I’ve been going after the Obama administration to give up the ghost when it comes to blaming the Bushies on everything. He needs to move forward and work his agenda. What happened in the past is over, mistakes were made and has made it tougher for the new President coming in in ’09, regardless if it was Obama or McCain. I want the President to stop the whining about what Bush left him with because the Bush administration spent their whole eight years complaining about what Clinton left them. Although I’m not sure why they complained, he left Bush with a 200 billion dollar surplus and a world at peace as far as the U.S. was involved.

  5. Brad Obert Says:

    Not bad, you managed to completely ignore the facts. I sent you documented video of the left wing party leadership, spearheading the WMD and possible war effort to change Iraq regimes. I don’t care who you blame for what. I’m simply sick of being called a liar by a liar. I could care less if Obama blames Bush for his defeat in 2012.

    Using your logic, why couldn’t Obama have let the auto industry fail, quit bailing out everyone and their cousins, stop funding military, raise taxes, and then non stop talk about how he left office with a budget surplus? It is possible to prop up, temporarily, certain issues at the expense of others.

    Let’s face it, if you time it right, a tax hike actually does raise more money, short term. In the long run it is proven to hinder revenues, but you could sure make yourself look like a genius in short term vision.

    Peace? Clinton left us with Peace? How the hell can you ignore your own party leaders? Those clips were from the Clinton Administration!
    You have a fairly short and filtered memory, I do believe the FIRST WTC bombing was also during the Clinton years. So you can give your hero Clinton credit for peace because he did nothing, allowing the enemy to plan, recruit, and try again in 2001. Astounding.

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