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Eric Massa

I was going to write about your end of winter beginning of spring tree and landscape issues, but I would be remiss if I missed this one. Former Congressman Eric Massa(D-NY), resigned from the House yesterday as a result of his being accused in a sexual harassment case.

Quite frankly, this should be an open and shut case. The person’s accusations of the impropriety came public, Massa called Rep. Stenny Hoyer’s office and was advised to contact the House ethics committee immediately. Massa himself, admitted to his unfortunate words and actions toward the accuser. Based on that, he was advised to resign. He did yesterday.

Now it gets interesting. The whole Washington political scene is screwed up. Massa leaves after resigning, stops by the first available microphone and proclaims the democrats forced him out! He claims because he is not a backer of some of the President’s initiatives, they made him resign! So now he has the interest of the dreaded enemy, the republicans! They are now making hay over this non-issue like you cannot believe. It’s even gotten so crazy that this idiot is going on the Glenn “Lonesome Roads” Beck show today to cry to the only people who will listen to him the right-wing. You know Beck is going to lead this moron down the road of “conspiracy” and how two-faced the democrats are in light of the Charlie Rangel investigation. For you people who enjoy busting the democrats chops, understand this very carefully. Charlie Rangel is accused of many financial wrong doings, tax evasion, freebies from corporate America, etc. These are serious ethics violations that take more time to investigate, and Rangel feeling he didn’t do anything wrong is staying in his seat and fighting to keep it. Massa made some stupid out-of-place comments and actions that he admits to, and even apologizes for and stepped down. The strange thing here is, was it a sexual harassment charge, was it his supposed cancer or just what is it. If he feels he was being forced out by the party, shouldn’t he have stayed in office to fight it? Why step down then start shooting? I think there will be more to this later on. This is just more non-germain fodder for the wackos on the right to divert America’s attention away from the real issues. Speaking of diverting America’s attention away from the real issues and facts, how about Liz Cheeney’s latest lunacy?

I still can’t figure how a lowly bureaucrat from a federal office has become such a know-it-all on everything, particularly how to keep America safe from all those bad Muslims of the world. Her latest cries of paranoia are about the attorneys working on behalf of the accused terrorists then becoming employees of the U.S. Justice Department. She and Bill Kristol, her partner in this “Keep America Safe” joke, obviously know nothing or choose not to acknowledge the existence of the a little paper known as the Constitution of the United States. By the terms of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, all accused are assumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Also included in this instrument is that our whole country and society functions from is the right to legal representation. Why these wackos refuse to admit this is beyond all comprehension. It is a lawyers sworn duty to act in the best interests of his or her client. So now Ms. Cheeney wants to villafy any attorney for representing his or her client in these terrorist cases. Where does she get off being so pious? How come she believes only certain parts of the Constitution apply to certain people? If this isn’t a case of blatant racism, then I wouldn’t know racism if it hit me in the face.

The right-wing in this country is trying so hard to hide or confuse the facts of issues that the people of this country are not only confused but are growing angry. The right thinks they are fomenting that anger toward the democrats, but in reality, it’s turning against anybody wishing to serve a constituency in public service. The incumbents this fall are in for a world of hurt, both parties. Will the right pick up seats? Yes, because the democrats hold more now. Should health care reform pass, it will be a season of fear-mongering and doom-saying. The republicans will turn this into the nastiest campaign season in decades, and with the Supreme Court green-lighting corporations to now buy political offices, this might be the campaign that finally turns Americans off to politics and concern about how we are governed.

I strongly suggest the DNC start right now with publically displaying the results of fact-checking on every speech or statement given by a right-winger. That includes the Faux News Network and Rush Limbaugh. The right has whipped their base of troglodytes into a frenzy on lies and half-truths. It’s time to start holding them accountable for their actions and words! Thank you.

Cam Obert


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