LBJ-Strong leadership!

After floundering for the past couple months trying to get back what was lost over the prior nine months, the President doesn’t seem to be gaining. In fact, it’s been one step forward and two steps back. The new heat being brought on the White House is the thought the White House “team” is dysfunctional. A point to bring up would be the recent statements of defense from Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod. There have even been the use of some “salty” language by these guys. That can mean a number of things but suffice it to say, they’re tired of being attacked and they are lashing out.

Let’s take a quick look at the history leading us to where we are today. A national health care reform bill was the signature piece of the Obama campaign for President. After moving into the White House and dealing with the emergency economic crisis vis a vi the stimulus package, Obama basically asked the majority leaders of the Senate and House to put together health care reform bills. The President walked away from the process and looked after other things Presidential. As the House and Senate fumble-f**ked their way through this process, with many re-writes, different committee involvement, and then Senate stalling tactics by the party of no, the public grew weary of the process and secondarily the content and/or need of a health care reform bill. This is why I have said since last May, the President needs to take ownership of this legislation and see to it that it gets done quickly and the way he campaigned for it to be, a public option that will hold the insurance companies accountable and competitive in their rates.

Lack of leadership by the President and incompetence by the Senate majority leader have badly damaged the “democratic party product” and put the passage of the bill in very uncertain terms. The democrats believe it will pass but will it be a strong enough bill to make a difference? The end result is going to be a lot of lost seats for the incumbents, and more specifically and damaging loss of the democratic held seats, which may result in loss of leadership in Congress. What’s truly amazing is this didn’t need to be this way. I put the blame squarely on the shoulders of the White House and its inept management practices. People have said President Obama tried to do too many things at one time, thus “short-shrifting” all items on the agenda. I don’t buy that for one minute. The President is smart, got an Ivy League education, his staff mostly come from Ivy League schools, and his Cabinet Secretaries are all very bright and capable. The President of the United States, regardless of who it is and when it is, cannot use “too much on his plate at one time” as an excuse. We elect these people to do the job. They always have told us in their campaigns they can do the job. It’s time for this White House to stop the excuse making, stop blaming everything wrong with the”Bush years”, even though the Bushies blamed all things wrong on Clinton until their last day in office of January 2009, and get to work.

I’ve also said all along to remove Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff and replace him with Tom Daschle, I’ve said all along that Axelrod’s in over his head and the rest of the ill-equipped to handle Washington Chicagoans need to go. I heard a rumor that soon Axelrod will be moving out to start the re-elect the President office in Chicago. That’s good for Axelrod and the White House. Why not bring in a David Gergen to handle the day-to-day stuff in the White House. The current staff is too exposed and that leads to distractions. The White House staff is supposed to be unseen and unheard and totally subservient to the President. This White House doesn’t have that.

The democrats face a real problem in this years elections. The republicans have brilliantly taken advantage of the democrats screw ups and mismanagement to turn this into a potential lose-lose situation for the democrats this fall. If Congress passes a health care reform bill, the republicans are going to campaign not only to win seats but to repeal the bill itself. This will have great resonance with conservative and moderate voters. The Tea-baggers will be out in force to unseat anyone that supported the bill. If the bill doesn’t get passed the republicans will have a field day decrying all the time and money wasted by the opponents trying to get something done they say nobody wanted in the first place!

President Obama needs to do a couple things here and now. Forget the health care bill, let Congress mess around with it, sign it if it get’s to your desk, if it doesn’t pass move on. Apparently the country needs to be shown the upswing in the economic signs by the President. Start promoting what you have done to get this thing turned around and what you plan to do to bring more jobs into the market. If it’s jobs, economy, and the deficit the country is worried about, start addressing these items. A notion that will cross all political lines and is definitely needed is finance reform. Initiate from the White House an action plan for legislation to get the financial and insurance companies under control. They have gone too long under regulated or unregulated. The damage these institutions have brought onto America and the world is inexcusable and needs to be punishable. Propose sweeping mandates for change, regulation, and oversight. Make this the marquis effort of the Obama administration. It’s a sure-fire winner, and most everyone, except the politicians that are bought and paid for by these industries, will support it. There is a cause, that like health care reform, is long overdue. President Obama needs to get running fast with this one, and please Mr. President, you handle it yourself, don’t let the same dunces in Congress ruin this one for you! Thank you.

Cam Obert



  1. Dan Bennington Says:

    I am beginning to wonder if the President is handing all items off to others, because he does not know how to deal with them himself. This is a good demonstration as to why we need both sides to work together and stop all th bashing.

  2. Bob Annen Says:

    Ivy league degrees are not a substitute for being naive and inexperienced in management.

  3. youandmedoweagree Says:

    Interesting….I was just listening to Howard Fineman and Chuck Todd on Hardball with Chris Matthews, and you’d swear Fineman was quoting my blog commentary from today! Chucky T. went right along with it as well. Why do I beat the national pundits on this stuff all the time?

  4. elitist Says:

    Leave my President alone!! The right wing in this country has been able to successfully plant the fear factor in most Americans. Obama came out swinging yesterday. ‘Obama Health Care Push: Back To His Grassroots’ — “The president’s pitch was part denunciation of insurance companies – “they continue to ration care on the basis of who’s sick and who’s healthy,” he said – and part criticism of his Republican critics. “You had 10 years. What happened? What were you doing?” he taunted members of a party that held the White House for eight years and control of Congress for a dozen.” That’s right. Where were the Republicans for the previous 10 years!!! Yes, blame Obama for everything!

  5. elitist Says:

    As for Daschle — he has his own issues.

  6. elitist Says:

    Presidents have ALWAYS delegated jobs to others in their cabinet and on their staffs. What’s different? Take for example, Rove and Cheney did MUCH of Bush’s thinking and acting. Need I say more?

  7. youandmedoweagree Says:

    I support my President as much as any other person. I’m pragmatic when it comes to the flow and operation of the White House and the President. Strong progressives, which I consider myself to be, need to understand more thoroughly the management of the White House and legislation, particularly legislation that the President has virtually staked his presidency on. I have no problem with CEO’s delegating, that’s their job. They do, however, need competant people to delegate duties. The Chicago gang is in over their heads, thus the recent public finger pointing and press saturation of them. Rahm Emanuel is a lightening rod and doesn’t help with teetering members of Congress to see the President’s side. I love Obama’s vision and energy. Now, more than ever he needs help channeling it!

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