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Wellstone-Our last real leader!

I apologize to my readers from outside Minnesota for commenting on a state issue again, but I think this is insane that a leader in the DFL party has not stepped forward and thrown the gauntlet at Tim Pawlenty’s feet. If you don’t live in Minnesota, and your state is involved in a similar reckless domestic move that our governor pulled here, maybe there are points we can learn from each other. Just as a for instance, the Commonwealth of Virginia legislature recently passed a bill allowing the carrying of concealed weapons into bars and restaurants. Is there outrage in Virginia about this? What I am talking about here is the Governor’s veto of a bill to continue the funding of the GAMC, General Assistance Medical Care, that currently has over 30,000 people enrolled. This is a medical coverage plan for the less fortunate in our society to have decent medical coverage. The average income of the enrollees is about $8,000 per year. The program is designed to keep people out of hospital emergency rooms as their source of primary medical care.

The Minnesota Senate overrode the veto first, followed by the Minnesota House caving into Pawlenty and the Tea-Bagger interests on the right and failed to get the votes to override. I asked a week ago for somebody in the DFL to take charge and do something about this. So far, nothing. I heard a few of the gubernatorial candidates were angry about it at some local party conventions, but, alas, no media coverage! The state of Minnesota needs a strong, angry leader on the left, particularly a gubernatorial candidate to take charge and fire up the troops. There are several organizations that have been doing the lifting so far, but they don’t have the bully pulpit it takes to affect change. I want a leader to get mad, get energized, and match or out do the furor of the tea-baggers. Take a lesson from the right and go after them. Make every person in the state legislature that voted with Pawlenty accountable. Threaten to pour into their districts with strong opposition candidates and money to make them pay for their sorry performance while in office.

I’m waiting for one of the leaders of the DFL party to take that position of leadership and run with it. The present Governor must be exposed as a tax-cutting fraud that’s bankrupted the state. There is no longer a large enough revenue stream to support what bare bones of government operations that remain. You notice, he claims to protect education and veteran affairs while cutting everything else, including humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable in our state. It sounds like he has made himself a nice portfolio for a run at the Republican nomination for President. One problem Tim, your portfolio will only be attractive to the wing-nuts on the far right. I think Pawlenty has no national attraction or traction, because he has gone so far overboard to the right, that only the wackos on that side would be interested in him. The really disappointing thing to me is, what happened to our state? What happened to the “good life in Minnesota”? How did we start spawning the likes of Pawlenty, Bachmann, and Quist? Minnesota has a long record of turning out the most progressive thinkers, leaders, and politicians in the United States. Even the old guard Republicans, remember the Independent-Republican party?, had national acclaim for decency and open minds. Remember Bill Frenzel, Jim Ramstead, Arne Carlson, and the rest of these decent people of that era? What happened? I’ll tell you what happened, Senator Paul Wellstone died and that opened the door for the new right to enter. The DFL has been lacking a firebrand leader since Wellstone died. Coleman did give him a battle in that last campaign, the right-wing sleazes were coming into our state, but had Wellstone not died, things would be different now.

Now it’s time to search for a leader. A leader with big balls and the fire to energize the party and the state. This is a critical time, and we progressives must not forget our past, or state’s heritage. Orville Freeman was a great statewide leader, Hubert Humphrey was the tops, Eugene McCarthy, one of the great progressive thinkers of modern times, Fritz Mondale, the humble leader who had so much to offer. These guys made Minnesota a great state. We have been lacking this kind of progressive leadership for a long time. We have Senator Al Franken now, he is growing in the U.S. senate and will be a force in that body soon, but that’s not at the state level. We need an Al Franken or a Paul Wellstone to lead our state. We need a leader with anger, fire, and resolve to fight back even harder than the force being applied to him or her.

C’mon DFL, it’s your time, it’s our time to take the bull by the horns and get it done. Start by going after the gutless cowards that supported Pawlenty. Show their constituents what these people are really made of. Throw the NRA lobby out of the state house. One way to curb the violent crime rate is by getting the guns off the streets. I can’t believe the Republicans are fighting against back ground checks on people wishing to purchase firearms at gun shows! This is an outrage! The job of the leader is open right now and the longer it stays open the more Minnesota will be prey for the extremists on the right. I implore someone in the party to sack up, take the reins and start the “Sherman like” run through the out of touch right and save our state. Thank you.

Cam Obert


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