Governor Rick Perry

I think the results of the republican gubernatorial race in Texas are very telling. I think this is a clear picture of this knee-jerk anti-Washington movement. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson was soundly beaten by Governor Rick Perry in the primary. Hutchinson, a long time Senator, was renounced as a Washington insider. Even though over the years she had secured lots of federal money for projects in Texas, things good for Texans, she was still vilified as a big spender! The tea-baggers have made inroads in states where the populace may not be too enlightened, most Southern states and Indiana. They are basically targeting any incumbents in Washington. Don’t get too comfortable republicans!

Granted, the position of Governor in Texas is pretty weak, in fact in Texas the governor has less control than the Governor of any other state. A Texas Governor is little more than a figure-head. Perry, like George W. Bush is perfect for the job. A walking empty suit! But, the more important point of this primary result is telling. Senator Hutchinson, though quite conservative, is very smart. When in press conferences or doing committee work, she is always prepared and thinks through the issues. Compare that to Governor, Texas will secede from the Union, Perry. Perry is pretty much a dough head. He can be quite irrational at times, and if it were any other state other than Texas, he would be considered a state embarrassment. The bottom line is, look what an imbecile like Perry can do against a smart well thought of Senator like Hutchinson. This scares the hell out of me!

What happened in Massachusetts, in my opinion, was not a result of the angry Americans in the tea-bag movement bullying their way to a Scott Brown victory. It was a result of the right having a better organized campaign and the democrats picking the worst candidate they could and choosing not to support her. Even the DNC came in way too late! Again, the result, an idiot former nude model winning the seat.

The gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia were not a reflection of Washington or President Obama. The democratic candidate in the race may have even been more worthless than Martha Coakley in Massachusetts, Crey Deeds. Again, the DNC reacted too late and didn’t help. The result, the new governor of Virginia may be just past a Neanderthal with his views of womanhood, etc. The New Jersey gubernatorial race was about how unpopular sitting Governor John Corzine was. Not only were his approval ratings in the toilet, but then he tried to buy the seat back using his own wealth to fund it. The people in New Jersey had just had enough of Corzine. New Governor Chris Christie may not be that bad, though.

The election to fill Congressional seat NY-23 was almost as important as the republican gubernatorial primary in Texas. That seat was vacant due to President Obama choosing the republican seat holder to work in his administration. The seat has been held by republicans since the civil war! This time, however, the far right-wing of the republican party did not go along with the party’s nominee. They thought she was too liberal. They recruited a member of the Tea-bag movement to run against both the party nominees. The result was a resounding loss for the tea-bagger, and a win for the democrat. Sarah Palin campaigned in the district for the tea-bag candidate!

The Texas republican primary results and NY-23 were the most telling of the races in the past few months. There is a ground swell of angry conservatives. The media is calling them mostly independents. I’m not sure about that myself. There’s plenty of anger to be spread around. As a proud progressive that’s pragmatic enough to call them as I see them, the whole anti-Washington feeling is a result of President Obama and the national democratic party falling asleep last spring and opening the door for the wacked out right to come barreling through. We had to suffer through nine months of racist tea-bag rallies being run by republican politicians and the “fair and balanced” Faux News Network, remember the Faux News producer rallying the people at a rally?, then the town hall wackos recruited by the right-wing to disrupt the meetings, and who can forget the big “convention” in Nashville?

Now it’s time for the left to start using their own anger and energy against the doomsayers of the right. They need to start bragging of their accomplishments, things that are good for Americans. In spite of being road-blocked by the Party of No, the Obama administration has had more of their policies and legislation passed than any President in the modern era. They need to talk about this. They need to talk about the recovering economy, the decline of job losses, and the beginning of the end of “do not ask, do not tell”. They need to forge ahead with a true health care reform bill. It’s taken over 50 years to get to this point, and now they need to be very proud to finish it! They need to talk about the positives of the stimulus bill, keep calling out the republican hypocrites that keep talking it down while accepting the accolades of their constituents for getting it done. Progressives, we need to get mad and fight back! We need to stop letting the right-wing run over us with loud yelling and endless lies.

It’s up to us Americans, to shut out the noise of the partisan politics and their view of the issues. We need to take it upon ourselves to study the issues and form our own opinions. We need to be educated on the issues before we go to the polls in November or at prior primaries. Thank you.

Cam Obert



  1. Terry S. Sorensen Says:

    Cam, I am amazed by your anything the Democrats do is right attitude. I suppose Charlie Rangel is being smeared by the right wing too. It’s always easy for you liberals to name call and say people are stupid, but if you don’t know who is stupid it may just be yourself. Obama and his cronies Pelosi and Reid are going to tax the middle class up the ass, one way or another, to give it to the lazy ,don’t want to work people or the people who are just to stupid to work or who can’t seem to fill out a ballot. They just sit there with their hand out. Then vote for the people who appease them, the Democrats. Republicans get control of both houses in November, In my opinion. Terry

  2. tomobert62 Says:

    Hutchinson’s an empty head; Perry is a wacko; and Medina is from another planet. Sounds like any of the three were sure fire winners in Texas!

  3. youandmedoweagree Says:

    Terry, thanks for your comments. Unfortunately, you haven’t been following my commentaries all along. I go after the democrats almost as much as the republicans. What I preach to no end is for Americans to read, study, research, and understand the issues before voting or opening their mouths to opine about things they really don’t know or understand. Usually a result of mind warping being done to them by the very biased media sources they choose to believe in. Oh, by the way, Americans are the lowest taxed people of any developed country in the world. We also have the lowest price gasoline of any developed country in the world. We are paying less taxes in Minnesota than we were 50 years ago, making adjustments for inflation. I savage the Southern states in general because they are not enlightened. They rank at or near the bottom in every measuring stick there is for quality of life. Just look at the people they elect to office, with a few exceptions, they’re not the brightest bulbs on the tree. They tend to be anti-government and anti-tax, thus the bottom ranking in quality of life stats; poorest education, poorest health care, highest infant mortality, lowest life expectency, and they adore capital punishment. It is a great deterrant to capital crimes, right, most Southern states are near the top per capita for violent crime. But hell, let’s just keep killin’ ’em, they ain’t no good no how! That brings me to another interesting observation, ever notice the strong pro-lifers are also the strong supporters of death sentences. Interesting, huh? Another observation, ever notice the pro-lifers tend to be in favor of sending our troops off to war? Interesting, huh?

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