I am really enraged by the House vote, but I’m very disappointed in the lack of outrage being displayed by the Democratic leadership of the state. A couple of the “leaders” that are running for governor released statements of disappointment with the vote results. “Released statements?!” Is that the most anger they can generate? There are so many “grass-roots” organizations working for the continuation of GAMC, because the purpose of it is undeniable, and they can’t get a lift from the leaders of the party opposed to Governor Pawlenty! Very shameful.

The primary reason the tea-bagger party has gained so much popularity and influence is they are angry. They are channeling that anger toward any “limp-wristed” progressive candidate or any leaderless progressive legislation. Why can’t the progressives turn that anger around and use it on the right-wing? Governor Pawlenty’s veto of the GAMC program goes beyond outrageous! This is about the care of people who can’t afford insurance on their own. The average annual income of the people presently on GAMC is $8,000. The medical system cannot continue taking care of these people with illness and injury in hospital emergency rooms! I guess Tim of Eagan can’t figure out that in the end that costs all of us a lot more. He has suggested switching the care for these people to MinnCare, but that program is not set up for full medical coverage, there goes more money to convert an agency to a wider purpose!

Tim Pawlenty is the leader of the Republican party in Minnesota, even though he doesn’t seem to be here much anymore. His remote veto of the continuation of GAMC demands a hard angry response from a leader of the Democrats. I’m not talking about “releasing” statements, or conversation fodder on the campaign stump. I’m talking about an arranged event, with lots of media coverage, and organizational support. This should either be done on the steps of the capital, at a neighborhood health care facility, or in front of the governor’s mansion. Whichever of the Democratic candidates wishes to do this, I would try to get either Senator Franken or Senator Klobachar, or both to be there for support!

Tim Pawlenty really has become a pathetic shell of a man and a leader. He is chasing a dream that has no chance at all, he’s polling under Sarah Palin for God’s sake! Though he has always been a conservative, remember his stumping for the death penalty in our state?, he has slid even farther right looking for tea-bagger support. Quite frankly, he has become an embarrassment to our state, though not any where near the level of buffoonery displayed by Michele Bachmann!

There is a prime opportunity for one of the Democratic candidates to step forward and go for it. One of these candidates needs to sack up and go for the political jugular of the Republicans. By going after Pawlenty for his abysmal history of leadership, his long absences from the state chasing a dream that will never materialize, his tax cutting that has caused the biggest economic problem in our state by cutting off enough of the revenue stream to keep the state going, and of course the crazy stuff like capital punishment. Not only can the Democrats expose Pawlenty for how awful he has been, but this person can really put the heat on any of the Republican legislators who have backed him.

Who will it be for the Democrats? Which one wants to tap into that type of tea-bagger energy that can be used to take over as our Governor? Who of the candidates can put forth a high energy full frontal attack on the sorry past leadership of the Republican party that has shown no sense of leadership nor any sense of pride in Minnesota, and has shown not one bit of compassion for those Minnesotans not able to completely care for themselves and/or their families. This is, right now, a great time to become a powerhouse leader for change in Minnesota. Someone, Anderson, Rybak, Dayton, Thissen, Bakk, or Entenza has a wonderful opportunity to return us to “The Good Life In Minnesota”! I’m watching very carefully. Thank you.

Cam Obert


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