Even Canada mocks us!

…I think I have the reasonable basis to get this deal done. After watching this whole proposed legislation languish for months in a Gestapo like march through the House of Representatives, and a leaderless meander through the Senate, next we had to agonize through a painful seven and a half hour waste of time at Blair House, where nobody’s mind was changed, we are right back to where we were last March on this issue. In a brief review of the events to this point, the White House, more pointedly, the President spent over nine months in hiding. He took no leadership in the stewardship of the passage of this bill. He never presented a proposed bill, in spite of the tea-baggers’ cries of “Obamacare”. He simply told Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to send something through and he’ll review it. Reid deferred to Max Baucus, and the floundering began. In appearances only, it seemed Pelosi rammed her deal through with no real discussions besides in a couple House committees. The result of this botched program of events by the President and the Democrats was a serious uprising of the wackos in the country. It’s bad enough that Republican party leader, Rush Limbaugh, got to enjoy many months of unanswered attacks on the President and the Democratic party. Then an under-current of out-of-touch thinking exploded on the scene led by Jim DeMint, Michele Bachmann, Eric Cantor, the Faux News Network,etc. They created the tea-baggers, the birthers, and the town hall meeting wackos. Oh, it also spawned the new and even dumber Sarah Palin!

With all that said, we need to take a different look and take a different route to real health care reform. I think it’s appalling that President Obama has been such a poor leader of such important legislation. Now, he needs to take the real leadership role. The basis of the health care reform bill needs to be built on these basic tenets;
1) Eliminate the anti-trust protection that the insurance industry now enjoys with only one other business in the United Sates, major league baseball. This has given the industry virtual carte blanche to do anything they want to do, whether it’s good for consumers or not.
2) Open up insurance sales across state lines. Technically this sounds good, but realistically it may be a nightmare. All 50 states have their own regulatory rules and levels on the insurance companies which operate in their state. The problem with cross state commerce in insurance is this state to state difference. Byers will look to buy insurence from the least regulated state, therefore the lowest price, but the coverage may not apply in the state where a person lives or gets medical care. This can be fixed by implementing a set of national insurance standards. That will create another federal government agency, therefore more buracracy.
3) Implement real tort reform as applied to medical mal-practice. Medical mal-practice lawsuits are way out of control in the U.S. The doctors highest bill in thier professional overhead is mal-practice insurance! The costs being billed to insurance companies are now being loaded up with way too many redundant and unnecessary tests. These aren’t being ordered for the benefit of the patient, but for the “CYA” attitude of the doctors. The republicans wrongly believe this is the major contributor to the rising costs of health care. The real reason for the rising health care costs in America is our aging population.
4)Elimination of pre-existing condition denials to consumers wishing to purchase insurance.
5) Offering a public option to all Americans for insurance. This one way to see to it more people have coverage and it’s a way to level the playing field and offer competition to the private insurance companies.

These are only the basics, the Congress and the President should work out the details. This needs to be a transparent and clean bill. No earmarks! A bill dedicated to health care reform only. My basics include a couple bones for the Republicans, that may win them over, but the President needs to forge ahead anyway.

It’s uncontionable and highly immoral that a country of the stature of America has a health care quality standard rated 37th in the world! We are the most advanced society in the world, the leader in technology, manufacturing, and agriculture and we have almost 40 million people, that’s better than 10% of our population unprotected to care for illness and injury. Over 45,000 people annually die from simple things that with insurance coverage they would live. I think this is such a horrifying indictment on the very moral fabric of our society. How do we just stand by and let our citizens die for no rational reason? This is something that has been in the works since the Truman administration, over 50 years! How come other countries can do it and we can’t? I want to hear sane rational reasons or excuses from anyone that can answer this question. Please pound on your legilators to get them to do the right thing. Thank you.

Cam Obert



  1. youandmedoweagree Says:

    Good for you, Cam! You’re spot-on. Excellent analysis of Obama’s poor leadership and the gutless, visionless democrats. Obama needs to grow a couple of tough orbs and start beating the hell out of those ruthless and worthless republicans. I really enjoyed this particular blog.



  2. Matt Oscarson Says:

    Perhaps the need another Beer Summit to hash this out. In Wisconsin we settle a lot of our issues over a beer. I also think that it is funny I take my kid to the hospital and the insurance company tells us what she needs to have done, like they know more than the Dr. does?

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