…the republicans have already set themselves up for failure! The Congressional leadership of the republican party has already proclaimed they will oppose everything the President and the democrats propose. Now that’s what you call open-mindedness!

As I have been saying for quite sometime now, this tact of obstructionism is going to backfire on the republicans. The President already burned them with his televised chat with them, it was he versus 140 republicans and he out debated them easily. Now today, he will have Joe Biden with him, as well as many of the most articulate democrats in Congress and his cabinet. Watch out republicans, the tidal wave that will sink you is starting to grow!

Actually, I don’t think it will be a matter so much of debate, but more of a nationally televised exposure of the “Party of No’s” tactics. When they will either say nothing or hit up the President and democrats with their usual assortment of 30 second sound bites; “the democrats are leading us into socialism”, “the democrats are going to raise your taxes”, and “the democrats are going to explode the national debt”.

The democrats have already proven all those claims and others to be false. The problem for the democrats and the President is they haven’t done a good job articulating their position. The right-wing has stolen the spot light, and have run loose with no counter-claims coming from the democrats. The fact of the matter is, the CBO has signed off on the proposed bills and proven the democrats position to be accurate. Now te democrats need to turn up the intensity! Put the public option back in, and force the other side to put up or shut up. Remember, if the republicans don’t start acting like adults and doing the job they were elected to do, they will get burned! The tide is starting to turn on them.

The republicans have to get involved in the process of governing this country. They have an obligation to do that. By only obstructing, they will grind this government to a halt. They need to acknowledge that Barack Obama is the President and put their petty insecurities aside about that and get to work. They need to offer options or alternatives to the things the democrats are proposing. They can’t show up at press conferences with their budget proposal that contains no numbers! Talk about sophomoric idiocy! The republicans bark out two things, tort reform and interstate insurance sales. The tort reform proposal is only a veiled shot at the democrats “because they are owned by the trial lawyers association.” They obviously don’t understand all states have their own regulations regarding insurance. One state’s limits or rules don’t apply in another state. In the end, it’s the patient that gets screwed because of the bureaucratic red tape involved in insurance coverage regulations.

So hopefully, today’s summit will result in some positive moves to get the republicans to grow up and start doing the job they were elected to do, governing America! Now, as I ready to head to the “X” for the girls state high school hockey tourney this morning I’ll say thank you for your read. Here’s hoping the great Irondale High School Knight girls hockey team wins today and carries through to the state championship!
Cam Obert


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