CPAC! weekend

…I was baffled by the applause given to Dick Cheeney upon his introduction at CPAC. The wave sweeping the right-wing is budget restraint, spending cuts, and tax cuts, so how does Cheeney fit into this? He was second-in-command when the U.S. government went through the biggest expansion of government in any eight year period in the country’s history. He was the sitting VP when the Bush administration walked into a budget surplus of almost $200 billion, and left with a budget deficit of almost $2 trillion. He was Bush’s right arm guy when the administration secured a huge pharmaceutical savings package that was unpaid for. They just added it to the national debt. He spearheaded two wars, one of which was unnecessary and engaged on a basis of lies. Neither one of these wars was financed by today dollars. They had already blown all that money, so they simply piled that up on the debt. So why did the right-wingers cheer for him, even chanted for his political return? Because they are simply dumb! Now, if Eric Holder had the spine to do it, Cheeney should be investigated for his part in the government ordered “enhanced interrogation tactics” or “water-boarding”. These are acts of torture, which are against the law, and those ordering it or simply not stopping it need to be held accountable as law breakers. So go ahead, you short-memoried, blood thirsty righties!, bring him back. It would be most entertaining.

It was interesting listening to one speaker after another screaming Obama is a one termer!, say no to taxes!, say no to spending! Wow, all they do is whine and complain. They do not offer alternative plans, they can’t, they spend all of their time scheming to take down the Presidency of Obama. As a level-headed republican, Colin Powell, said on Sunday, President Obama still has three years to go on this term. If the government continues to flounder because of the pointless obstructing from the minority, the republicans will suffer worse than the democrats. He even questioned the patriotism of the extremists that are afraid Obama is going to convert the U.S. into a socialist state.

Our own Minnesota governor, Tim Pawlenty, addressed CPAC with nothing more than an assortment of the tea-baggers 30 second sound bites and smear attacks. He even used the Tiger Woods situation to totally embarrass himself and the state he represents. The tasteless “joke” was not received well at all, even on “Meet The Press” Sunday morning Pawlenty came off as a dufus rube from the South Saint Paul stock yards. He still laughed at his own attempt at humor, but the look on David Gregory’s face was mint! He obviously saw no humor in it! Just another cheap brainless shot from the right!

Thankfully, for the sake of the country, there were enough educated attendees at CPAC to make Ron Paul(R-TX), the straw-poll favorite for president in 2012. Paul was the original republican renegade of this era. Unfortunately, the wackos have pushed him aside and gone now for Palin, Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, et al. Too bad for the republicans, but the shelves are empty, they have no national leaders, in politics. Limbaugh, the Faux News personalities, and right-wing print pundits don’t count officially as leader.

Glenn Beck’s keynote address was nothing but a live version of his TV show. The usual taunts of socialism, Nazism, paranoia, and lies. Why does he have an audience? Are Americans really that stupid? He contributes nothing to the constructive debate about America today, only attacks and lies!

The vast majority of republican office holders have gladly taken their share of the stimulus package, it is documented and true. Also on the record, is their bitter vitriol aimed at the passage of said bill. How do these two-faced liars expect to be re-elected? They are as phony as politicians can be. The administration needs to make this a center point of their upcoming campaign season. America needs to wake up, America needs to see and understand the facts, America needs to start resisting the lies and half-truths coming from the opponents of our President.

According to Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Democratic Governor Ed Rendell, the stimulus package has been working. They have cited facts in not just their own states, but across the country, the stimulus money has had a very positive impact on a very bad economy. So please, before you want to disagree with this, please consult the CBO web-site for proof. Charlie Crist(R-FL), is in a tough fight for the nomination for the open Senate seat in Florida because he too, embraced the arrival of the federal stimulus money to Florida. The tea-baggers and their candidate, Marco Rubio, have vilified Crist for his “chuminess” with the enemy, President Obama. While the leader in the Florida State Senate, Rubio brought forward many very rich spending bills which Governor Crist vetoed. I am concluding the extreme right memory deficient and they suffer from “don’t confuse me with the facts” syndrome.

With the latest news out of Toyota, I’m beginning to wonder how they will ever recover from this mess. As I stated the other day, there was a small blurb in the local paper about Toyota employing two former staffers from the NHTSA, the oversite entity regarding such things as recalls. They reported a couple incidents from 2002 and 2003 that didn’t “smell right” regarding some safety issues. Toyota was able to duck recalls and thus avoid the PR mess and loss of sales that comes with publicized recalls. Now, they were just caught crowing about cutting corners on the recent floor mat recall. It saved them $100 million. Obviously this benefited Toyota, but what did it do for the affected car owners? Toyota’s CEO will appear before a Congressional committee this week to start explaining. I still think Toyota is in a mountain of trouble, and I think there will be some people from NHTSA that will be going down as well. Very sad times for Toyota, and predict it will get worse before they can turn it around. They still build great vehicles, and potential buyers need not be concerned.

This is about greed. When is enough enough? We witnessed here in Minnesota with some people who had the world by the tail, had more money than they and their heirs couldn’t spend in a lifetime. It still wasn’t enough! Now they will be spending most of the rest of their lives in prison. I guess enough, wasn’t enough for them! Might be the same at Toyota, it’s really too bad! Thank you.

Cam Obert



  1. medical insurance Says:

    Obama needs to cut the Section 8 programs for woman who continue to give birth, they obviously have a partner who can support them, the only exception he should make would be the elderly and sick, If Obama really wants to make a change he needs to clean house from the inside, Get rid of Wic and EBT for criminals, pedophiles and drug dealers…

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