Senator Evan Jellyfish Bayh

I was up at my usual 5:30 this morning to settle in with my coffee, the paper, and Morning Joe on the TV. To my surprise, the headline over the banner of The Star Tribune was yet another shriek about Lindsey Vonn. I’m being sarcastic, of course. I know, most people disagree with me on this Lindsey Vonn “thing”. In a nutshell, NBC’s coverage of the story of her shin has been overdone and the local media in the Twin Cities has gone way overboard in the coverage of her shin. Here’s what bugs me. There are thousands of athletes competing in Vancouver, all with compelling stories of their own, and yet all we hear about is the shin! Our local media needs to understand there are hundreds of Minnesotans competing in the Games as well. I don’t mind them being “homers”, but spread it out. As I told my wife about the headline story, she told me I spend too much time on this stuff, it’s not important and get over it! I guess I was told!

It has really struck me these last weeks as I do venture out in morning and afternoon rush hours how many people drive big SUV’s and big pick-up trucks. Here is the amazing factor however, almost all of them are driver only occupied. Why do people need to drive these gas swilling road hogs? Do they really need to drive to work everyday, by themselves, in a vehicle that gets around 10 miles per gallon or less? If they are using the vehicle for work to haul or tow payloads, that’s one thing, but to drive to work, park in a lot, and drive home at night, why? If they have a boat to tow or a trailer to tow that require more than a six cylinder engine sedan to do the job, then with the savings in gas, buy a small economical car to commute with. You might wonder why I think it’s my business to comment on this? It’s simple. The world has a finite amount of petroleum to be used. The burning of fossil fuels is harmful to the atmosphere. So, a big V-8 engine has twice as many cylinders to burn gas, therefore doubling the amount of pollutants going into the air compared to a four-cylinder economy car. The gas guzzling SUV or truck will also use more than twice, almost three times as much fuel as the little economy car. That’s why it’s my business and that’s why I am disgusted with every huge SUV I see going down the road with only a driver. My family and I traveled to Italy a couple years ago and I was struck by the absence of SUV’s and big personal trucks. We went to many of the big metro areas, and everyone commutes in little cars, motorcycles, and motor scooters. How come the Italians don’t need big trucks and SUV’s in their garages? When we were there, gas was about $9 a gallon. No doubt, that drives the behavior! Maybe we should try that in the good ol’ U.S. of A.! I was selling cars when gas went over $3 per gallon the first time. You should have seen the SUV and pick-up trade-ins we accumulated! They had lost so much of their value, too. I don’t know what else will work to get this “big truck” penis extender attitude out of the Americans’ heads.

Here’s hypocrisy for you. Governor Tim Pawlenty(R-MN), just presented his 2010-2011 budget for the state. Again, he has proposed cutting costs on every state detail but a couple, education, veteran’s affairs, etc. He did this last year too, was voted down in the legislature, and by an “executive” order type thing, he cut budgets on his own. That decision is now being reviewed in court. Now our Governor, who is running for president in 2012, is running around the country touting his budget slashing ways, his holding the line on tax increases, and relentlessly bashing the federal stimulus package. At the same time he is doing these things, there is the inclusion of the $387 million dollars coming to our state via the stimulus package. Under Pawlenty for seven years now, the state level taxation has been cut, the costs have been cut to the bone, and he claims he’s not taxing us more. What has happened, however, is the increase in state and local “fees”. He claims these are not taxes but are fees! Local governments have had to make up for the loss of state revenue by increasing property taxes to meet their commitments. He bluffed his way through until this year when people have finally figured out there payout to taxes and fees has never gone down, in spite of the Governor’s crowing about not raising taxes. On scale allowing for inflation, Minnesotans’ are now paying out less in taxes in almost 100 years! C’mon Pawlenty, you’re a fraud and you know it. It’s time for the lying to stop at the Governor’s office.

With the retirement of Evan Bayh(D-IN), the focus has once again been put on the dysfunctionality of Congress. As many politicians and pundits wonder what happened to civility in Congress and political interaction, an interesting story was revealed by a Washington Post writer. The days of Tip O’Neil and President Reagan meeting after work for drinks, Bob Michael and Barney Frank chatting after work over a drink, and politicians from both sides playing golf together on the weekends ended when Newt Gingrich became Speaker of the House. On his orders, the friendliness with the “enemy” was over. He would not tolerate any members of his caucus being on friendly terms with anybody from the other side. Because the wedge was driven in about 14 years ago, it has had time to congeal and strengthen. It has gotten so bad now that the new right, or wing-nuts, are driving the platform of the Republicans. Their party leader is now Rush Limbaugh, a man who has never been elected to anything! The Democrats have split now with centrists of “spineless Evan Bayh” and the progressives of the President.

It has gotten so bad, the politicians are becoming such gutless cowards, the U.S. Senate Democrats with a 59 to 41 majority don’t have the balls to pass any legislation. The democratic controlled Senate of the Commonwealth of Virginia just passed into law a bill to allow persons to carry concealed guns into bars and restaurants. These jellyfish are running scared of the tea-baggers! What rational could possibly justify bringing a gun into a bar, legally? Oh, Arizona already passed that one! I guess that’s why the liberal Senator John McCain is in trouble in the primary. Mr. tea-bagger, JD Hayworth, will probably beat McCain. Hayworth is saying McCain is too liberal, too soft because he opposes torture. When Hayworth says he’s for torture and water-boarding, the tea-baggers go crazy! There’s today’s observations, oh, by the way, how’s that “hopey-changey” thing doin’ for ya?
Cam Obert



  1. Lauren Says:

    Regarding Evan Bayh: I think you hit the nail on the head that the spotlight is once more turned on the dysfunctional Congress, but I really don’t think anything is going to be changed. Perhaps Bayh is lining up to run for President, too (bit.ly/aOY4x1).

  2. Dan Bennington Says:

    Seriously, you are babbling like a old lady. regarding the cars, it is america and we can chose to drive whatever the fuck we want, get over it. Regarding Vonn, I repeat, it is america they can talk about whatever the fuck they want. Regarding the other babble, you can write about whatever the fuck you want. Isn’t freedom a wonderful thing.

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